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Overtime bonus  

2Minions 61M/58F  
10 posts
10/3/2021 11:25 am
Overtime bonus

The names have been changed to protect the kinky.

My name is Jack and I'm 26 yrs old and an accountant for a private company. The owner is a woman named Janine who's probably in her mid thirties. It's her father's business but he's basically retired so she's been running it exclusively for the past three years. She not exactly a bitch but is a control freak and very demanding. I know she's never been married and I think it's probably because she doesn't seem to like men very much from the times I've seen her dealing with them. Being the accountant I'm privy to the books and this company is pretty much on the up and up except for a few liberties on a personal nature that she writes off for her own personal benefit. One day I was working late and decided to go home. Five minutes down the road I realized I left something that I needed to finish a report so I turned around and saw Janine and the young intern Brook leaving the office. I retrieved my notes and when I past the hotel down the block I noticed a car that looked like the bosses and the VW bug that belonged to Brook in the parking spaces. This hotel was one the business used to host various or reps that did business with our company. I wonder.... I pulled into a restaurant across the street and got a window booth. Sure enough half way through dinner I witness Brook coming out of the room a bit dishevel and she got into the car and drove off in a hurry. Ten minutes later the boss emerged and did the same. Brook was working as an intern from a local college program. Could this be a lesbian interlude with one of her employees? I had to be sure and I kept my eyes and ears open from that point on. The next week I overheard Janine telling her secretary that she would be taking a two hour lunch and she left with Brook following her. I took off down the stairs and straight to the diner I went. I parked at the restaurant and waited and sure enough they showed up.I waited for about 5 minutes and then made my way across the street. I walked past the door and tried to hear something. I looked around and the coast was clear and I pressed my ear to the door. I heard the sounds of sex. Janine was screaming something and they were definitely having a lunch time tryst. I returned to the restaurant and had lunch. They both came out together and I took pics with my phone. Part of Brook's shirt tail was hanging out and Janine had her tuck it back in and I got it all on my cell. This was perfect and they drove off together. Now the only question was if Brook was a willing party or if the boss was taking advantage. Either way it wasn't putting Janine in a very good light but it would be even worse if she was using her position as Brook's boss to force her to have sex. My mind began to run wild with ideas, mainly job security. The next week on Tuesday, it seemed that was their regular 'date' night. I walk into the Janine's office at the day's end. I had already told Brook that Janine had told me to let her know she could leave early as I was going to be working late with the boss. I entered the her office and told Janine that I needed to discuss some matters with her. She told me to make it quick. I proceeded to tell her about some irregularity I was finding in the books. I don't know if she was bluffing but she brushed them off and asked me if I was going to become a whistle blower. That's when I laid my cell phone in front of her and she scanned through some of the pics. Her attitude changed immediately and asked me what I wanted. I told her that I thought I was under appreciated at work and that I needed some special consideration. She mentioned something about a raise that was long over due and then stated matter of factually that she was sure that I wanted her to have sex with me. Unfucking believable! I hadn't even thought about that! I was only thinking about my position at work. I took a long look at her. She was only about 8 or 9 yrs older than me but she was definitely in good shape and fairly good looking with a nice full pair of big titties. Yeah I could go for fucking this lesbian bitch. I started grinning and stated, "Of course that's part of the deal."

I told her I had let Brook go home earlier and she grabbed her big purse and we went in her car. Once we were inside the hotel room she stated something like, "Let's get this over with."

She begrudgingly began to take her clothes off. She kept talking the entire time, "You are not going to enjoy this as much as you think. I am not going to enjoy this at all.". Damn, could this bitch ever just shut up. She dropped her blouse and then bra on the floor. Her big breasts drooped slightly but were nice and firm for her age. She bent over to remove her heels but I told her to leave those on. She frowned and then unzipped the side of her skirt and stepped out of them. She had a satin thong type of red panties underneath and they soon lay on the floor with the rest of her clothes. She had a hourglass figure and her pussy was clean shaven. I'm sure she was prepped for an evening with Brook but tonight hard dick was added to the menu. My cock began to swell but I remained under control. She laid down on the bed and spread her legs apart facing directly at me. Having her leave the high heels on was a nice touch and with her legs were splayed wide open exposing her willing but not wanting pussy. Her bald Mons was bisected by her thin vaginal slit which show the entrance to her love tunnel. That wonderful man cave where all men yearn to hide their various sized bad boys. And this man cave was going to be stuffed full tonight. It was so fucking hot looking as she sat on the bed. If her personality wasn't so abrasive I could have actually been attracted to her. "Hurry up and fuck me." she said. What a controlling biotch? I wouldn't have been surprised to see a set of balls on her and if she did have a pair my hand was definitely around them. I took my time taking off my clothes when she told me, "Just stick your nasty cock in and try not to sweat all over me." Oh was she asking for it and she was going to be in for a big surprise once my pants came off. I was going the fuck the hell out of her. Obviously she preferred pussy but I could tell she was no virgin but I wondered how many guys she had ever been with and did they have my large equipment. My cock is about 9 inches long and really thick and when I pulled it out of my pants her jaw just dropped. "Don't have anything to say now," I quipped. I stroked it a few times and it kept growing and she finally spoke, "You're not going to fuck me with that!" I smirked and told her, "I'm definitely going to fuck you with this." I moved quickly between her legs and pulled her over to the edge of the bed. "Nooo, it will rip me apart." she yelled. Holding her thighs apart I lined the head of my cock up with her quivering slit and shoved. "Aaaggghhh! Please stop, it's too big." she pleaded. She was right, I was able to get it in very far, partly because her pussy was so tight and partly because her pussy wasn't wet enough. I pulled out and spit in my hand and rubbed it on the bulbous head of my dick and shoved again. "Aaagghhh, it won't fit. Please, please, I have some lube in my purse," she screamed. I opened her purse, it was more like as beach bag and it was full of stuff. Vibrators, restraints and sure enough right next to the double headed dong was a bottle of lube. I pulled the dong and restraints out and said, "You were going to used this on Brook, you fucking bitch?" "It's not like that, she loves it." she protested. Yeah right, I thought to myself. I laid them down and pulled out the lube. Even though the dildo was fairly big it wasn't nearly as thick as I was. She had probably planned on using it on Brook tonight. I had this picture in my mind of the dildo being shoved up Brook's pussy with the other end embedded up inside Janine. But tonight it was my cock that was going to be drilling her cunt. I was going to fuck this bitch so hard. I was about to pour out some lube when I got another idea and dropped down on the floor and began to eat her cunt out. "Don't eat me, just hurry up and fuck me." she exclaimed. I paid her no mind and held her ass down and continued munching. Her protest fell on deaf ears but soon her juices began to flow. Her pussy was so sweet and I guess her cunt didn't care which gender was eating it. When she got good and wet I dipped my tongue as deep as I could into her hole and the slick juices covered it. I then licked her sex upon her clit and coated it completely with her slimy lubricate. I began to concentrated my efforts there.. Her moans told me she was really enjoying it and was getting closer and closer to orgasm. "Oh, it's good, it's so good." she moaned. Now this was something I didn't mind hearing come out of her pie hole. "Don't stop, I'm so close," she groaned. Before it was stop and now it was don't stop, the lesbian bitch deserved everything I was going to do to her this night. I pulled my mouth off her cunt before she came and she screeched like a little girl, "Noooo!" She immediately shoved a couple of fingers into her cunt to finish herself off but I grabbed her wrist and pulled them away. I wasn't about to let her get off that easy. Her panting betrayed the fact that she was so near hitting her moment. I loved it. I grabbed her legs behind the back of her knees and pushed them back towards her tits. Her cunt was raised up off the edge of the bed and it was completely defenseless. I'm sure she saw the total fuck lust in my eyes. My cock was rock hard and I positioned it at the entrance to her dripping slit. I pressed forward and even as wet as she was it was still incredibly tight. She let out a groan that came from deep in her gut and it continued as my cock made it's journey an inch at a time deeper and deeper as she screamed, "Aaarrgghh!" I remembered her saying, 'You are not going to enjoy this as much as you think.' She was dead wrong, her tight little pussy was the most amazing feeling I had ever fucked before. I had almost 8 inches into her before I withdrew it almost completely out and shoved it back in. I kept a smooth pace as I savored every second. She soon stopped screaming and only grunted each time I drove it home. I couldn't take my eyes off my cock sliding in and out of my bosses' wet pussy. I began to pump her faster and faster and she began to moan. This hot little slut was back on the big "O" train. As she grew closer I asked, "Do you want me to stop fucking you with my nasty cock?" "Don't stop, please fuck me harder, I'm going to cum." she cried out. And harder I did, I was pounding the crap out of her tight little cunt by this time and she only wanted more. She had been so close before and it didn't take very long this time. "Fuck, fuck, fuuccckkkk!" she yelled and then I felt her pussy spasm as she came hard. Her orgasm lasted for a long time and near the end she was quietly whimpering. I had almost stopped as her quivering cunt massaged my big boy but now it was my turn. I started slamming her harder and harder until I got that old familiar feeling. My cock yearned for some sweet release. "Shiiittt!" I yelled. My cock exploded deep inside her womb and the spurting went on forever. It had been awhile for me and I poured an enormous load into her. "Hmmmm." she cooed as I pumped more and more white hot seed into the depths of her cunt. For the first time I didn't mind working overtime with my boss as I came longer than I ever had. My squirts started diminishing so I pumped her a few quick strokes and more semen raced to the soiree. When I finished I was completely spent and released her legs and I fell back to the floor. As I was catching my breathe I witnessed her legs dangling over the edge of the bed and her once pristine pussy was a slimy mess. Within seconds a small glob of white gism seeped out at the bottom of her slit. It oozed down over her tiny asshole and then the dam burst. It was if someone turned on the faucet and white male semen poured out of her lesbian cunt. It became a puddle at the very edge of the bed before it overflowed down the side of the sheets and on to the floor. And it just kept coming. I was quite proud of myself and the vast amount of gism I had been able to produce. I regain my sense of reality and remembered whose cunt it was I was staring at and got up and climbed on the bed next to Janine. She actually had a weak smile on her face but she was still a deserving bitch and I put my semi hard cum covered cock near her mouth and ordered, "Clean me up." Her facial expression change to one of bewilderment and protested, "You want me to put that nasty thing in my mouth?" I grabbed her by the hair on the top of her head and pulled her mouth closer and said, "That's exactly how I want you to clean my 'nasty' cock." I now shoved my dick into my bosses' mouth. "Suck it, suck me good!" I yelled. I let her work my cock at first and it soon got fully erect. She was doing a pretty good job for someone who usually ate only pussy. Watching her being forced to suck my cum covered cock was getting me turned on again and I started to face fuck her as my lust meter began to get filled. She could just barely get her mouth around my thick rod but there wasn't anything she could do but suck. I was enjoying this to no end but I wanted to fuck her some more. I pulled my dick out of her mouth and told her to get on all fours. Her bubble butt was round but firm and it was at my beckon call. As I spread her ass cheeks I could see her backside was a slimy mess. Her slit was swollen and puffy from the banging I had earlier administered. Her asshole was slick and covered with our cum that had poured out of her cunt. This scene was driving me wild and I slammed my cock balls deep into her slimy hole. She didn't yell this time as I think the force of my entry knocked the breathe out of her. Her cunt felt wonderful again and I started pounding her right away. She began to groan as I hammered her pussy. Her face was buried in the mattress but I could make out the groaning turn into moaning. I grabbed her by the hair again and pulled her off the bed. "Look at me." I ordered. When she did I told her to tell me how much she loved being fucked by a man. "I love your huge cock inside of me." she yelled. Her backside jiggled with each stroke and her asshole was winking at me each time I drove my cock home. I grabbed the dildo and asked her if it was what she used to fuck Brook. She grunted affirmatively. I shoved her back down on the mattress. This exposed her ass a bit more. I rubbed the life like head of the dildo up against her asshole and she popped back up. I shoved her back down and ordered her to stay there. I continued rubbing it against her ass and coated it with our sex. When it was well lubed I positioned in at the entrance to her tightest hole and shoved it into her butt. "Ooouuhh!" she actually squealed. I left the dong head which had large ridges embedded inside her ass as I hammered her cunt. It flopped around in unison to my pounding as held in place by her anal ring. This bitch now had a tail. She never protested after the initial insertion as both of her backside holes were now filled with 'cock'. I would have bet a week's pay that this slut had never been fucked in the ass before and I decided that I wanted to be the first. I pulled the dildo out of her and her asshole tighten up in no time. Her small orifice was back to normal but it kept winking at me. I didn't know if her water tight ass was going to be able to accommodate my huge dick but I just had to fuck it. My cock was going to be inside her ass soon and I knew once I finished with her it would never be that tight again. I withdrew my dick and positioned it against her pink button. She flinched and I told her that it was going in whether she wanted it or not and that it would be much easier on her if she spread her ass cheeks. "Please!" was her only response. I was in no mood for request and I yelled, "Spread them!" She reached back and pulled her cheeks apart. I placed one hand on top of her ass and held my cock with the other. I guided the head of my cock into her ass and pressed forward. For such a tiny orifice it enveloped the huge head off my cock lickity split. But as soon as the ridges of my cock's head popped through her sphincter clamped down. "Uuuggghh!" she cried out. I pressed forward some more but her tight ass wasn't giving in. "You're tearing me apart." she yelled. I picked up the lube and squeezed some down the crack of her ass and it ran down and coated the cock that was still outside of her hole. I shoved again. Her asshole yielded another inch and she continued to scream. I pulled back and poured more lube and shoved again. This time it slid forward a little easier. But by the sounds of her cries she wasn't noticing any improvement. When I got half of it in, I released my cock and grabbed her hips with both hands. Now two sets of hands were on her ass. Mine firmly holding her hips and Janine's spreading her cheeks to the maximum to ease the stretching that my huge rod was administering to her asshole. It was perfect and I started to pump her tight butt. She was now only whimpering like a little puppy and I picked up the pace. I was getting more and more of my cock deep into her ass. It felt so good and I knew I would soon be filling her with more hot cum. "You might feel better if you use the dildo on your cunt." I recommended. I saw her reach for it and she shoved it into her cunt. I chuckled as the dumb slut shove the end that was recently embedded in her ass into her cunt. She didn't care she was just looking for any kind of relief. I had never DPed a girl before but I could feel the dildo pumping in and out of her pussy and it got me even more excited. It wasn't long before the slut was moaning again. Damn, this bitch was<b> getting off </font></b>even with my huge cock shoved up her ass. Well, I wasn't waiting on her. I fucked her faster as my loins were beginning to burn for the second time tonight. "Are you ready for another load? Tell me you want it." I ordered. "Give it to me, cum in my ass." she responded. I was almost pounding her ass as hard as I had her cunt right to the very end. I slammed my dick one final time deep into her ass. My cock exploded again and hot cum shot deep into her butt. "Take it, slut!" I yelled as I pumped another massive load into her. "I can feel it, I can feel it!" she screamed and I felt the dildo's pace increase and then the little bitch came also. "Fuuucccckkk!" she screamed out. Her asshole twitched as she came and milked more and more semen into her bowels. I collapsed on top of her as the last few squirts of cum dribble out and I was finally done. Only when my cock soften did I withdraw. I rolled off her and sat up to see the damage I had done. Her asshole actually tightening up but not as fast or as completely as the first time. Janine turned her toward me and had the face of someone quite content. I asked her if she enjoyed it and she nodded affirmatively. I told her to put me on her weekly schedule each and every week from now on. Very meekly she asked, "Anything else?" I replied, "Yeah, get me a hotel key too."

Back in the car I told Janine that I wanted her to arrange it so the three of us to get together. "No way, Brook is all mine." she protested. The look in my eyes told her who was holding all the cards here and I explained that we could use the ruse that she was using her position over me the same way she was with Brook. "I'll even let you be entirely in control for the session." I said. "Think of it, you could make me fuck her with my nasty dick." She was intrigued and I knew she loved being the one in control. She acquiesced and said we could do it next week. This was going to be epic.

The night arrived and I left early and showered at the hotel and waited for them to arrive. I was in a robe sitting on the bed when the door handle turned. Brook was shocked to see me but didn't say anything. Janine broke the silence, "Good, you showered like I told you. Now Brook get your clothes off." As she undressed, Janine told me that I needed to stay were I was until she needed me. Brook was your prototypical Barbie doll. Very petite, blonde, and cute, her breasts weren't as big as Janine's but were a nice handful never the less. She had the body of an adolescent becoming a woman. Her pussy was smooth with a small strip of blonde pubes above her clit. Janine took off her clothes too and underneath her skirt was some crotchless black pantyhose which she left on along with her heels. She pulled out some restraints and place Brook's hands behind her back. Now Brook was completely at her bidding. Janine set down beside me on the side of the bed and told Brook to get on her knees in front of her. Janine looked at me and said, "Watch how I like to have my pussy eaten." She spread her legs and just said, "Eat me." Brook leaned forward and licked all around her slit. This restrained cutie then started lapping her mistress's pussy. It was definitely one of the hottest things I had ever witnessed. Janine started moaning and placed her hands on the bed and leaned back. She tilted her face toward the ceiling and groaned, "Good... girl." Brook was eating her out with gusto and was moaning herself. Damn, maybe she was into it like Janine said. My cock was growing larger the whole time. Janine was getting close to cumming when she told Brook to slow down. "Stick your tongue inside my pussy, I don't want to cum just yet." she ordered. She looked straight at me when she said that. The bitch knew how excited I was and she was going to make me wait. She sure knew her stuff. I watched Brook shove her tongue deep inside Janine and the moaning continued from both of them. After a few minutes Janine reached down and pulled Brook up to her clit. "Yeah, suck my clit." she commanded. Her breathing was becoming short and raspy and she was going to cum any moment. She pulled Brook's face hard against her cunt and started to scream as she hit the big "O". "Drink it, drink it all!" When she finished she fell back on the bed. As she was recovering Brook looked at me and she was all smiles. Brook was definitely into this. There was a big wet spot between Janine's thighs and around Brook's mouth was lots of sex slime. She licked her lips when Janine spoke, "Kiss him and let him taste my sweet sex." Brook got up and came to me and stuck her tongue down my throat. It was intoxicating as I smelled and tasted the hot juices from Janine's pussy. Janine asked me if I enjoyed watching them and I nodded yes. She told Brook to blow me while she recovered, "Suck his nasty cock." I undid my robe as Brook's hands were still tied. She let out a gasp when she finally saw my rod and after she got over the initial shock she went straight down on me. Bless her heart she could barely get her mouth around my thick shaft. She tried over and over to take more of it into her mouth but she just couldn't. And even though she was only able to get her mouth around the top 3 inches it was a great blow job. Maybe it was just the excitement of this Barbie like pixie trying so hard to handle my monster man snake but I was turned on that I was still going to cum. I stood up and held her face and began to stroke it into her mouth. I pumped faster and I was so close when Janine interrupted and told me that was enough. She pulled Brook away and I was so pissed and my balls were practically turning blue. Janine was doing the same thing I had done to her the first time. She was getting even and the smirk on her face told me she was so enjoying it. But I had to play along, I knew I would be cumming before night's end. "Do you want to eat her cunt?" Janine asked. Did I! She had Brook get on the bed face down and told me I could eat her from behind. Brook's ass was up in the air and her hands were bound behind her back and I jumped behind her. Her butt was lean and taunt like that of a young college girl. I stuck my tongue into the middle of her slit and she was already soaked. I extended it as deep as I could and my nose pressed tight against her asshole. There was no smell except for the aroma of pussy that filled my nostrils. I ate her like it was a condemn man's last meal. There is nothing in the world like the taste of young pussy, nothing. I drank from her vaginal fountain. Again Janine interrupted, "Lick her ass too." I had never done that before but I was game for anything at this point. I lick her ass some and felt her cheeks tense up but she never protested. I was getting more and more turned on. I then went back to her pussy before heading north again. I alternated between her pussy and ass and Brook began to moan even louder. Later when I was licking her ass Janine told me to stick my tongue into her asshole. I barely put the tip of my tongue in and Brook pushed her ass back against me. I think she wanted more. I tried to get my tongue deep in her ass the 2nd time. I did, but it was such a perverse act and I loved it. As I shoved my tongue inside her ass Janine whispered to me, "That's the only thing you're going to put in her ass tonight." Janine was truly a bitch. She knew how much I would have loved to stick my dick up Brook's ass. Brook's pussy was now flowing like Niagara Falls by this time and she was wailing as her climax was near. Janine yelled, "Stop!" She pushed me aside and drove her mouth between Brook's thighs and finished her off. Brook's entire body jerked uncontrollably as she came. I was beginning to wonder if I was going to be able to finish anything this evening. When Janine finally moved away, Brook lay flat on the bed and I untied her at this point. She rolled over and our eyes met. She pulled me towards her and kissed me deeply. "Oh how sweet, now get over here and eat me." Janine yelled. That was it, I had enough of this controlling bitch. I took the restraints and went over to Janine. She asked me what I was doing and I didn't pay her any mind. I held her face down and put the restraints around her wrist. "Stop!!! You'll regret this." she cried. I went back to Brook and took her in my arms. She had a sly smile on her face as she knew Janine was getting some of her own. I kissed her softly and then mounted her missionary. I pressed my dick forward with loving tenderness. She bit her lower lip as I entered her. Her pussy was proportional to her overall size and it was definitely a tiny one. I applied some more pressure and it slowly but surely inched forward. She never once made any sound as she received the biggest cock in her young life. She was deliciously tight. I stopped when I got a little more than half of my dick in her and very slowly began to pump her pussy. I asked her if she was OK. "Uh,huh."she cooed. I held myself up with my two arms and picked up the pace and she began to moan. I didn't shove anymore into her I just pumped her faster. As bad as I wanted to cum, this was not about me. I wanted it to be the best fucking Brook had ever had so that she would want to do it again and again. I wasn't fucking this slender beauty as much as I was making love to her. "Deeper, I want you to fuck me deeper." she cried. I shoved more and more of my thick cock into her tight hole and she loved it. While I was mesmerized by this vixen, I still notice Janine squirming her ass right next to us. She was grinding her cunt against the sheets in an effort to receive some type of satisfaction as she watched us. Brook was almost able to handle all 9 inches and when I felt her legs lock around my backside I knew that she was going to cum. I fucked her faster and she began to wail. "Aaaaahhhhh!" she screamed as her pussy spasmed in unison with her entire body. I kept my cock fully embedded inside her as she came and rocked back and forth gently. It felt like my cock was inside a freshly baked juicy sweet cherry pie and I watched her thrash around in the throes of true passion. I felt her legs unlock and she fell back on the mattress and lay still with only her perky breasts rising up and down. After a bit she pulled my face down to her and kissed me again. "I want you to cum inside me." she whispered. Finally! I began to fuck her immediately and very soon my loins were burning. I could feel my cum boiling down in the depths before they erupted out the top of my volcano into the valley below. I couldn't help but grunt out loud as my sperm jetted so violently that it almost hurt. "I can feel it, your cock..your cock feels alive inside me." Brook stated. I could only imagine because from my end my dick was pulsating something fierce as wave after wave of man seed filled her exquisite pussy. I don't know how many times I squirted 9, 10, a dozen times but when I was done I was completely exhausted and fell on top of her. We laid in each others arms for minutes before our post coital bliss was interrupted by the wicked witch of the west. "I want to cum again. I was going to let fuck the both of us." Janine announced. I pulled my semi hard cock out of Brook. Her vaginal lips are coated with over flowing semen. I pulled Janine over to Brook. I told her she was going to have to earn it and she had to get Brook off. "But her pussy is full of your cum." she complained. I shoved her face down in front of Brook's spread thighs and explained, "Exactly now eat her out." She hesitated and I pushed her face against Brook's pussy and held her there. She started munching and soon Brook started moaning. "That's right, eat her out after she's had my nasty cock cum in her." I chided. Her mouth looked like it was permanently attached to Brook's cunt and debasing the controlling bitch was starting to turn me on. My cock began to rise again and I urged Janine on, "Eat her, make her cum." I was ready to fuck some more. I got behind her and lifted her ass off the bed. I rubbed my cock up and down her slit before plunging it deep inside her cunt. Janine let loose a muffled shriek as her mouth was covered by Brook's pussy. "You wanted some of my nasty cock, didn't you?" I yelled. I pounded her her from the very start and I was shoving her face against Brook's cunt. This was incredible as I had never been part of a train like this before. Mouth up against pussy, my dick inside the pussy of the one eating pussy, if I couldn't cum again being the conductor in this scenario my cock must have been dead. But it wasn't and I was getting closer with every stroke. Once again I could see her asshole which was partial covered by the pantyhose. I reached down and ripped her pantyhose until her ass was fully exposed. "I so love fucking ass," I announced. Janine turn her head around as best as she could. Her chin was smeared with semen and she begged, "Please, please don't fuck me in the ass." Brook reached down and pulled her mouth back to her pussy, "Just make me cum and he won't ass fuck you." Then in between her moans Brook said, "Jack, I'll let you fuck me in my butt." I couldn't have been happier if I had just won the lottery, this hot little beauty wanted me to fuck her ass. I slowed down my pace as I didn't want to waste a load inside Janine. Brook was humping Janine's mouth by this time and she shrieks and cums once again. I shut it down as my cock was close and Janine began protesting. Brook crawl over to her and releases her from the restraints and flips her on her back. She began to lick Janine's cunt and I knew she was going to make her cum. She started wiggling her ass in the air and then told me to get some lube out of the bag purse. As I retrieved it I wondered how much tighter her ass was going to be. She only could just barely handle my cock in her cunt. But she was game and so was I. Whatever semen Janine had missed now streamed out and down her inner thighs. I thought about fucking her sweet pussy some more but I wanted to sample this vixen's ass. I slid a single lube covered finger inside her and it went in fairly easily and then I poured about half the bottle over my rigid rod. I was ever so gentle as I pushed my bulbous head against her minuscule asshole. It slipped in surprisingly easily. She only let out a small groan. I pushed some more and she groan a little bit but never stopped eating Janine. My cock continued it's assault and when I had nearly half of it in her, Janine started cumming. "Yeeeeessss!" she screamed. Girls definitely know how to service other girls. When Janine was done Brook put her face down on the bed between Janine's thighs and I asked her if she was all right. "Uh,huh, go ahead and fuck me." she said. I began to stroke my cock into her ass and she groaned quietly, none of the screaming like Janine had in our previous ass encounter. Janine was setting against the headboard. Her pussy was a slimy mess and her face was covered with semen. The woman who I had thought was the best sexual encounter ever now looked like a common compared to the lovey Brook whose behind was pressed up against my groin. I don't know if Brook was allowing me to ass fuck her because she was thanking me for fucking her so well earlier or that she wanted me to know that she could handle my cock in all of her orifices. But her ass was super tight and I loved this girl for letting me fuck her ass. Except for the occasional groan she never complain and I was shoving almost all of my 9 inches into her butt. She must have sensed I was close as I pounded her even harder. "Cum in my ass, give it all to me." she begged as she pushed her ass back at me. This girl was amazing and her ass was clinging around my shaft like a baby wrapped up in a blanket. It was so tight that I couldn't last any longer. "Here it comes," I announced to everyone in the room. My cock started spurting once again. I could feel her tightening her sphincter around my shaft as I was cumming. It only heighten the enjoyment I felt, this girl was a real trooper. I pour nearly as much as I had the first time and filled her butt with white hot gism. When I finished my balls were aching but I had never felt so good after sex as I was feeling now. Her legs gave out and she dropped to the mattress as the entire 9 inches slipped out of her anus. I just stood there with my cock sticking straight out and eventually one last glob of cum eased out of my satisfied dick's head. I squeezed my shaft and a final strand of cum oozed out and dropped down and landed on the bottom of her taunt cheeks. Now my balls were completely empty for the day. I laid down on the bed next to her and we all took a short nap. This was just the beginning of some one on ones with Brook in the months to come. You see we're dating now but we still have weekly threesomes with Janine. I have even gotten Janine to blow me in the middle of her office while I'm sitting in her chair. The boss now works overtime for the both of us.

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