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So some times you just have to accept your destiny  

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3/1/2021 5:14 pm
So some times you just have to accept your destiny

So I guess I never thought I would become who I am now, this all started as a kinky way of<b> getting off </font></b>just fun really
Over the years this turned into all but normal to stuff, I discovered chastity years ago I wear it because I love
The feeling of being frustrated, I also discovered anal once you discover the joy of anal not sure there is any going back
I wouldn’t ever describe myself as passable so I’ve enjoyed dressing and anal in plain view, you see I do this normal
Wear, my chastity is somewhat extreme locks my clit into around an inch, it’s easy to wear normal guys wear
As I discovered anal I also wear a expandable butt plug, getting it inserted is a challenge but once in it won’t fall this
Can also be worn normal wear. So I go in chastity and with a butt plug inserted
Feel like I wish I would be discovered in stockings suspenders and in my frustrated self and have a guy take advantage of
I’m sure the stocking elastic has given away my deepest darkest desire many times, in winter its easy in summer so much harder
So what do I want? Much the same as I do now but to be able to flash a whole lot more flesh!
There are many words for what I have become but I choose gurl. I know I will never be a I so love the feminine form I want
Just to become the gurl of a guys desire, I know what gets you going and I know what you desire I want to become more feminine
And most of all I want to use my body to serve a guy!!
I’ve pierced my own nipples would welcome you piecing my tongue to further your oral experience, happy to kneel before you and
Accept anything you deliver and forward to seeing your as you climax in my mouth
I also forward to feeling your hardness seeking my bio pussy as a gurl I desire this so much, I just want for you desire as
Female can’t wait to flash more skin, in sexy underwear, do you desire as female? Will you help remove my desire?
I can’t help who I am but I’m sure I can please you, I want to submit to your desire please remove my lust yes i’m talking castration
Render sissy and allow to serve you

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