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Huge leap of faith  

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5/16/2021 5:29 pm
Huge leap of faith

So I hope you understand this is a huge leap of faith for , your see frustration is my thing I love the feeling of frustration it makes want to do things for
Things that don’t feel 0% natural but very desirable, during play lack of normal climax and the joy of anal has replaced this feeling,
I know I will swap normal for a anal climax in a heart beat it’s better and lasts longer and is so much more desirable

Think it’s fair to say thus far I’ve taken steps towards becoming feminine, first just dressing then anal play then frustration via chastity during anal play and now
All in, in this whole process I’ve restrained myself from encountering the real thing, not because I’m scared far from it I so want to become the object of a guys desire

Rightly or wrongly I feel like the guy who is willing to invest in my future should be the first to enjoy the goods as it were

I feel like the next step for me is being castrated, you can do this anyway you please you might just want to remove them right at the start, you may require to band me
And watch me suffer as my balls die, or maybe you will keep me in chastity and inject my boys for a of weeks till they die

Either way this does require an of commitment on both sides your need to remove my boys and provide me with HRT to remove the negative affects of such an
Change, castration will take its toll on my body I will become more submissive and obedient will no longer get erect and will slowly develop a feminine form

You may think me writing this I’m just playing for my own enjoyment, your wrong I wear chastity 24/7 so I can’t get erect and if I do it’s not enjoyable as everything is forced
Inside so far from being enjoyable this becomes painful. Chastity and hormones makes an hard on a thing of the past for me
So I won’t lie I’m apprehensive and nervous to offer what I offer but for me it just seems like the next step, I know and understand what is involved and what I can suffer but
For my love of anal and frustration it seems like a chance I’m willing to take

I’m into almost anything kinky, bondage, BDSM, wax, the list goes on, I’m not the jealous type so keep locked up and invite lovers home sure I would like to be included
If you’re a couple sure so long as I’m kept sissy

So this is a huge step I hope I know what I’m getting into but if not I guess I need to just suck it up because like it or not going to become your your sissy slut your slam piece
My balls are in your court

take a chance on you your enjoy all the i am!

Spunky<b> kisses </font></b>Sam

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