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Frustration is a drug  

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6/29/2021 5:10 pm
Frustration is a drug

So there is a saying “be careful what you wish for” Ho boy this is so true, at first there was dressing I was happy with that, I liked the way it felt on !
Then things got complex once I introduced chastity, you see frustration is like a drug the more you do the more you desire it
My first chastity device was a CB600 I enjoyed it so much I purchased a more extreme model that forces my pathetic limp clit into a small place
If I do get aroused it becomes painful as everything is forced inwards so I don’t tend to get hard anymore
One thing I love about chastity is the fact I have to sit to pee, please don’t underestimate what this does to a sissy, frustration and feeling feminine
Makes me desire things I would normally wouldn’t so now I desire what I used to desire from a girl
The fact that chastity is uncomfortable and causes problems staying clean I have considered castration as a better option.
So castration fixes one problem but causes another, castrated makes me more submissive and obedient for your enjoyment but removes one of the best
Advantage of chastity having to sit to pee, for my<b> sins </font></b>I discovered penectomy this seems to fix everything
So I understand this is a huge moment for me, it not something I’ve dreamt of many times,
So here is the deal are you into rendering me sissy? Locking me into a dress and heels? Do you want to lock me to a wall when your out with an expandable butt plug?
Most of all I want a understanding guy I’m offering so much, I need to know you desire what I do and are willing to wait till I’m ready?
So these operations takes 6 weeks to heal would you accept only blow jobs as I recover?
For me this is a life changing moment, without testosterone my body will adapt I will develop puffy boobs I so want to become your gurl if you want to become my master
Or lover let’s talk more please

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