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First story  

23West469 51M  
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3/17/2021 7:07 am
First story

1st story
We enter the room, it’s nice, well furnished, warm and comfortable. We come together in a hug and start with some kissing, lightly at first then progressing into long deep kisses, our tongues exploring each other’s mouth. We can feel the heat rising between each other as the kissing intensifies. I slowly begin to remove your clothing until only your panties remain. I reach down to feel your wet pussy pushing your panties into you as far as I can, soaking them with your hot wet juices. I then remove your panties and put them in your mouth, making you suck on them, especially the wettest parts. While you’re sucking on your pussy soaked panties, I fasten a steel<b> collar </font></b>around your neck. There is chain attached to the<b> collar </font></b>that has a large stainless steel hook on the other end. The hook has a large ball on the end.
 I remove your panties from your mouth and we share long deep kisses so that I can taste your pussy as well. I place the large ball of the hook in your mouth, you give it an expert sucking, like you’re sucking on my cock. Your pussy continues to get hot and wet! I take the ball of the hook from your mouth and place it in your hot wet pussy, making it nice and wet, I taste your pussy from the ball, so good! I then place the ball of the hook on to your waiting asshole and begin working it into you. The ball is slippery from your pussy juice, it doesn’t take long until the hook is fully inside of your hot asshole. I connect the chain on the hook to the steel<b> collar </font></b>around your neck adjusting it until it is taught. Any movement you make, you will feel it in your ass.
 I then take out some chains that have clamps on them. I attach 1 clamp to each of your nipples, 1 clamp to your clit (after I give it a quick licking as it is already soaked with anticipation.) and I attach a clip to each of your pussy lips as well. I tighten all of the clamps just enough to make your squirm with a little pain, but not enough to hurt you. I then attach another set of clamps to your pussy lips that have small weights on them, again putting them on tight, but not too tight.
 Next I handcuff your wrists behind your back. While I am putting these bondage devices on you, I am reaching down to your soaking wet pussy with my fingers, I lick the tasty hot juices from my fingers, then I get some more juice on them and put them in your mouth for you to taste as well. This goes on repeatedly. I take your panties and push them as far as I can inside your pussy, once again soaking them with the sweet nectar of your pussy juices, again I place your pussy soaked panties in your mouth so you can enjoy the taste. I watch to look in your eyes, wondering what is next.
 I gently tug on the chains that are clamped to your nipples, clit and pussy lips. Your pussy is soaking wet, dripping down your legs. It’s so hot to see you this way, your eyes have that real “wanting” look in them. You don’t move a lot because of the hook in your asshole, but you moan and squirm in delight.
 I lead you around the room gently pulling on the chains. As you walk around, naked and in in my bondage, I’ll spank your ass and your pussy with a riding crop or my hand, depending on your reaction. This goes on throughout our session. I turn to face you and give you long deep kisses, pinching your clamped nipples, and gently tugging on the weights hanging from your pussy. As your pussy continues to drip wetness, I lean you against the wall, I get on my knees in front of you and cleanup all of the sweet nectar with my tongue, pausing for a long time on your pussy, giving it a thorough eating bringing you to orgasm. I share all of this goodness with you in long, slow and deep kisses.
 There’s a coffee table in the room, I lay you down on your back on it. I tie your handcuffed wrists to one end of the table and I tie your ankles to the other end of the table. What a magnificent sight, your naked and bound body waiting there for me. I take the panties from your mouth and soak them again in your wet pussy. Freshly soaked, I place them back in your mouth. I get on my knees in front of you and slowly begin to tease your pussy with my tongue, pushing the weights around, you can feel them tug on your lower lips. I remove the clamp that is on your clit so that I can concentrate on it with my tongue. As I am tasting your sweet pussy, I place 1 finger inside of you, then 2 and then 3. You are so hot and wet. I taste the nectar from my fingers and then I share with you, momentarily removing your panties from your mouth. The hook is still in your ass, the sensations are driving you crazy.
 My fingers are soaked with your wetness, your pussy is aching to be fucked. I continue to lick your pussy, slow, then fast, hard and then softly until you have a huge orgasm, making a wet mess everywhere! The weights are driving you crazy as well. I release you from the table so that I can remove the hook from your ass, we both share its tastiness. I lay you back on the coffee table, this time on your front side. Again, I tie your handcuffed wrist to the front of the table, and this time I tie your knees to the other end, your waiting and aching ass is proudly on display for me to use as I please. The clamps are still on your pussy lips, I reattach the clamp to your clit. I get on my knees behind your ass and begin to lick your asshole giving you a thorough rimming. The large ball on the hook has loosened you up, so I am able to stick my tongue into you even further. I play with your clit and put my fingers in your pussy as I continue to rim you. Randomly, I will stop licking your ass, come to the front of the table, remove the panties from your mouth and kiss you long and deep, sharing the tastiness of your asshole with you. I place the panties back in your mouth.
 Still tied to the table on your front side, I place my rock hard and waiting cock inside your aching and wanting pussy. So amazing, so warm and so damn hot! I stroke in and out, slowly and softly until you orgasm again cumming all over. I slide out of you and take the panties from your mouth and soak up the fresh juices from your pussy, I place them back in your mouth.
 I move behind you again, my cock still rock hard. I place it on your still waiting asshole and slowly push it inside of you. You moan and squirm with delight. I slowly move in and out of your asshole until I am fully inside of your deep, hot ass! You are screaming in delight and bucking against me as hard as you can trying to go harder and faster. My strokes continue to piston in and out of you until I can’t wait any longer. I grab your hips with my hands, holding on tight, I shoot my load deep inside of you, rocking the both of us, you are quivering in delight. 
 After a moment as our bodies to recover, I pull myself out of your soaking wet and hot ass, your pussy is soaking wet. I release you from the table and remove the bondage gear. We share some long deep kisses, I reach to your soaked pussy with my fingers, and we share the sweet tastes of your pussy from them. We move to the bedroom and lay down to relax for a bit.
 After chilling out awhile, we head to the bathroom and get cleaned up together, and the fun starts all over again in the bathroom, that’s the next chapter.

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