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Last night 16NOV15 final part  

181624 38M  
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1/15/2020 11:36 am
Last night 16NOV15 final part

A soft moan escapes your lips, your hips slowly move as your hand reaches lower. I watch as your legs part, you bite your lower lip as your fingers finds your pussy.

Your breath catches and you moan . I stop breathing. Did I wake you? Sighing in relief, I know I didn't.

hand grips cock, and I can't help but want moan with you, a long moan as hand starts stroking, massaging pre-cum into rock hard member.

Growling, wanting nothing more than just walk up you and flip you over, throw your leg over shoulder, pin you your mattress by your shoulders and fuck you long and hard. Thrusting, our hips colliding, the sound of flesh meeting flesh, your sweat soaked body beneath me, I take your nipple between teeth as your back arches so hard...

"Oooh yes... I want you." I whisper hoarsely.

I watch your hips grind against the mattress, the silk of your tank top now sticking to you, your breasts beautiful orbes, I know your fingers are flying in and , playing with your clit.

I know those sounds you make.

Your thighs part even more, and I can't help myself. I take the blanket and pull it slowly from you, my cock aching needing be buried deep inside you. Feeling your tight wetness around it.

I see your juices have already coated your hand, your juices glistening in the sun streaming through the window, your fingers deep inside you while your hips ride your hand, your moans growing louder, more urgent.

I crawl gently onto the bed between your legs, letting hands rest on the backs of your ankles, sliding up the backs of your legs.

You never once stop fingering yourself as I lightly trace up your legs, you shiver and gasp again. I lightly kiss your ass cheeks, the top of your crack. I sit up and rest hands on your cheeks, kneading them. Admiring the view of your white ass, the flashes of your fingers glistening with your sweet juices.

Moaning, knowing that at this moment in time, I can take you any way I want . Knowing I have this power over your body if I want it. I know you want it hard. Knowing you like it hard. I can't hold back anymore, and I let myself do something I've dreamt of doing before, raising hand, letting it fly. For the first time, I spank you. Quickly I plant a kiss right where I spanked you and that sigh...

Oh god!! That sigh drives so wild!

body driving mind, mind no longer in control, I watch as hands grip your hips, and pull you back onto your knees. I watch as your fingers your sweet pussy, moving them your lips, you lick them clean. hands slide up over your back, round your sides maul your breasts.

I know you are still half asleep in your own fantasyland, for your whimpers of, "yes, yes, yes, take , oh fuck YES!" never stop.

In front of , on all fours, oh god you are so ready. fingers twisting and pulling and playing with your nipples, your delectable ass grinding against rock hard member.

"I can't take it anymore!!" I moan.

I reach down and guide cock the entrance of your pussy. Sliding the head within you, pausing. You push back against wanting more.

Your hands reach for your nipples and with your nipples once more, sliding deeper. Ever so slowly . You try speed up slow rhythm, clamping so hard around cock... moans for once louder than your frustrated groans of not getting your way.

I push you down the mattress, body covers yours and still we move together. Biting your shoulder, whispering, "I'll fuck you so hard soon, this is just foreplay."

We continue moving as till I feel your body start shudder, I know you are just about cum hard, I pull of you and continue stroking cock. I don't want you cum till I say so, I want you explode. I flip you over and straddle you, cock bouncing between your breasts. Stroking your as you up at .

Demandingly you say, "I want taste your cum and I want it now!!"

You lift your head, I position cock and<b> stroke </font></b>a little bit more, your mouth open, your tongue licking. I explode trying to aim cum, it shoots haphazardly, landing in your mouth, on your chin, on your lips, your neck. Your tongue darts out across your lips licking cum up, your eyes close while you swallow.

Your expression priceless.

I shift downwards, falling onto your body, your nipples hard pushing against chest. You wrap your legs around as I kiss you. Your lips on earlobe, nibbling, licking , moaning into ear you say, "I want you fuck till I scream!!"

All I can think of as you whisper this in ear is just taking your body and demanding you satisfy hunger for you till we pass from exhaustion. Your words and your hand reaching down cause cock harden again. I slip hand between your thighs I feel your heat, your juices. And need you again, more than ever, harder than ever before.

A voice shouts up from downstairs, "Get up!! You're going miss the bus!" I open eyes, groaning, roll of bed, and get ready for the day.

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