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Do you desire a submissive?  

10901w 55T
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11/20/2020 5:20 pm
Do you desire a submissive?

So think it would be fair say I will never become a passable gurl this said I would like become you submissive gurl

My story so far is that I’ve dressed from an early age, slowly over the years this has become more and more extreme
For the past year I’ve been wearing chastity and been taking hormones to reduce my desire
I’ve grown to love feeling frustrated I know it’s kind of extreme but now I want to be frustrated permanently.

Won’t lie from time to time I have the need to climax as a male but I always recycle anything I produce and have grown to
Enjoy it

So we both know what I’m saying I hope I want to take the next step for me, I know I will never be a girl just can’t happen
But I would like to become your gurl and kinky as you like!

So to become my man you need to as remove my desire once and for , yes I’m talking castration! For years I’ve dreamed of
waking female, the reality is less appealing so the choices are

A cutter who will remove my man grapes and sack under local
Alcohol injections over a number of weeks kill them
Burdizzo or banding

For its just removing my desire and what comes with it, muscle loss, hair reduction, loss of desire, boobs, but most of a whole
New mindset, I’m not looking for a MTF deal, for I would like keep my clit so I’m reminded I’m not quite a girl but less of a man
Sure if you require more we could talk about what you deise!

So I’m into kinky I’ve swapped a normal climax for an anal climax I love frustration, into anything but humiliation, bondage
And some pain would be a real plus! For my<b> sins </font></b>I’ve also enjoyed an anal climax with larger objects so my arse is showing signs
Of abuse

So as they say my balls are in your court. Or maybe in a jar happy to relocate

Spunky kisses Sam

59smitty56 61M
6 posts
11/23/2020 11:52 pm

how do i meet you or meat you or both

10901w replies on 11/24/2020 1:13 am:
first of all talk to me Baby

10901w replies on 11/29/2020 3:04 pm:

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