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Either one or the other  

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6/8/2021 5:10 pm
Either one or the other

So I just don’t get the best of both worlds either you or female, your able give or receive as a sissy I choose receive only
Chastity is great you just can’t under estimate the power of chastity sitting pee make everything worth wild

Chastity has changed my life and my perception of verses female, I’ve never been happy as male what I seek and have done
From the start is becoming female

I know that this won’t be easy or pain free, what I desire is castration this can be done via banding, injections or hormones what
Ever way works

So as you submissive I know your expect some kind of pain, nipple clamps, fisting and all manner of things I’ve not yet thought of
But your in luck I’m as kinky as you like !!

Just think once your mind is set there is only one outcome, I want serve a guy with my body I accept anything that comes with
My choice!
I would love become more feminine would love be locked into a dress and heels and used as female, if your kinky that would
Be a huge plus

Remove my choice Castrate and let worry about how I may feel afterwards may even consider clit reduction replace chastity
Said I was kinky

So want encounter cock from the other side, get hard I will swallow recover and use my bio pussy don’t hold back baby I want
Feel your warm seed inside !!

spunky<b> kisses </font></b>Sam

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