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Don’t really matter  

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10/16/2020 4:51 pm
Don’t really matter

Lets face it there isn’t a cream or pill that will turn into the gurl I wish to become, this said I can become a sissy and the object of your desire
My love of all things feminine lends me to this lifestyle I<b> wear </font></b>chastity all but full time and I take hormones to reduce my desire

Love the feeling of sexy underwear stockings suspenders and panties, but if I do<b> wear </font></b>cloths they tend to be restrictive such as pencil skirts love
To feel the feel of restrictive.

Love heels they just complete the look, the hormones I take have reduced my body hair my legs are all but smooth and my abs are turning into
Something that resembles boobs

So what do I desire? I want you to take charge I want to become the object of your desire want to become your sissy, my desire is only to be a bottom
I love chastity and the frustration I suffer, but I desire more chastity is uncomfortable and cumbersome

So I seek a guy who will remove my desire once and for all, yes that’s right I seek a guy who is willing to remove my manhood, after looking into this I do
Feel like banding would be a good option, so I know what I’m offering and hell yeah I’ve tried this and it’s not pleasant

Knowing how painful this is I suspect your need to restrain me before you band me, they say ice will help during this process, with my love of frustration
Being castrated would be a he plus

Always dream of being a bride, once I arrive maybe you could dress me as your bride, then restrain me and band me making me the sissy you desire ?

Right now I’m in a constant state of frustration which makes me desire cock, I’ve done all I can to be able to fit into this life style if I get the desire and i
Don’t much I swallow my own,

Won’t lie to you my arse looks more like a pussy than an arse, this is due to the abuse I’ve suffered what with large toys but this is all in my master plan
Feel like you maybe able to fist me, smaller hands only please but always expanding my limits

So you into kinky want to use me as female? Relocation would be a real plus interested Let’s talk

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