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Advice on ending a relationship  

29_special 66M
92 posts
8/5/2016 12:00 am
Advice on ending a relationship

Folks, this one lady friend of mine does really excite me anymore. The is a pillow queen.. no passion or reaction. She is at the point now where she just wants to undress (quickly) and have sex.

We talked a lot about this situation. I asked her point blank if I am not doing enough, or if the ambiance is not to her liking, or if I am not a good kisser, or don't penetrate her deep enough, or... you get the idea..

Well, I decided tonight that I better move on and focus on more passionate and enjoyable relationships.

My ask is; how should I tell her without hurting her in any way shape or form?
Tell her the truth 100% as I see it
Tell her I have a medical reason (AKA, lie to her)
Tell her something that will make her hate me, make her want to leave
Something else (please comment)

abbaqe 62M/56F
13 posts
9/11/2016 11:50 pm

Sounds like it hurts, always good to get closure. Whatever you do, avoid making her hate you. Never good to burn bridges. With truth, some new light may be shed. She's got her side too, and you may learn something. Don't get frustrated, good luck.

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