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So how will you remove my balls?  

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8/20/2021 5:56 pm
So how will you remove my balls?

So if you require a submissive, obedient weaker sissy then we really need to talk castration, with my love of
Dressing and chastity I’ve gone to bed wishing I would wake up feminine.
So turning up and being taken to be seen too is a huge appeal, why wouldn’t it? Won’t say no but given this
Whole process has been slow to say the least got thinking maybe you would enjoy taking this trip with ?
Chastity serves well frustration is my desire and the fact it makes sit to is a real plus but testosterone
Is my enemy it rips of the advantages of hormones, I would love to develop boobs but thus far I have larger
Man boobs, I accept that any other way will be painful, but I realise that this may apeal to you
There are other ways maybe your into banding having tried this its not painful while being banded but if
I’m kept in this state for any of time removal is just as painful, then there is Burdizzo it’s bloodless but
Also painful and not something I can do to myself, or injections over a of weeks
So looking this if you castrate your turning into the submissive, obedient sissy slave you desire plus
I will develop much quicker into the gurl you desire,
I also understand that climax is just the end result before this I may encounter some discomfort or pain!
Aid me in my transmission into feminine and I will after your needs
Can’t wait to have to serve a guy as female with no return, please remove my boys and have serve you
As female if you also change my plubing I will forever have to sit to
My balls are in your hands how do you desire to remove them? If your serious about rendering sissy lets
Talk Spunky<b> kisses </font></b>Sam

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