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I totally get it  

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9/22/2021 5:56 pm
I totally get it

Most of you guys feel like what I desire is somewhat extreme some of you guys think I’m totally mad to even consider this!

But for me I think I’ve always know that this is what I’ve desired but I’ve put this to the back of my mind but my feelings haven’t
Changed, I’ve always felt at home in sexy female underwear, I also love the fact that as a gurl you get to flash so much more flesh

A few years back I decided to explore my feminine side and even made contact with a guy I guess he was keen to meet but was nervous
Hell he wasn’t as nervous as me for sure

He wanted to know that I wasn’t desiring anything from him so I offered for him to be the key holder, I did this so I could encounter the
Real thing, so I purchased a chastity device to wear, at first this seemed strange, but depriving yourself of something makes you desire
It more, when I wore chastity I desired something I hadn’t before, the desire to get hard is huge and being locked stops this and the frustration
Drives you to distraction, this meet never happened as the guy backed out

But Chastity and frustration remained the longer I would wear the chastity device the more I became frustrated and the more frustrated the more
I desired what I couldn’t do

So this is the point I thought this is what I desire more than anything else, so I stopped and thought not what I could get from this but what a guy
Would desire from me, so that’s the route I took, so play took on a whole new meaning, I wasn’t doing this for me but to enhance what I guy would

Over time frustration and chastity has taken over I no longer want to act as male for me it’s feminine all the way, while being locked up I would cheat
To punish myself anything I delivered was swallowed and my anal play got more extreme, but now I feel I’m ready for the next step

Right now with chastity and anal play if I’m even able to masturbate I do so limp gone are the days of an erection ! right now I’m happy with my lot
My age and hormones and chastity have ripped me of my desire, so this change isn’t just phicical it’s also mental

I’ve resigned myself to this way of life a life of a submissive, and a life of being an object of a males desire I’ve trained myself to be that gurl and know
You may want to feminise me further, I know I can offer you what you desire I do this to myself almost daily

But in return for the submissive sissy you desire I would like to further evelop I would love to develop puffy boobs and nipples I would also like another
To become my key holder and expand my limits, I love the feminine form so much I would consider that perfict V between my legs that’s right I said I was
Kinky remove my chastity and my balls to render me your sissy

I know and understand transformation MTF won’t be easy nor pain free I enter this with my eyes open I know once the deed is done there is no going back
My choices are permanent, but all things considered I’m excited to meet the feminine me

The little things excite me a smooth body, nail varnish, large earrings, sexy underwear, tender boobs and the lust of a guy using me as female!! What if this
Isn’t for me? Then that’s something I need to deal with, by now I’m your submissive sissy and will serve you as the gurl I desire to be

i'm not a prude want to share me or have me watch no problem, group hell yes i'm as kinky as they get, spanking, hot wax,<b> spanking </font></b>and even fisting is on the cards i will become your sex doll

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