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Just the little things excite me!
Posted:Jan 12, 2021 5:09 pm
Last Updated:Jan 16, 2021 1:12 am

So dressing is a must for I love to feel sexy in feminine underwear who wouldn’t heels aren’t for the faint hearted takes time to master these
But for me it’s the little things like painting my nails, or eye liner or mascara these are the things that make me feel truly feminine

I wear and love chastity for me it’s all about frustration being deprived of a normal climax is my true desire, you see I’ve found a better way nothing
Comes close to an anal climax, what will I do for this feeling?

Once in a while being a guy I have to climax this happens in the shower I use soap to excite my clit while I have a large object within me and on tip toes
For me this isn’t a fetish it’s the way I want to live, I’m happy for you to remove my desire further and undergo hormone treatment and laser hair removal.

So if your dream is owning a sissy slave and if your into kinky please consider me I’m as kinky as you like, I know and accept how you intend to use me and I forward to becoming the object of your desire

My question is how can I become your gurl? What do you desire? How will you use me? Don’t hold back I want to become your slam piece!

I know what I am so if your into removing my chastity for good and castrating me to further my frustration then you’re the kind of guy I’m looking for
I would like to be feminine right from the start so castrate me and use me as you sissy gurl you won’t regret it

I desire to act as female I need a guy who knows what he desires and is willing to take his desire from a gurl like , bondage would be a real plus

what you into ?
So what you looking for?
Posted:Dec 30, 2020 5:35 pm
Last Updated:Dec 31, 2020 6:03 pm

So for a number of years I’ve enjoyed anal, since an early age I’ve dressed at first in my mothers underwear and a leotard stolen from school
Back in the day it was about me and my pleasure, as the years passed this changed I discovered anal and my would changed
So what I want to offer you a trade. I will swap my normal climax for an anal climax
I’m not sure when this happened but at some point I understood my role in life, I was born to serve a guy
So right now I’m into chastity frustration makes me focus on what I could encounter as female
In my frustrated state I need you to enjoy me as female if your into making me further female I won’t object
So maybe you won’t to remove my boys so want to be castrated
so most Lady's of my age aren't into what you desire but for me this is all new and exciting for me, turn me into your submissive, obedient gurl , and kinky as you like?
i won't ever be a passable gurl but i will be the gurl of your desire!!! what do you desire?
I'm into sexy underwear into heels and into enjoying life on the wild side!!
this isn't a fling looking for a guy to take me on and train me to be the sexy gurl you want, Please lets talk

with luck my boobs will turn you on to the point of no return after your erect there is only one outcome i desire to feel the end result
This is where I’m at
Posted:Dec 28, 2020 5:20 pm
Last Updated:Jan 16, 2021 1:12 am

So chastity and hormones take there tole on a guys body I can no longer get hard if I feel the need to try to climax as a guy I need to be on tip toes
Or in heels, and I need a object in my arse
When I’m able to climax as a guy I do so limp and it’s an necessity and not something I desire
Chastity has given me the desire to be on the receiving end of a bull, I need a guy to take charge I need to feel your desire inside me I hope to encounter
An anal climax as you do your thing in my bio pussy
So my in life is just become a guys thing, I’m into chastity and into bondage want to feel used by you!!
So my desire is just to be used as female, but I would like to be locked into a dress and maybe heels and become the object of your desire
This way of life is so far away from the life I live right now the lines are not clear right now so can you help me become the gurl I desire to be?
Chastity has served me well on the trip to become feminine but I desire more, would you consider castrating me to become your submissive
Gurl? My balls are in your court remove them and enjoy me, said I was kinky!!
spunky kisses Sam
So I know becoming me is somewhat complex
Posted:Dec 24, 2020 6:04 pm
Last Updated:Jan 16, 2021 1:12 am

For I’ve followed the normal but always desired more, I understand what I desire don’t come easy and I know getting there isn’t a walk in the park either, my hope is that boobs are enough tempt you, with chastity and hormones I hope become the gurl you desire
This is a slow process but if you desire inject my boys this transition will be so much quicker. Know this isn’t the best but I would so like have my boys removed and once castrated I can become your sissy, chastity keeps me in a constant state of frustration removing my boys would mean I can no longer act as a , hormones will change into the gurl you desire, I want to act as female while be reminded of what I once was so castrate
Make into the gurl you desire use as female I just desire a guy use as female, will dress sexy for you, will swallow all you can deliver and thank you for it, so you into a kinky gurl?
So I’m a late developer
Posted:Dec 14, 2020 4:46 pm
Last Updated:Jan 16, 2021 1:12 am

So I may come this decision late in life, I’ve always new I wanted more than I was given, from an early age I think I knew I wanted be female
But like most guys I did the normal and just went with that, that don’t mean I didn’t want more I just put my desires on the back burner
These feelings I’ve lived with for many , only now do I feel like I want act on them, what’s in it for you I hear you say?
So what’s not like I’m a cock virgin I do know what expect and I know what you desire.
Unlike girls my age I don’t suffer with cellulite nor are my bits going north in fact my bits have yet develop. Do you desire a gurl with developing
Boobs? Nothing kinkier than a gurl with puffy boobs right? I would so swap a normal climax for an anal climax
So I offer my limp body I say this because of chastity and hormones I remain limp
Seems this is an easy trade want get into my knickers then make my panties the shape you desire, please remove my desire once and for all
Not talking everything unless you desire this just talking remove my boys, this can be done in one of 3 ways, a cutter, banding and a cutter or injections
So what you waiting for? Need a gurl in your like that is willing to develop for you, and is a kinky as you like?
Then we need to talk this isn’t something I will accept lightly I know this a huge deal! So I’m not looking for normal I seek kinky !!
Can you will use use me as a gurl? Like any gurl I desire a ring not talking finger but neck or ankle !!
Posted:Dec 12, 2020 4:49 pm
Last Updated:Dec 14, 2020 3:34 pm

At first chastity was a real turn on you see I like any kind of restriction being locked up down below just made feel frustrated
Just a normal chastity device think it was a CB600 so at this time when I got excited I would strain under the restriction, I wouldn’t
Say this was very desirable, before long even this wasn’t enough I needed more, so I purchased my new device its somewhat extreme
It shrinks everything down around an inch, the new device was great I could wear it under normal wear when I went out and if I got
Excited everything was forced inside, don’t expect you understand but getting aroused wasn’t no longer desirable
I’ve found getting excited isn’t a problem anymore in fact if I do ever feel the need I climax limp
Put this down Chastity and the hormones I’m taking, you see I’ve swapped a normal climax for an anal climax it’s so much better no
Longer is this just one moment this is a climax that goes on and on!!
So here I am stuck in the middle I need feel frustrated but I no longer have the love of chastity I so want more!! So I seek someone who
Understands me and desires what I desire and wants remove my constraints for good, that’s right I desire castration
So we can do this one of ways, during inject my boys the point they won’t work anymore or just have cut either way I don’t
Mind, I fully understand this is life changing and it will also change the way I feel about everything but I do feel like this is what I’ve be working
Towards for so long just want to do this, feel like castration is just enough. With my balls removed I will become the gurl you desire but with
My clit in tact I will be reminded of off I was, they say be carful of what you desire but I desire a life of serving a guy
so if your into my ring you need to place a ring around my neck or ankle

spunky kisses Sam
Anal Climax
Posted:Dec 7, 2020 4:55 pm
Last Updated:Jan 16, 2021 1:12 am

As a guy you have one goal and that is just climax sure it’s very desirable but an anal climax isn’t the same it’s a feeling that builds
Once you achieve one it’s the feeling that keeps giving, and it continues give, it’s very desirable and once you discover it there isn’t
Any going back you just can’t undiscover it, I’m not quite sure when I first discovered my first anal climax but I did and I enjoyed it
So I met a guy online he was nervous I might want more than he could offer so I consented buy a chastity device my first one was
Good I liked how it made feel and I liked how I dribbled when I was locked in, I liked the way this made feel and the fact I had
sit pee made it so more real, my second devise was even more extreme I still dribble when I get excited now with hormones
And chastity I rarely get excited anymore, in chastity I feel feminine as such I desire anal penetration and the reward this will give me
So moving forward I really desire the next step Chastity is great short term but I seek something more, will you consider removing my
Desire once and for all? I want discover a more feminine do you desire as a female my question is what do you desire in return?
I’m into kinky so lock into a dress and heels lay back and have look after your desire I expect nothing in return
Your want and desire can take places I’ve not yet visited and I’m excited go there
will you help me remove my manhood?
Posted:Dec 1, 2020 5:19 pm
Last Updated:Jan 16, 2021 1:12 am

Seeking a who is willing remove my desire further by alcohol injections over a six week timescale
So what’s in it for you, well I wear chastity right now so from the start your have a sissy and you get the pleasure
Of removing any desire left, will need my boys injected once a week for 6 weeks remove them once they are
Dead I intend go under the knife have them and my sack removed, I will fund this so not looking for anything
What do I desire from you no more than your lust and understanding, without testosterone fighting the hormones
I will develop into a more feminine form this isn’t just a physical change to my body but a whole new mindset I won’t
Lie this is a huge deal for and the changes will be extreme but I’m as ready as I can be
Castration is all I desire as I want be reminded of what I was while enjoying a late female puberty such as puffy breasts
While having no desire, becoming even more submissive for your enjoyment!
So cards on the table time I’m not passable don’t feel like I will ever be, during I can accept larger objects so my arse
Is a little worse for wear, I know what you expect and I’m into kinky so almost anything goes
So want to enjoy in a not quite a female but less of a man, feel like I need be locked, lock into a dress and heels
Have become your domestic slave, into bondage, and kinky are you into a gurl like me? Want to invite other bulls around
I don’t mind so long as I can at least watch, for me the little things matter painting my nails dressing sexy and most of all swapping
A normal climax for an anal climax. If you’re a and kinky then please let’s talk
lets do injections to kill my boys
Posted:Dec 1, 2020 4:26 pm
Last Updated:Jan 16, 2021 1:12 am

just need all my ducks in line, because of the risks once they are dead just need be able get them removed asap after we are done with them, so you into spanking, i don't mind a little pain could be spanking, nipple clamps or most things so long as you don't break skin, will you bring guys home? i don't mind if you do, so i come to live with you and cook and clean and dress sexy? i don't mind if you wish to buy things to try also think electro, gags, spice of life is change just want to spice things up try new stuff, you need to understand for you life remains the same but for me it's not just the physical changes, but it's a whole new mindset towards sex, desire and everything else, so understanding if i wobble, love the thought of becoming even more submissive, so my desire is somewhat extreme but the result will be wort it, what gurl don't desire boobs and puffy nipples are so desirable to think i will have to suffer a teenage body at my age
into a sissy maid ?
Posted:Nov 30, 2020 4:46 pm
Last Updated:Nov 30, 2020 4:54 pm

I really love you have come around in helping my development sure I could do this myself but it would be fun to have a partner in crime
This said I’m nervous, apprehensive and scared this is a huge deal for us both, but think we could agree more so for me I know you have read up
On this, so we can agree the changes to my body will be extreme and permanent.
I know your excited to help me and I do understand your keenness and I get this I really do, but this aside I need to know what I’m signing up to
Know you desire me as your stay home maid that’s good with me. And when your home you expect me to serve your needs oral and anal is fine
Once the deed is done it’s all change my desire will be removed I will develop boobs, mood swings, flushes, so I accept the pain of becoming
What I feel I desire to be, but I need to know you accept this also and understand this isn’t going to be plain sailing, there will be ups and downs
I just really like for you to spell just what you desire,
Just need to know we desire the same thing from the start you desire a gurl and I’m happy to embrace this totally! Hope you understand that my
Keenness to transform for you proves my commitment, we agree I will become your submissive
My question to you is what this means to you how do you intend to use me? Sure I’m into kinky and almost anything goes but if you plan to use me
For scat or a human toilet it’s a non starter, this said be honest I won’t judge you but I may say no!
So I’m keen you should know this by now we just need to the I’s and cross the T’s before I commit
for there are so many firsts but excited to become the feminine sissy me you won't change your the dom and me your submissive slave

i need spunky kisses love Sam
flaccid is my new hard,
Posted:Nov 27, 2020 5:14 pm
Last Updated:Jan 16, 2021 1:12 am

flaccid is my new hard, who knew a prostrate could provide such pleasure, it’s better than a normal climax and once archived it just keeps giving
Right now I’ve been wearing chastity for around a year and taking hormones for months, not seen much improvement maybe a little less hairy and
The main thing is for the most part I remain flaccid most of the time, the chastity I wear is somewhat extreme and keeps everything tight, and because
Becoming erect becomes painful I’ve just not wanted become erect, sure before I was able get erect in chastity, but everything is forced inside you
This is uncomfortable even painful, so I purchased the most extreme chastity I could one with a urethral tube so I could wear it for longer, this had an
Unexpected result which was I had sit pee! Won’t you this was a huge plus, for someone who dressed from an early age and went bed wishing
I would wake up as female this was a huge deal
So frustration is my thing will swap a normal climax for an anal one in a heartbeat but my boys are stopping hormones ripping throw my body and making
Real changes such a boobs and a more submissive nature
So for me there is only one choice I need to divorce my boys, I’ve looked into to this as much as I can and it illegal in the UK so my best bet is alcohol injections
And paying for a plastic surgeon to tidy everything up after the event.
Sure this is extreme I’m going to lose muscle mass, and the ability to become hard and as the hormones ripe throw my body I will develop boobs so what’s not
To like? I can’t wait to dress sexy for my man, kinky is a real plus too
I’m not looking for full M to female really think that in my sissy state I should be reminded of the guy I was and embrace the gurl I’ve become I understand after
Castration what I have will shrink but I feel like I need to be reminded of what I have lost while enjoying what I have become your kinky sissy
I’m not jealous so use me as your own or invite other bulls around to enjoy me as you watch my only desire is that you remove my boys and enjoy me a submissive
So we can’t choose who we are and what we desire, if your able to do this for me I know I can please you as a gurl

spunky kissed Sam
all a Daddy would desire
Posted:Nov 26, 2020 3:58 pm
Last Updated:Jan 16, 2021 1:12 am

Daddy, I do think we have made real progress I do so get you don’t really understand my reasoning
Said this before I don’t even understand it myself sometimes, I’ve read a lot about both sides of the
Argument some say it’s wonderful and others say run for the hills, but during my development I’ve
Become enjoy frustration and sure I could continue as is, it works for me but I do desire more if I
Have the need for release I do so limp and it’s not the same anymore and now longer enjoyable !
All the time my boys are around they block most of the hormones I take sure I’ve seen less body hair
And tender nipples,
Just think that anyone who has enjoyed an anal orgasm will understand that once you achieve one its
Like a head rush that goes on and on and very desirable, found out that this is illegal in the UK hence
The lack of information, so cutters go underground making the whole thing harder do, but I want
divorce my boys once and for all and enjoy my feminine side can you will you help me?
will you share my excitement make me your gurl
Posted:Nov 25, 2020 4:50 pm
Last Updated:Jan 16, 2021 1:12 am

Wow what a transformation when we first talked you wasn’t overly keen on castrating me
But we talked and you came around slowly and we explored ways do this for me
Our problem is that banding or injecting requires a cutter I’m just days away from talking
someone willing do this for me which is exciting, but now your into doing and sharing
This with me, and I would like for you to share this with me, your right I’m offering you a chance
To share my transition, you are right as a Daddy there isn’t anything more important or kinky
Than to share your gurls demise, I do 0% that once this is done my whole outlook will change
As will my desire and my body. But I’m excited develop myself into the feminine you desire
Sure this is a huge step into the unknown, but I’m learning more every day, just the other day
Found out breast development is painful but no gain without pain right?
So I’ve been working towards this for years dressing then chastity the whole frustration deal
Not going to you this is a huge deal for me but a change I’m willing and able to accept is it
For me who knows, but the unknown excites me, do this for me and you get to enjoy my inner
Gurl and she is a gurl you won’t want to show your Mum

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