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Enjoy day 1, any ladies care to continue the story & reply with the next day!  

0hhenry 41M
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2/26/2020 9:38 am
Enjoy day 1, any ladies care to continue the story & reply with the next day!

Come home entering the laundry/mud room from the garage placing my coat & keys on there respective racks. And before I can do anything else you cum & greet me seductively dressed, guiding me sit on the bench and getting on ur knees take off my shoes & place them in a slot under the bench. But not stopping with my shoes, undoing my pants for complete & easy access as you ask how was my day. Multitasking as you actively listen while sucking my dick, timing it perfectly bring orgasm as I finish telling you about my day swolling every drop! Finishing undressing before we leave the mudroom with noticing the wet spot you left on the floor having came also from satisfying me!

Walking me one of the 3 guest bdrms- this one set up with a massage table, laying on my<b> stomach </font></b>& rubbing sleep before heading the kitchen finish dinner; smells of which wake me about an hour later. Throwing on a black satin robe on a chair next the massage table I walk up behind you in the kitchen wrapping my arms around you and start nibbling on ur ear. You smile & playfully pull away saying hello sleepy head, you know I luv having you behind but you know after ur nap you supposed take ur ass and have a seat on the couch in the living room. Smacking you on the ass as I go my assigned spot.

Moments later you walking in with a platter dish on a serving tray, setting it on the arm of the couch before opening my robe & straddling me rubbing ur bare wet vagina over my dick as you feed me... or I guess each other. Leaking on my dick feeling it get hard as it presses against you! Grinding & moving position it slowly squeeze into ur tight pussy only managing to do so cause you're so wet. Somehow continuing to eat & feed me as you cum over and over again riding my BBC.

Once done with dinner I playfully place you on the platter so that I can eat you for dessert! The platter & tray quickly falls away as I suck on ur clit and tongue ur pussy. Sliding 2 fingers in and out while making circles making you twitch & shake from cumming repeatedly. Only stopping as interrupted from a knock at the front door. You go to answer still perky, wet & still in while seductively dressed & me with my robe open; opening the door to an attractive woman in a trench coat. Upon seeing you & then glancing past and seeing me, opening her coat showing off her nice lingerie underneath & saying I see y'all started without me. You laugh & say nah- just warming up!

The of you start make your way over on the couch. Her licking her lips commenting & asking looks like that thick chocolate candy bar is already coated, mind if I have a taste & lick it clean. I smile & nod and tell her please do... but it's not the only thing wet... as you continue leak! Her pausing look at you, that pause turning into a kiss, & then a caress, before she slides a finger inside you seeing just how wet... quickly turning into a full girl on girl session with enjoying the show. As you continue kiss, caress, & eventually finding your way the couch were I'm at... having not forgotten about and adding the fun!

The if you sucking my dick, balls, & licking my ass together

Where are our manners- we should be taking care of our guest! Brief pause as we change positions saying you already are & I'm sure there's more to CUM, not to mention I was invited here to take care of you... but won't say no to being the center of attention...
Guest moves to couch- you still on ur knees working ur way up from sucking on her toes while I go top down from a passionate kiss on her lips, nibbling on her ears, sucking on her neck, licking her nipples... to meeting you in the middle to suck on her clit while you tongue her pussy! Staying there to without stopping guiding her to lay across the couch with you getting on top of her in a 69 now you sucking her clit while she eats ur pussy & I tongue hers!

Its not long before she orgasms feeding all her juices, taking them and then kissing you share em. Taking this opportunity stand up and slide my throbbing rock hard dick into her pussy- immediately making her cum again as she squeezes down on it. You licking back & forth across her clit to my dick licking her cum off of me. And now that I'm deep in her pussy fucking her fast making her cum continuously but you pausing from licking to admire the view of my dick going in and out of her as well as from cumming also from her eating you!

Moving to the other side of the couch to slide my dick into all that wetness you just released. Feeling ur muscles tighten! Now going slow pounding ur pussy as hard as I can with each stroke while smacking ur ass as she sucks on my balls and slurps up all our juices as they drip unto her face! And with each stroke forcing ur face deep into her pussy! Soon ur so sensitive & excited with each deep hard stroke you orgasm barely able to to keep eating her but somehow managing when she not only cums but squirts!

Looks like a sign to switch again along with having beat ur pussy to death, it could use a break, not to mention the hand prints and redness of ur ass. Returning to my original position on the couch, our guest slides onto my dick reverse cowgirl perfectly positioning you to lick & suck on us as she bounces her way to several more orgasms until she squirts again! Now with both ur faces covered in cum!

Having intentionally sucked me off when I arrived home, not that I ever have a problem with stamina but with 2 women wanting to make sure I lasted; nevertheless, it was time for you all to make me cum!!! But before you do... you haven't had any couch time! You taking a sit in the middle of the couch, our guest on her hands & knees between ur legs eating ur pussy as you watch me get behind her sliding my well lube dick from the of urs juices slowly into her ass pushing her into ur pussy as she moans squirming to take all of my BBC. Once in fucking her hard like I did you, enjoying watching you watching while also enjoying being eaten out, so turned on y'all get ur wish- pulling out and covering her phat ass in my cum... surprisingly making her squirt!

You reach over the disregarded platter and tray finding a napkin, dipping it in the glass of water, before sliding off the couch lick the cum off her ass while stroking my dick with the napkin- although she properly prepped ensuring no remanents left on . Then switching lick all the juices she squirted off of !  And although you wanted cum, you find yourself still wanting ! Looking at our guest with a devious smile, as you say you think we can suck him hard again! She quickly slides off the couch, the of you pinning the floor engulfing my dick & balls! I can only handle it for a few moments begging the of you give a moment rest & recovery!

Finally, you decide grant my request figuring the of you could until I'm "UP" for ! Suggesting I go get the camera take pics & videos, escorting our guest another of the 3 guest bdrms- the one you keep ur toys in & use to fuck "johns (& janes)" while I'm at work! Entering the room with the camera finding you have put on a strap and blind folded & cuffed our guest, me amazed because I didn't think inwas gone that long. As I set up the camera, you begin having your way with her putting on a show me and the camera! Fucking her so well wondering should I be worried but also turned on, you teasing saying you learned from the best! But more importantly & surprisingly seeing that I'm hard and ready to go again! The of us fuck her all night long until she can't take any more! And at the end asking if she could bring a "friend" next time! Surprisely another woman... who would enjoy me, ur strap work, & most importantly for our guest, you, & the friend- of the women strapping take turns having all 3 holes filled along with of course taking care of ... as a work up one day taking on 3 real dicks... but intially without all the pressure & egos! We say happily & when ready you have a few of ur johns in mind who would be a great addition for when she's ready for that! (Of course after you've had a train and gang bang or 2 for urself).

She goes home and we head the master bdrm falling asleep exhausted & satisfied watching the video we just made! waking you up feeling my morning wood the next day... you waking up deciding not let a hard dick go waste & the perfect way start the next day...

(Your turn- so what do you do with my morning wood & what do we get into this day?!?!?!)

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