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I’m all but impotent now  

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7/11/2021 5:13 pm
I’m all but impotent now

Chastity and hormones have rendered me all but impotent so more of the same is desired as my own key holder I do sometimes cheat
Chastity is great but I have to unlock myself to clean, so I would need to be watched during showers

If I’m to be kept in chastity I would welcome being tied up and unlocked teased and further frustrated, frustration is a gurls best friend
You see in a frustrated state I feel like if I can please you, you might unlock me and I can also feel release, sure I know this isn’t going to
Happen but this won’t stop me trying to delight you!

I love dressing love the feel of feminine underwear love the restraints of heel and tight fitting dressed, and I love to show flesh I’m just not
Able to day to day, I do wear feminine attire a lot but for the most part under normal gear, so I really would enjoy having nothing else to wear

So my dream guy would be my age or over with a high sex drive, your also have a kinky side, and only desire to use me as female as my days of
Being a bull are over, in fact if I had the choice (but don’t) I would want to be sissy, you see I discovered another way to climax via anal

So if your looking for an older sissy who you wish to control every aspect of her live, from keeping her clit under control, keeping her dressed sexy
Please consider me, I would very much like to be locked into dresses and heels, and used by a dominant male

I don’t have any experience in this only via play, I know what you desire and I’m as ready as I can be without doing it for real, you see for whatever
Reason I’ve saved myself for my guy!

I know what you bring to the table I know your expect me to swallow your load no problem I swallow my own when I’m able, next comes penetration
During play I tend to climax a few times, I suspect once your inside me I will have to injure so much more, so I’m yours till your done and the thought of
A horny guy inside me excites me to the point I dribble pre-cum I’m my panties

I so want to expand limits I’m into bondage, fisting, or further feminisation, you into chemical castration? Banding? Alcohol injections? If you want to
Further feminise me sure! If this is your choice please remove my desire before we start I don’t deserve to act male you need to remove any chance if
Me getting erect and use me as female,

For me there is no going back just forward to look forward too, I want to become your gurl friend, your sissy, your slam piece, I’ve given up the right
To be male please just dress and use me female and I will accept my fate, if you desire me in a more feminine form anything goes !!

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