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My First  

2112cavediver 40M  
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7/20/2020 10:20 am
My First

Nan was this girl that worked at the record store with when I was in college. She was short, really cute face, nice thick legs, and juicy 38DD tits. She would always dress in a nice skirt and blouse, with the top button undone just enough to show some cleavage. We would catch each other looking. One day we were working, and she asked me if I wanted to come visit her while she was babysitting for her neighbors.

That night, I drove over and rang the bell. She answered in gym shorts and a tank top, which was barely holding everything in. My jaw dropped. She smiled, and putting her finger to her lips, she invited me in.

We sat down on the couch, and started watching tv, but before too long she got up, moved over, and squatted down onto my lap.

We started kissing, and she was really going at it. Her tongue was really wrestling with mine. It was so hot. She had decided she wanted me, and there wasn't anything I was gonna do to say no. She pressed her chest against mine, and when my hands didn't move fast enough, she grabbed them and shoved them inside the tank top. I pulled the tank top over her head, and had my mind blown over the biggest set of nipples I had seen. They were gorgeous. She whispered in my ear "they like to be sucked." I must have sucked them for a good 20 minutes, gently pulling them into hardness. Meanwhile, her hands had found their way into my shorts, and she was feeling up and down my hardness.

All at once, she said stop. She removed the tank top, and crouched between my knees. She stuck my cock all the way down her throat, got it really wet, and pressed it between her tits. The wet skin felt so good, and she would lick it and suck the tip as it slid up and down. When she flicked the skin under the tip with her tongue, I couldn't hold back, and shot all over her tits. It was incredible. She licked the warm fluid off herself, and then pulled me toward the bedroom.

Her pussy was so tight. We continued to fuck for a good hour, sweating and covered in each other. It was amazing. She could have multiple orgasms, and guided me to please her with my mouth, tongue and coc Around , she told I had better go. Reluctantly, I did. The next night, we found a darkly lit parking lot, and did it all over again in my car.

Nan and I stayed together, off and on, for . It was mainly about the sex. Personality wise, we found we weren't really compatible. But we were both insatiable, and that was good enough.

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