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12/4/2019 12:10 pm
Sex at11

Who can Identify?
I am a very sexual person. On MENNATION I have listed orientation as Gay.I'm the closet most know . I have experimented with things give sexual gratification going back adolescence. When I was years old, a cousin was just a little older than came visit and stay with family for a few days. We were close and grew up spending holidays and other random times each others homes. But the summer I turned , things changed and with it entire life changed and for much of adult life I was conflicted. particular visit started normally with us playing outside and in a barn. Then on the first afternoon I was sitting on a stool and suddenly cousin had his dick and beside face. "Touch it" he said. I didn't because it scared and ought surprise. "Do you ever jack off?" he asked. I did not even know what meant. He pulled up his shorts and did not say anything else. all afternoon I could not get the vision of his dick off mind. night when we were in bed, he came bunk and was naked. He sat on the side of bed and reached into underwear and took dick into his hands. He began to<b> stroke </font></b>it and it began to grow. I kept silent. I did not know what to do. I only knew this was very wrong. On the other hand the feeling was intense and before long body was jerking and the most powerful feeling flooded through . It was first orgasm. I had no idea was even a thing. As I recovered, he instructed do the same him. first I did not want because it felt so wrong. But with some coaxing, I did as he wanted. He crawled back into his bunk and went to sleep. I could not sleep. curiosity was now running rampant with thoughts of the naughty thing I had just been a part of. The next morning we were outside playing again. parents came of the house say they would be running some errands and would be back in a couple of hours. As soon as they left cousin pulled into the barn and pulled off his shorts. Now I was a bit excited. Being naughty was feeling good. "Get on your knees and suck dick until I tell you stop." He demanded. I could not believe what he was saying. I wasn't going to suck his dick. Two minutes latter his dick was buried deep into mouth. The rest of summer he used me every day for most of the days when we would be each others homes. I learned I liked having his cock in mouth. He would eventually go further with and we did many kinky things almost getting caught several times. He was interested in piss . And I would receive. He fingered ass alot, and would insert anything would fit. When winter came we were in school and did not see each other as often, but when we did, I again was his willing sex toy. We both could not wait for summer. then I needed his cock. I loved the smell of it, the shape of it, the size of it and the feeling of having it in mouth. This continued on for several summers. Until I went away college. For the rest of adult life I have felt the same about a mans cock as I did about cousins. I love and crave cock. I also love having large dildos and plugs in ass. I have been the top for a few anonymous hook ups, but I really want a guy to fuck . I don't find men exceptionally attractive and I don't get attached romantically. But I do love man man sex. Are there any other guys had a similar experience when they were now crave sex?

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