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frustrated and loving it  

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1/17/2021 5:13 pm
frustrated and loving it

Frustration should never be underestimated, you see the fact you can’t makes you desire it more, liken the feeling the sign wet paint don’t touch
You see when your restricted from anything your mind desires things you wouldn’t normally desire, for I want swap a normal climax for an anal
Climax, with this in mind I locked up bits, once I’m locked up I desire what I can’t have what with this and hormones makes desire climax even
More, during I discovered an anal climax and now I would rather this than a normal one.
I’m fully aware encounter this I need become your sissy or your slam piece, I know I have submit your desire!

So I started train myself you see chastity is wonderful train your mind but once in a while you have unlock yourself and when I do I climax as a
But knowing what I may encounter I’ve got used swallowing all I deliver

Chastity is great something very humbling when your forced sit pee and what with feminine underwear I feel very sexy in this state the only way I can get
Off is via anal, this is where you come in you see I need a guy and a guys lust I need feel you inside doing your stuff, while you enjoy my body my hope is
I will encounter what I desire!! Maybe I won’t but I will become the object of your desire

So moving forward I would like my desire be removed further, don’t get wrong I love where I’m at but I desire more, Chastity is great but can you offer
More? With my love of chastity and frustration I would consider castration

So would you desire in a venerable state? Want do you what a gurl would? Want become you sissy slave and develop me further ?

i know what i am and i know i need to submit to your desire to me happy
i'm new to this i accept i have a lot to learn i understand you won't be kind i need to suffer to become the gurl you desire

so i use toys all the time to be ready for you, i want to replace rubber with skin and most of all that warm feeling inside when your done with me

limits should be expanded want to expand my limits and enjoy me?

My only desire is become your sissy slave want become my ?

spunky<b> kisses </font></b>Sam

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