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1/26/2021 5:53 pm

So you desire a submissive, over time I’ve subjected myself larger toys, engaged in Chastity, Chastity has the affect of making you frustrated to the point of bursting, sure I was always the key holder but I needed to learn my art as it were so I suffered for my goal.
What was my goal I hear you say it was to replace a normal climax for an anal climax, these are so more desirable and once you achieve one it’s the gift that keeps giving and if your frustrated to the point of distraction you can also cum normal too!!

I read a lot and it would seem I’m much like any other submissive, sure I’ve come a long way myself chastity introduced me to frustration and I dabble in hormones to further reduce my desire, now when excited I’m very lucky to get erect at best if I feel the need and this is becoming few and far between I climax limp.

Thus far I’ve enjoyed the journey but now it’s crunch time either I continue as I am or I take the next step I accept this won’t be easy or enjoyable you see to become what I desire I need a bull, need a guy to restrain me and do things to me I just can’t do for myself.

What I’m talking is for you to remove my desire once and for all, there are 3 ways to do this none appeal much be it clamping or cutting or injections but I just can’t agree to any with out your input, I’m keen but I need a guy to remove any desire I have remaining and just render me the sissy you desire
I won’t object to you branding me as your own, won’t object to you using my body as your slam piece, nor will I object to swallowing your load in fact I would like to start me day swallowing, then during the day getting ready for you, will dress as you like, would love to dress as you desire maybe be locked into sissy attire, so I can serve your cock

Once you castrate me my desire will be lost now i’m just your thing my clit will reduce in size and I’m yours use and abuse I’m sure this isn’t enjoyable but its all about getting climax right? I know the road climax isn’t easy. No gain without pain right?

Not sure I can ever commit without you, need for you remove my desire and dignity and remove my desire make all you desire, I’m sure once you do this I can be the gurl you desire

so now it's all about what you desire and less about that i want i can't help what i have become, but you can form me into the submissive you desire

Spunky<b> kisses </font></b>Sam

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