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keepin it lively...  

024llodailhad 33F
57 posts
1/12/2020 8:56 am
keepin it lively...

"what you got, that I don't know? I'm a tryin wonder, wonder, wonder why you act so..."
Bob Marley

Love2Edge816 35M
13 posts
1/12/2020 9:04 am

I got lost in those eyes! Very beautiful

john_essen 49M
6 posts
1/12/2020 9:26 am

wooow schön frau

SlowtalkingJones 56M
9 posts
1/12/2020 9:40 am

OMG, you're beautiful

clittywhisperer1 55M
1184 posts
1/12/2020 10:38 am

if only i wasn't 111 yrs old now ....lol young women did not look like this when I was young

6inchjoey 49M
948 posts
1/12/2020 11:00 am


slydin 62M
33 posts
1/12/2020 11:20 am

Those eyes windows to the soul

Apollorising58 59M  
4314 posts
1/12/2020 3:28 pm

Beautiful blue eyes sexy!

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justaguyinalaska 53M  
300 posts
1/13/2020 1:52 pm

In world full of anger, grievance and frustration, Bob Marley's irrepressible positivism is needed more than ever. Be that force.

024llodailhad 33F
5 posts
1/13/2020 8:36 pm

one love... always..

024llodailhad 33F
5 posts
1/13/2020 8:37 pm

thank you all.. muuahhhh

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