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my life  

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3/28/2021 4:10 pm
my life

So here is my life in short form I’ve dressed from an early age year on year it’s just got more extreme, with a promise of a meet with a nervous guy I agreed<b> wear </font></b>chastity so that
I could only act female, true my word I purchased a chastity devise I loved it so much I purchased another more extreme one and wore that, that meet never happened but I grew
love chastity also grew love frustration in my life, so I started use dildo’s on myself and I thought long and hard what I guy might expect of a gurl, think the number one thing
Would be a BJ so when I was able climax as a guy I swallow my own, so I looked into this lifestyle and I’m not sure I made the best choices but here I am
I<b> wear </font></b>chastity it’s cumbersome and unconfutable so I now seek something more permanent, so I know what’s on offer none are really desirable but my desire to become feminine means
I will suffer whatever I have to reach my goal, so I’m talking castration I know how this will happen banding, cutter, clamping or injections none are desirable
But what is desirable is to be the object of a guys desire! Can’t double guess how I might feel with my boys removed sure I will be more feminine look forward to this, for my sins I’m very
Much into kinky, love feeling restricted lock me in heels, lock me into a dress, lock me to a wall via an expandable butt plug I really don’t care just feel like I’ve missed out on so much I just
Want to become the gurl of a guys desire pierce my tongue for better oral,
Thus far I’ve not been used by a guy I think I understand what is needed, nor do I know what to expect once you remove my frustration, but I’m excited to become the object of a guys desire
Sure I might not like what I turn into but I’m committed to become the best sissy you could ever desire, I’m not the jealous type so sure take other lovers with luck your include me, just feel like everything i've done makes me a little closer to making this move, sure it might be a mistake but it's my mistake to take right?
once you discover an anal climax not sure anyone can come back from that not intact anyway !!

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