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So here I am  

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5/29/2020 4:55 pm
So here I am

So for the last year I’ve worn chastity and now I’m taking testosterone blocked between the two it’s had the effect of me being unable to get<b> erect

</font></b>So now I’m transitioning No longer a male not quite female I know and understand this is a long journey but one I look forward too

Over the coming months and years my body will change my desire too, my hope is that anything masculine will be removed, I wouldn’t object to further work to make me become the sissy you desire

I’m not ever going to be passable and my arse resembles an vagina due to large toys but I’m sure there is a guy out there for me

What do I desire well I’m looking for a guy who is into further changing me to suit his needs and further feminise me, not so much a Dom but a guy who knows what he wants and will take it

So here I am all but in limbo just need that shove feel like I’ve done what I can to be ready now I need to find a guy who shares my passion

It’s a strange feeling being on the other side of the fence but it’s a trip I look forward too can you help me?

A real plus for me is someone who will remove my desire once and for all talking castration
Castration would further my transition and fast track me into the gurl of your desire!!

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