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another hard few days  

1tongue4yall 61M
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10/29/2017 10:50 am

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10/30/2017 5:13 am

another hard few days

I don't know what is going on the last few days. I suppose it is the snow, winter coming. winter was mine and Sandi's time of year. we got to just hang out and enjoy each other's company. no stresses or anything. now it is starting and I do not know what I will do this winter without her. I really need to find someone, bad.
I guess I have been too busy to realize how much I miss her but with the weather, snow and constantly bad weather to work outside, I have had a slowdown and it is hitting hard.
life goes on and I need to learn how to deal with it...

spunkycumfun 60M/65F  
36127 posts
10/29/2017 1:30 pm

That feeling won't go away but it's what makes you.

1tongue4yall replies on 10/30/2017 5:09 am:
yes I know. it is all getting easier but sometimes it just hits and hits hard. especially when you are as stressed with work as I am.

rachel0718 54F  
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10/29/2017 4:55 pm

I’m sorry that it’s been rough for you. As you keep telling me, keep moving forward. The girls are having their birthdays and then of course the holidays coming up so we’re going to go through some more emotional times soon. All I can do is love on them and do that for them the best that I can. Take a few deep breaths.

Rachel Mae

1tongue4yall replies on 10/30/2017 5:07 am:
yes I know. its just sometimes you just don't have control over it. it just comes out of no where and I am still learning how to deal with it.
you are lucky to have your kids still around. mine are all a ways away. I can call but its just not the same. I miss the hugs.

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