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Castration is complex  

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5/20/2021 5:00 pm
Castration is complex

So this whole process has been a very slow process it’s taken steps all be it baby steps, and has been more of a natural progression
cut a long story short at some point I discovered chastity, Chastity changes your mindset with your ability removed now you and
Only climax as a sissy, sure frustration is your driving force you desire to do things you may not have before chastity. If you like its
Like if you get what you desire then maybe your release me and I will get what I so desire.

So you might say I’ve felt a better way to climax and I have chosen anal over a normal climax, sure I accept this means becoming a sissy
And submitting to a guys wants and desires but is humiliation, emasculation worth it maybe not but for an anal climax I will all day!

Chastity makes getting erect somewhat painful and since I dabbled in hormones I now struggle to climax any other way than limp at best

So I so desire anal over a normal climax, chastity is at best painful but makes me feel feminine and I love just climaxing anal only and the
Fact I can only just act as male makes me feel like castration is just another natural progression, you don’t need to tell me most ways aren’t
Very desirable there is surgery, banding, or injections

Everything I’ve read says that castration will make me even more submissive and obedient and renders me no longer male in fact renders me
Sissy forever sure I’m scared and apprehensive but this just makes me more committed to do this, thus far I’ve not been wrong and I’m committed
To do this as my last step towards being a gurl forever

So why me over thousands of others I hear you say, so I’m committed to becoming a gurl and will serve you in the ways you expect I accept the
process won’t be easy, I’m also very much into kinky so almost anything goes, as a submissive I’m there to serve your needs all thoughts I had
are removed, so I don’t care if you take other lovers please just include me in some way

everything I’ve learned is self taught with toys or larger objects as yet I’ve not been used as a gurl by a guy so I’m new to this, not short of offers
but I’m saving myself for you

can you see a submissive sissy in your live will you remove my desire once and for all do you desire me as a gurl and use me as such if you do
then lets talk please I only desire to climax as female for a Daddy who will take charge and use me

seems castration will transform me into the gurl you desire and render me unable too climax as normal, so not only without the hormones i need i will become more submissive i will transform into the gurl you desire and without<b> getting off </font></b>anal will be my only way to climax

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