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No Gain without pain right?  

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9/18/2021 5:01 pm
No Gain without pain right?

From a really early age I’ve enjoyed dressing for how it made feel in later life this has become even more true
I accept MTF transformation isn’t for everyone and I’m not even sure I want to go the whole way
You see I accept who I was and want to remember this as part of my transformation so I’m happy just to have my
Balls removed, I feel like looking down I will constantly be reminded of what I have become a sissy
I accept there is no easy way to do this and any route has its own challenges.
A few years ago I discovered chastity and my life changed forever the feeling of frustration and the anal joy I encounter
Pushed me towards becoming a submissive sissy for a guys enjoyment

Can't wait to flash my flesh in sexy underwear, or dressed as you like or even naked

So the easiest way is just having them removed this is fine with me I will accept my fate, however I suspect it won’t be
That easy, so there are other options none are great, there is banding, I’ve tried banding and it’s not desirable if you
Desire me to suffer this way dose me up with painkillers and restrain me please, or injections these I’m sure aren’t pleasant
Either and are administered over a of weeks, maybe something you would enjoy more that me
There is also clamping of the cords, can’t say any way is desirable but the end result is very desirable I can’t wait to develop boobs
For your enjoyment !!

So I’ve trained myself to accept what you expect, but I accept being castrated is just the start you want to inflict pain to me, that’s
Fine I’m into kinky, what is desired is up to you

Right now I have both nipples pierced my navel too, would accept my tongue being pieced for your oral enjoyment

Things that turn me on as feminine is bondage, wax play, fisting, and sex my fate is very much in your hands I just
Desire to be rendered sissy

Sex isn’t the main event so much goes on before your excited enough to pernitrate , lets agree the terms of my submission

I accept i can never be a true female but you have the power to render a sissy and i will settle for this cut my urine tract to force to sit to and i will delight you daily!
Spunky<b> kisses </font></b>Sam

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