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Ladies night  

1964Jessie 56F
12 posts
9/19/2020 9:08 am
Ladies night

Last night, four of my girlfriends came over for some games and a lot of drinking. We havent all gotten together for a while with Covid going on. I was in my own house, so I didnt have to worry about driving home, so I was drinking plenty.

After a couple hours, I was past the point of doing whatever Im told.

One of my friends really had to pee, but one of the other girls was in my guest bathroom. She couldnt wait, so she went to my bedroom and used my other bathroom. When she came back out to the living room, she was holding my rabbit vibrator, holding it up and showing it to everyone. I keep it in a drawer in my bathroom, washing it and putting it back after each use. I dont know why she was going through my drawers.

All my friends started teasing me about my toy. I know only one of my friends have used a rabbit vibe before, as she is the one that took me to buy it. Before long someone asked about the rabbit part and the bunny ears. I started telling them it was the clit stimulator part. As they passed my toy around, someone turned it on. They all started laughing as the internal beads started spinning. One of them pushed another button, and the<b> shaft </font></b>started thrusting, extending and retracting an inch or so, while the beads swirled around inside the lower part of the<b> shaft. </font></b>Then someone said they wanted to see how it worked. Thats when they told me to show them.

I took off my shorts and panties and sat up against the arm of my sofa, my back against the arm, with my legs pulled up on the seat in front of me. I turned the toy off and started to lick it all over, as I began rubbing my pussy. I closed my eyes and imagined I was all alone. As I started getting a little horny, I started dipping my fingers inside, as I rubbed my clit with my thumb. I started to moan a little, then took my toy into my mouth and started to suck it, pretending i was sucking a thick cock. I sucked the toy and fingered myself for a few minutes, until I felt like my pussy was wet and ready.

I pulled the vibe out of my mouth and started pushing it into my slit. Once it was in place, I turned it on. I started fucking myself with my toy, while my friends sat there and watched. Before long, I was bucking my hips up and down, pressing my pussy against the vibe, while I moaned like mad. It only took a couple minutes before I had a nice orgasm. I turned the toy off, but left it partway inside my slit.

One of the ladies decided I wasnt finished yet. She reached between my legs and turned the toy back on, then started pushing it in and out of my pussy. She pushed the thrust button, then started fucking me faster. I started moaning like crazy, and my hands went to my breasts. Someone pulled my shirt up and off, then my bra was removed as well. My hands were pulled from my chest, and I felt hands pulling both of my legs. They slid my body onto this giant footstool I have in front of my couch. Its about five feet square, big enough to use from both the sofa and loveseat.

Once I was laid out flat on my back, then they decided to restrain me. They found some craft cord in my kitchen and tied me spread-eagle on to my footstool. Next they put something over my eyes and tied it in place. Someone then started fucking me with my toy again. I pushed my hips against the hand at my crotch, trying to get the vibe deeper inside me. I moaned, then came again a moment later. After that, they each wanted a turn at making me cum.

They fucked me with my toy for quite a long time. They fondled my tits, pinched my nipples, and fucked my pussy, making me cum over and over. Someone even kissed me several times, including tongue.

When the battery in the toy finally died, (it lasts about an hour charge), they pulled it out of me, then started fucking me with other things. I could only go by what I heard, since I couldnt tell what they were using inside me by the feel of it. I heard banana, bottle, brush, and dust broom. They fingered my pussy several times too. I half hoped someone might try licking me, but no such luck.

The last thing they did to me was someone started fucking me with their fingers while rubbing my clit. Other hands were playing with each of my breasts. Another finger was added, and then another. One of the girls had four of her fingers sliding in and out of my pussy, while the rest of them played with my body. I could feel the fingers pushing further, stretching me so good. I was pressing my crotch against her hand every time she pushed in.
I guess I was getting too loud, as someone pushed my rabbit deep into my mouth.

The hand in my pussy continued pumping in and out, until I felt her finally curl her fingers inside me, then she pushed further. I felt my pussy lips relax, and her fist inside me. She started moving it slowly, twisting it around, while pulling back and forth a little. I moaned as much as I could around the fake dick in my mouth. As she picked up speed, she started moving back and forth farther and harder.

I had two or three orgasms just from the fist moving inside my pussy, each one better than the last. I was building toward another good one, while she was slamming her hand around inside me, and I was arching my pussy upward as much as I could. While in that position, with my butt clear off the cushion, someone pulled the vibe from my mouth, then pushed it straight into my asshole. My pussy started gushing, and I think I pissed too. I blacked out a moment later.

That was the best orgasm Ive ever had, with a friends fist in my pussy, and a fake dick in my ass.

When I woke up it was around 3:00 AM. I was still on my footstool wearing the blindfold, but I was no longer tied up. I was alone. I got up, went to the bathroom, and headed to bed.

My girlfriends had given me dozens of orgasms over the course of the night. I wonder what will be said when we see each other at work on Tuesday

FunNSac 45M  
116 posts
9/19/2020 4:11 pm

That was hot. I hope it was a true story!

ChuckUFarlie2020 46M
98 posts
9/19/2020 6:44 pm

None of my exes ever had a girls/ladies night like that or I would not have fallen asleep watching tv.

Eviloutlaw1 58M
3069 posts
9/21/2020 9:14 am

Wow! I'd have loved to have been there.

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