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please remove my Erection  

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10/1/2021 4:21 pm
please remove my Erection

Soone once said an erection is very much one sided, in any relationship there is male and female or male and submissive
I would consider myself the latter, I’ve dabbled in chastity and I know and understand the joy of frustration, this is like a drug
The first ti its sowhat daunting, but before long you understand how powerful it is, once you’re hooked there isn’t any going

Chastity ans frustration getting excited isn’t rey an option because in extre chastity excitent ans painful so slowly you
I accept that what you love has limits and your no longer in control, then as you push forward with chastity you encounter what is
Described as a sissy climax, this is where your joy of anal takes a turn and you climax as male

For the joy of anal is enough and If I’m that frustrated then sure a climax via anal won’t go a miss

But for I know my place and where I fit in and I know for sure I’m a botm, I want feel the joy of frustration daily and the madness
That is an anal climax, and I want dress sexy full ti, remove my guy gear and have<b> wear </font></b>the outfits that turn you on

I ty understand I’m no longer in control of this, what I desire is for a guy take charge from now on, you can’t help who you are right
Chastity and frustration has ripped of my desire, at best I can only climax limp but this isn’t what I desire

Moving forward I would like my ability climax removed further I want transition further, now I just want dress sexy as you would like
Can’t wait develop boobs and beco your submissive sex slave,<b> wear </font></b>what you desire and flash more flesh for you enjoynt

So if your in transforming in your sissy slave then lets talk for kinky is a real plus so if your in kinky even better
If your in further transforming in a sissy I’m up for this

I feel like I need a guy who knows what he likes and isn’t afraid take what he likes, I know becoming sissy isn’t easy nor pain free but
For the right guy I’m willing suffer!!

Well up for kinky however this is maybe hot wax, maybe group, or even fisting almost anything goes however bizarre just ask this isn’t
Just a fad this is the way forward from chastity, undergoing this won’t be easy, transformation never is

I’ve taught myself enjoy a man’s juice and my enjoynt of anal is better than any climax I’ve encountered ever
I need a guy or a Daddy use and abuse . Not ever been with a guy so you’re the first show a good ti and I will be the gurl
You desire !!

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