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I can’t expect you to understand  

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7/29/2021 5:01 pm
I can’t expect you to understand

I can’t expect you to understand the inner workings of my mindset, and how I feel in chastity, please just know it changes me in many ways
Never underestimate the feeling of frustration, if your experienced you will understand and push my limits tie me up and work my clit further
To frustrate me further then stop me that climax this will drive me mad but is an important part of my<b> training
</font></b>Use my frustration to your advantage the more frustrated I become the more wiling to serve you as female
Chastity makes you desire something that may have not been on your mind until your clit is locked up, once locked up you desire this more than
Ever and will do whatever you can to encounter a release, so in chastity I won’t have any problem in going down on you even willing to swallow
Anything you deliver and swallow my mans seed!!

Chastity makes the wearer shy away from getting aroused this can become painful as everything is forced inwards over time this has meant I don’t
No longer get aroused, my enjoyment comes from anal alone!

I now need a guy who is into a chastity gurl to use me and remove my desire via anal

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