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Everything I do moves me closer to pleasing you  

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9/23/2020 5:35 pm
Everything I do moves me closer to pleasing you

So I found chastity quite by chance wouldn’t have been my first choice but I love how it makes me feel, there is something to be said for denial
You see once something is removed you desire it even more, so the same can be said to chastity once I’m locked up I get frustrated
This makes me look to climax the only way I’m able via anal, since I stated this journey anal has been a huge part of my life as has frustration
Another thing that is huge is that while locked up I have to sit to pee this for me was a huge deal and took a while to get used too, this in itself
Would change my whole way of thinking, so now I find myself on the other side of the fence, I can no longer act as a guy and desire acting female
Love the feel of sexy underwear love feeling frustrated and enjoy an anal climax,
So with this in mind I’m taking hormones to further reduce my desire and develop<b> breasts </font></b>right from the start they have made me more feminine
Now I can no longer jerk off if I do manage to I’m limp at the point of climax
Yes yet another milestone I can no longer act as a male I sit to pee and my only friend I have is the beer can I enjoy inside me nighty anal has replaced
Normal, I so need to become the object of your desire, what do I bring to the table I hear you say? So in my frustrated state I desire cock your desire
Means I maybe able to climax sure I enjoy toys but this can’t replace you desire to enter me
Not sure there is nothing you can offer me I’ve not done to myself to become ready for this but kinky is a real plus not looking for a dom but a guy who
Knows what he wants would be a real plus and bondage, spanking, hot wax would also be a plus, just feel like some pain during this progress would be
A real plus, not much you can offer I’ve not done myself what I lack is you desire within me, what do you say want to make me anal climax ?
please just make me your the gurl ypu desire

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