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Dabbling no longer works  

10901w 55T
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10/3/2021 5:10 pm
Dabbling no longer works

I have grown love chastity but this has limits because I’m my own key holder and I do feel like if I was further frustrated then the feeling I feel now would be so much better
I punish myself if I cheat by swallowing my own but the desire is gone
While I’m locked I do practice anal and I so enjoy the feelings I encounter but I do feel like I stop to early, I tend to ride my dildo for a while and really enjoy it but I do feel like
With you inside me I would have to accept so much more
I won’t lie what I do I enjoy so much but if you keep me locked up longer and use me longer then the sky is the limit, I hate myself for cheating but I’m human at first my
Punishment was swallow my own but this happens weekly so has just become a part of everyday

I know what you desire is so much more keep me locked up longer my frustration is your enjoyment. I can’t wait kneel before you with my hands tied my thighs and go
Down on you, I’m going lick, suck and slobber all over your cock and you will climax and I will swallow as any good gurl would

So next comes the main event I’m not sure I’m ready handle a guys desire so I would love be e restrained, this would be a huge plus for me as I would like feel like I was
Kinky is my thing so if you want me suffer for being a sissy that’s fine with me within reason want spank me? BDSM is a huge turn on so want rings are a plus I can wear
Nipple rings but add a tongue ring or even a prince albert to lock me into chastity I’m in

Want more then sure I won’t stop you from injecting my balls or clamping them and total removal rendering me sissy forever. Can’t help I am or what I desire I know what
I want and ’s a guy inside me enjoying my inner folds

I’m going do whatever you please dress as you like and accept whatever is needed become the gurl of your desire take a chance on me I won’t disappoint you!!!

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