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Engaged Hot wife
Posted:Oct 8, 2020 2:47 am
Last Updated:Jan 21, 2021 10:37 pm

We met for dinner a couple of times before she sent me her address. Her boyfriend didn’t know she had been flirting with me and sending me naughty pictures leading up to that night.

She was engaged to her fiancé And was living with him and their who was staying with the grand parents. I knocked on the door and the boyfriend let me in.

She was in the kitchen wearing a nice long white shirt, her bra barely visible through the fabric and underwear underneath. We watched some tv and chatted for a while before having dinner. She sat in between us, and as we talked I shamelessly flirted with her. I casually slid my head up her leg as we talked and warmed her up over her panties, a dark purple With a lace design on top of the plain fabric.

The first move is always awkward, did the fiancé want to see it happen or just hear me satisfy his wife in the bedroom above. Answered my question by sitting facing me when her husband went into the kitchen to grab a drink.

We made out for a few minutes, and I took off her shirt and bra, sucking on her tits and nibbling parts of her body. She slowly began humping me over my dress pants, eager to feel my cock in her pussy.

I got up and had her take me into the bedroom where I tied her up and texted pictures of her to her husband as he sat watching tv. He soon heard his woman moan with pleasure as I gave her things she had not experienced before. A dominant man who knew exactly what he wanted.

She had never squirt so much before and the towel we had laid out was soaked all the way through. The comforter was the same, the small room filled with the sweet smell of sex, and the sounds we made I knew the boyfriend would know his slut was being satisfied.

About 20 minutes into it I was going to cum and took off the condom, I began masturbating just over her pussy. Every stroke of my hand across my shaft also touching her clit that had become so excited it had become completely out of its sheath.

I came, cum shooting across her stomach and chest. She smiled with er mouth open, gently using her hands which I untied to lick the cum off her.

That’s when I surprised her with sticking my cock back in. She let out a gasp, the condom we used was a bit tight, and with it off she was feeling the full thickness.

I came another 3 times that night before I leaving that night. The mattress a wet mess from the time we had shared together.

The relationship lasted several months before I decided to pursue a relationship with a co-worker and I lost contact with the couple. I still think about her from time to time and the nights we would spend together.
1st Hotwife
Posted:Jul 2, 2020 4:52 pm
Last Updated:Oct 17, 2020 4:50 am

I still remember my first hot wife experience as a bull. She was later 20s and her husband had messaged me to make sure I wasn’t a creep and didn’t have any STDs before giving me the time and place to meet.

The neighborhood wasn’t very remarkable, middle class with nicely trimmed lawns. It was dark and the street lights were just turning on. I parked on the curb and verified the address and description. I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect.

She pulled in behind me as she was just getting off work and called me in the drive way flashing the light on her cell phone a few short minutes later when it was safe for me to walk up.

Cute puppies treated me at the door as she took me inside. She whispered the are in the room next door as we enter, I just put them to bed. I followed her into the living room where the husband gave me a quick look over and then acted as if I didn’t exist. I turned to the wife who was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. She introduced me to her husband and then asked me if I was ok recording the event so he could watch for waking up because of nightmares. I was ok with that and we headed into the bedroom.

She shut and locked the door behind us and began undressing, turned on the computer and set it up to record. I adjusted the camera to get a better view and had her shift over so it could capture our every act.

She began by sucking my dick, which usually quite small expands to a size women tend to be surprised by, longer than average it’s quite thick. I attempt to put on a non-latex condom but it keeps rolling off, a annoying trend among those with a thick penis. She attempts after I fail at several wincing attempts before she too gives up and asks if I have any other condoms. After confirming there isn’t a latex allergy I pull out one I know will fit and we begin.

I start off by giving her head, something women tend to be surprised by but it gets them nice and wet before I enter. It feel my cock continue to grow with excitement as I switch to gently sucking on her clit as I finger her. She has her first orgasm a few moments in, a quick tense and release of her abs and a twitch of her legs happens a couple of times. The sweet sound of fluids fill the air, and I know she’s ready. I look up at her as I continue, her face was laying flat on the bed obscured by her stomach but she moaned and fondled her breasts.

After a few minutes and another orgasm I shift to penetration. She laid there like a dead fish as I thrusted into her, closing her eyes in extenuating she ran her hands over my chest and I leaned in for a kiss.

A few minutes later I ask her to switch positions but she’s tired so I have her suck me off for a bit before resuming missionary, cumming in the condom. It lasted only a short while, about 15-20 minutes according to the clock. I ask if she wants to do anything else but she declines saying her husband will come in when I leave to reclaim her before they go to bed.

I dress and leave quickly, disappointed that she was a dead fish who wasn’t that skilled. I walked to my car and drove away. The husband contacted me later that week to have me get together with his wife again but I declined. Sex is nice, but it needs to be better quality if I have to drive an hour away. I give him the it’s a bit too far excuse rather than offend and thank him for the experience.
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