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What I would accept  

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3/21/2021 6:49 pm
What I would accept

Please excuse I’m very new this in fact never been with a guy before, for I’ve been dressing and have loved how I felt dressed but this has been mostly for .
A few years ago I got into anal and about the same time chastity, I love being frustrated in fact frustration drives me! You see you always desire something you can’t have
So what’s next after chastity? Well castration seems like the next step not only will It fast track my feminisation it will change my mindset forever
I want to be emasculated I love sissy, I’m sure you know how this can happen, for me the best way is a cutter just get them done! Or Burdizzo, or banding or injections
For me my first choice would be a cutter, but if you would like to extend my suffering maybe injections would please you more?
Right now I find it really hard to climax as a male. maybe it’s the chastity I wear? Or maybe the hormones I take remove my desire, I watch clips of gurls who have everything, Boobs and a tight are who just won’t swallow! When I’m able to climax as a guy I swallow my own, can’t wait to swallow yours or maybe you would like swallow mine before i can't no longer?
You want to climax in my mouth?
So once you remove my desire once and for all maybe you would like have my tongue pierced to enhance your oral experience? Once emasculated it’s all about you and your desires
My nipples are pierced, lucky for you I’m into kinky. Tie up I’m into bondage, pierce my tongue,
I can’t double guess what your desire but humiliation is my thing, want to piss on me or in my mouth sure I won’t swallow a gurl has her limits !!!
very much into bondage, hot wax
Once I’m yours as castrated, use as female, kinky is a real plus, once you remove my desire the sky is the limit,
I only desire is to be the best gurl I can be brand my arse with your brand to make me yours !! share me if you like

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