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Bucket list  

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10/15/2020 4:56 pm
Bucket list

So from an early age I’ve been dressing only in later years I’ve explored this further, wish I had earlier and I feel I’ve missed so much, quite by chance I discovered chastity and I’ve grown love frustration
As any gurl I’ve dreamed of the ideal, so I would like my journey start right with a guy who shares what I desire so maybe you would like a service seal our commitment each other
So maybe you would like me wear a<b> wedding </font></b>dress I know I would!! So maybe you would like share vows and<b> wedding </font></b>bands? So your<b> wedding </font></b>band would be a normal gold ring but mine is an elastic
Band placed over my balls, we could still consummate our marriage while I suffer castration, but before long I would become your sissy all I ask is that you take care of the aftermath and take care of me
As I heal, I know and understand I’m not what most guys desire this is my fault I’ve not made the right choices along the way I do regret this but we are who we are I know there a guys out there who seeks
A sissy slave and want humiliate and enjoy me as such no one should blame me for feeling nervous or apprehensive about this there I said it thus far I’m a cock virgin sure I have considered a one night
Stand just try this but feel like my virginity would be a huge plus you,
So right now I wear chastity and I’m taking hormones reduce my desire, relocation is a huge plus can we just agree we seek the same? Nothing you can do me not down myself what I lack is you desire
Can’t wait enjoy your lust inside me want swallow all you deliver and feel that warm sensation as you climax within me

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