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Membership here???  

1234letsdooit 58M
2170 posts
8/16/2020 10:23 am
Membership here???

Well, I really don't see any point in signing as a Member here in AdultFriendFinder.

Why? Well, what's the point when the mails one sends out another Non-paid member and they can't view the ? Hence, both parties MUST be PAID Members, in order communicate with each other. I paid before and that's why u don't see renewing and also not being active here as I used be, anymore.

AdultFriendFinder should be more flexible as they used be. More so because are so many apps out where people can sign for free and communicate freely with one another. Come on, AdultFriendFinder, wake and look around you!!!

Or... Maybe AdultFriendFinder is from USA and they think the rule the World!!!

So... if anyone can read my blog here... u are most welcome add me... Vchat or u can send me a Tele gra. both also letsdooit34

Psychoblade 29M
14 posts
9/19/2020 11:47 am

Agree, no point signing up as member in AdultFriendFinder. The IM chat also no more free chats, kinda pointless using AdultFriendFinder anymore, everything is money now.

LQQK7979 M
444 posts
8/18/2020 10:49 am

There's absolutely no point to being a member here.

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