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Welcome to my blog!
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All I want is BBC
Posted:Oct 4, 2021 10:02 am
Last Updated:Mar 20, 2023 11:35 am
The names have been changed to protect the kinky

Like pretty much anyone else, Kate and I have watched our share of Porn. We were having a drink and watching some pretty intense interracial fucking one night, I could tell Kate was really getting worked up just watching the huge black cocks disappear into those hot, wet, pink, white pussies. Just for fun I asked my beautiful wife “would you ever do that” without any hesitation she replied “SURE” …… I couldn’t even think of anything to say, what did Kate just say – SURE I would fuck one of those monster black cocks!!! I tried to always pick a variety of Porn Videos when we were watching, but Kate always seems to get extra excited when I found a Black/White Gangbang. Sometimes she just said “find some Gangbang videos” I always did and I had my interests in them also. She would talk about how she wanted to try that but didn’t think she could keep up with everything happening at the time. I told her to watch how the white women reacted to a gangbang – after a couple of Black Cocks, they just laid back and enjoyed the huge dicks destroying their tight little White Pussy.

Most men will never admit to even thinking about what I had in mind, I really wonder who would admit they have had Fantasies about their beautiful White wife getting Totally Fucked & used like a common street by four or five Black Studs with really Big Cocks…. If you have never seen the amount of Cum that a Black Cock can put in a once Tight Pretty Pink White Pussy – you need to experience that at least once. Just thinking about seeing Kate’s little Pussy flooded with another man or men’s Cum until it is running down her legs and that Pussy is stretched to take any man’s cock, had me so excited that I couldn’t think about anything else but watching her get Black Cock Gangbanged.

That was all it took for me to get the ball (or balls) rolling. Now we had played in the Lifestyle for a while, but never really got brave and acted out some of our deepest desires. Just a little background about Kate – Kate is 50+ and the Ass of a 25 or 30 year old, a set of 38DD Natural Tits that I have had young men in the Lifestyle tell me are better than any of the 30 year olds they have played with & she can cum in intense waves until she almost passes out – Oh Yeah ….. she can Squirt (or rather Gushes) all night long. We started talking to some LS friends hat we knew had played in the interracial circles, so I checked out a few Black Men that had pleasured their wives.

When I told Kate what I was doing, she said she wanted to think about it before I set anything up – now that was ok with me – after all it was her little White Pussy that we were setting up for a Big Black Cock. I made contact with a couple of really nice Black Gentlemen on SLS and let her choose which Black Cock she wanted to have sex with. She chose Robert, he was a few years younger and single, very good looking and wanted to meet for drinks to see if everyone was onboard with a little Hot Sex. I knew that any man would be on board the minute he laid eyes on Kate, so I went ahead and put a plan in motion. We all agreed to meet two weeks later – Kate was excited beyond words, she said one of her Bucket List items was to have sex with a Well Endowed Black Man !!!

Saturday night was our usual Porn watching night, so in advance I checked out some really awesome Black on White videos. We were talking about the future meet and what Kate would like to see happen when it came to work on her Bucket List. After a drink or two, I moved on to threesomes (two Black Studs & a little white pussy. I could tell by her intense facial expressions that she was enjoying the threesome sex, so I said “what would you think to multiple Black Studs doing that to you?) She looked me straight in the eyes and said “if you want me to and will let me, Hell Yeah” That’s all I needed to know!

I called Robert and asked to meet him after work next week and see what we could make happen. We met and I laid it out for his input and to see if he could put it together……I am thinking WOW, my beautiful little White wife in the middle of a Black Cock Gangbang!!! Robert asked if it was some kind of joke or what, I told him it was something that we both wanted to do and I would leave the details and Black Studs up to him – after all – we were furnishing the White Pussy for their pleasure. He said consider it a done deal and leave the rest up to him. He asked if there was anything special & what was ok and what was off limits. I told him nothing anal & Kate didn’t want any facials. She has always been a “Bareback” only and she loves to feel the powerful explosion of a load of Hot Cum filling her little Pink Pussy and running out when the man withdraws his Cock – damn, I was getting worked up just visualizing Kate getting fucked by multiple Black Cocks.

Two weeks had gone by and it was Saturday night, this night could change my wife forever and we both could hardly wait until time to meet Robert. Kate had spent over an hour in the shower & bathroom getting ready for her escapade with Robert. Damn, she was looking so Damn Hot – she always kept her perfect little Pink Pussy trimmed wth a little heart shaped patch of hair and legs shaved so smooth…… but when I looked where her little patch always was – it was gone, she had shaved that pussy clean!!! As she slid into her favorite “Little Black Dress” with lacey black hose & garter belt, she knew I was watching every move. Kate gave me that devilish smile and winked, so I had to ask, “where are your panties” she grinned again and said “in the dresser drawer, where they are going to stay tonight”!!! I had tried many times to get her to go out “Commando” but she always said it felt a little dirty and she wouldn’t go without panties, I guess tonight she is having some “Dirty Thoughts” herself. Little did she know her life was about to change, I have always heard “Once you go Black…You will never go Back” !!!

We met Robert at a well established Restaurant/Bar in a town about an hours drive from home, our little town only has a couple of sit down places to meet & we all agreed to meet not so close to home (and little did Kate know) there were others involved that would have had to drive to our location. We got there a few minutes early and got a booth sort of out of the main area, we were on opposite sides of the table, Robert came in within a few minutes. I got up and shook his hand and sat back down in my spot, I nodded and told him to go ahead and sit next to Kate. She was ok with that, we ordered a round of drinks and appetizers, made small talk then had another round – I knew if tonight was going to play out as planned – Kate would need a couple of stiff drinks to calm her inhibitions. I had visited a few days earlier with Robert, just to make sure everything was coming into fruition for my lovely wife and her Sweet Little Pink Pussy !!! I excused myself for a bathroom break, giving them some time to chat without me in front of them.

Robert had got the text message I sent as we left the house, he now knew Kate wasn’t wearing any panties – I watched as his hand left the table and placed it on Kate’s leg – slowly he moved it up toward that place that no Black Man had ever touched. I knew when he found her pantyless pink pussy, by the look on her face, I knew by now he had found the soaking wet white pussy and was probably fingering my wife right in front of me. Now Kate is extremely multi-orgasmic and can cum with the slightest touch of her love hole, she now had a look of pending satisfaction on her face & her nipples were standing straight out even encased in her black lace bra. I asked “Babe you having a good time” all she could do was nod and show that evil little smile she had when she was about to get some SEX!! After 10 or 15 minutes, I figured if I didn’t get her up and out the door, she would have the seat so wet she wouldn’t be able to get up and walk straight. I told Robert that I had booked a suite at the local Luxury Hotel and gave him the extra key card, Kate said she needed a few minutes to freshen up before he got there so he said he would wait 15 minutes before he left for the hotel.

When we got in the car, her first words were “Do you know what Robert was doing under the table?” No, I said – but whatever it was it looked like you were enjoying it very much. “He was fingering my pussy” was her reply. Well babe – I think before the night is over he will be doing much more than that. As soon as we got to the room Kate started getting ready for her first Interracial Fucking, she had bought some special outfits and settled on a Black totally see through body hugging dress. She had barely gotten ready when Robert tapped on the door and let himself in, he just stood there a few minutes before all he could mutter was DDAAMMNNN!!! Kate looked awesome and I could see in her eyes, this would be a night to remember…. If she only knew what was to come later!! Her fresh shaved pussy was completely visible and those gorgeous pussy lips were already swollen and wet – her nipples were straight out with the anticipation of somebody new sucking them.

The suite was really perfect for the night I had planned for Kate, two beds & a large couch, plus a couple of large chairs. I could just visualize Kate getting Fucked on every piece of furniture in the room. She & Robert sat down on the bed and started kissing, he reached down and started fondling her pink Pussy Lips, she was moaning and already wet with desire for this Black man’s cock inside her tight cunt. He was sucking on her erect nipples and gently rubbing her clit until her hips were bucking up to meet his fingers. This was better that I could have even imagined……watching a Black Man have his way with my beautiful wife was the most exciting thing I have ever been part of and there was much more to CUM !!!

What happened next just completely blew me away! Kate broke away from Robert’s kiss, I think his tongue was touching her belly button…. From the inside. Kate has never been one to like her titties pinched or squeezed and once in a while a slight pop on her perfect ass was about as far as she would let anyone go. Robert was pinching her erect nipples & as she unzipped his pants, revealing a Black Cock about 8 inches long and pretty thick – he spanked her ass check and she let out a deep moan - immediately she took the head of his cock in her mouth and went all the way to his balls, in one swift motion she had Deep Throated this strangers cock!! He started spanking her ass and she was going wild as he pinched and squeezed her nipples, Robert looked me in the eye and said “I am going to FUCK your White Wife like a Crack Cocaine ” Kate never let up sucking his Cock as he Spanked & Pinched places that she had never allowed touched before tonight. I could tell Robert was close to letting his Cum shoot down my wife’s throat & Kate was going to take it all, suddenly he pulled her head up and told her it was going to be a long night and he wasn’t ready for her to receive his first load. First load ?? I thought, how many times can this guy Cum??

He pulled back and told Kate to slow down and relax, there was much more to come before the night was over. Robert turned to me and asked “Does Kate love surprises” before I could answer Kate exclaimed “If you are part of it, Hell Yeah – I love surprises bring it on big boy” He grinned, said “yes ma’am – you are definitely going to meet Big Boy tonight and said that he wanted to Blindfold her for the beginning of his next move, we played with blindfolding before and it was always a special turn-on for Kate. He told her to lay back on the bed and he was going to put the blindfold on and this would be a night that she would never forget. Kate looked at me asking if I was ok with whatever was fixing to happen, I nodded ok and she obediently laid back as Robert got her ready. He took her stockings an told her he was going to tie her to the headboard for just a short time, but promised he would remove the restraints as soon as everything got going.

Seeing a Black Man tie my wife to the bed (and her very willing) and me knowing what was in store for that Sweet Little White Pussy, I was so damn excited I almost came in my pants. You have no idea what that can do to your mind until you actually see it happening in the flesh. Quietly Robert picked up his phone and sent a message – he had gave his friends the room card (one was with him in the hall when he used it to come in) and they were in the lobby waiting for his text to come on up. Robert immediately went to my spread eagle bound wife and started kissing and pinching her titties again, she was so involved in his foreplay, she never heard the door open. Robert gave them a sign to be quiet and get undressed, in no time there were three very large Black Cocks standing around the bed waiting for their turn at my White Wife. He motioned to one to get closer and as he pulled back the new guy took his place with Kate, just as Robert had been doing he started passionately open mouth kissing and pinching Kate’s titties, she was getting hotter by the minute. He moved around to the headboard and placed his Large Cock on Kate’s chin, instinctively her mouth opened and he started a slow rhythm of Fucking her mouth. With each stroke of his Black Cock in her mouth her hips slowly started to hump up just as if it was in her soaking wet pussy. Now all of the Black Studs were standing next to the bed watching my lovely White Wife suck the enormous Cock of a perfect stranger.

Robert then motioned for another to take the first Studs place and as the first pulled back, the next moved right into place, I didn’t even notice that one of the Black Studs had moved over to the other side of Kate and was pinching and sucking her titties while she sucked on the second Studs cock, the Black Studs were playing Tag Team with my Blindfolded & tied up White Wife. The only one left that hadn’t touched Kate yet took a nod and motion from Robert pointing to that Sweet Shaved Wet White Pussy, immediately he got between her legs and started running his tongue up and down the soaking wet lips of my wife’s Ready to be Fucked Pussy. Suddenly Kate stopped moving completely as the Black Cock was taken out of her well fucked mouth, she said “Wait a minute – something is happening and I want to see what it is” With that Robert removed the blindfold revealing 4 Black Studs all holding and stroking their massive Black Cocks. Kate looked at me as if to say “are you part of this – are you letting 4 Black Cocks FUCK your White Wife?” All I could do was say “yes babe, we have talked about a Black Cock Gangbang and you know deep down you wanted to try” this is your chance and you have already sucked every one of these Cocks except the one eating your dripping pussy. Robert removed the restraints and Kate immediately raised up and said “Which one didn’t get a Blow Job” with that the last guy stood up and Kate grabbed his Cock and started sucking just like a Porn Star!

By now there were 4 pairs of Black hands feeling, pinching, spanking and fingering my White Wife – if you are reading this and say you couldn’t let your wife do something like that….. you are Crazy, that is the most Erotic Sexual thing I have ever witnessed. I couldn’t keep up with who was doing what except that Kate was moaning and bucking with every pop on her White Ass and ever finger thrusting inside her fixing to be Well Fucked Pussy. Finally Robert said “Since I put this White Wife Breeding Party together, I am going to get the First chance to BLACK COCK CUM this little White Bitch’s Pussy – Kate by now was so horny she raised up and said “this White Bitch’s Pussy can take Anything your Black Cock can give” with that Robert positioned himself between her pearly white legs and told two of the others to hold her legs up high, I want to hit the bottom of this Pink Pussy.

I got up out of the chair and walked around to the side of the bed – I wanted to see my wife take this Black Cock completely, he rolled the head all around her clit and slapped her pussy with his cock repeatedly. Kate was gushing almost every time he slapped her cunt, she was cumming in waves, I watched her body arch & shake like I had never seen before tonight. She was not the same woman that I brought to this room, FUUCCCKKK MMMEEEEE!!! Fuck Me NOW, with that coming from Kate’s mouth, Robert started a slow steady pace putting his entire Cock in my wife. Her eyes popped wide and she growled OH GOD !! It’s Huge !! She raised her head just enough to watch his slow steady strokes, she wanted to see the Black Cock disappear in her pussy, she started grinding up to meet his every thrust – now he was picking up the pace and she grabbed her legs pulling them up almost to her chin – she wanted every inch of that Huge Black Cock as deep as she could get it. By now Robert was in full stride fucking my wife, SLAP,SLAP,SLAP…. His balls were slapping her ASS and I will never forget that sound – DAMN – she was getting BLACKED and loving it. He was picking up the pace and Kate had two Black Cocks in her face and she was taking turns sucking both while the third Stud was sucking her nipples, AARRGGHH!! Oh God – Oh Fuck – I’M CUMMING – with that he made a few last hard thrust and filled Kate’s Pussy with a Hot Load of fresh CUM. Robert just stayed buried to the hilt in Kate’s once tight Pussy, finally as he moved back I could see the unbelievable amount of CUM dripping from her pussy, now running down her ass and onto the bed – Damn it was still running out when another took his place.

Stud #2 wasted no time, he buried his Cock and instantly Kate started Cumming - Robert came over and whispered “is this what you wanted to see” all I could do was nod, I couldn’t take my eyes off of the Big Black Cock pounding my wife’s pussy. Number 2 didn’t last too long, he came within minutes and I think he had even more Cum than Robert, Cum was everywhere around Kate’s cunt and ass, Number #3 asked if she would bend over the couch – Damn I never seen her flip over that fast and stuck her Ass right up in the air for easy access for him. He was taking slow deep strokes and she was Fucking back on his cock with every thrust, Robert went around and got in front of my wife, he slowly kissed her and ran his tongue down her throat, she was really moaning now – he placed his deflated cock in front of her mouth. Without hesitation Kate took his limp cock and started sucking the life back into it.

The Stud fucking her from behind was running his middle finger around Kate’s asshole and she wasn’t resisting in any form, I guess Robert had not told the others about her ASS being Off Limits, so I just watched to see how far she would go with this Black Stud Gangbang. There was so much Cum that had ran down her crack he didn’t even lick his finger, after a few minutes he pushed the first joint into her never BLACKED Asshole, before I knew it he had his entire finger inside my wife and massaging her ass along with every stroke of his enormous cock. My wife was moaning and hunching back with wanton abandonment now, he had two cum soaked fingers in her now and she was getting Fucked like never before in her life. Robert motioned for Stud #3 to take his place in her mouth. I noticed that the last guy wasn’t even really hard yet and he was bigger that any of the others. I got Roberts attention and asked him just how big is this guy and why was he last, He grinned and said “when he gets through, we can’t even touch the sides of that pussy” now Kate was sucking this monster to full attention and he was HUGE!!

The Stud fucking Kate from behind was slick, he had been fingering her ass enough that she didn’t even know when he took his cock out of her cunt and slid it right into her ass – she sort of paused for a few seconds and then started a slow easy backward motion on the cock now in her ass. He was not moving at all – he looked over at me and said “I think your wife likes Black Cock in her Ass” I just watched as she was slowly increasing her rhythm and thrusting back a little harder each stroke, by now he was grinning and spanking her ass and she was loving getting BLACKED !!! I could tell she was Cumming in small steps but I knew any minute the flood gates would open and she would have an enormous Orgasm and squirt everywhere, Kate was now pushing back harder and her ass was hitting him hard. She tensed up and everyone knew she was Cumming with that Black Cock in her Ass, it must have been good for him too - just as she started Cumming he grabbed her ass cheeks and started thrusting hard – if you have never heard the sound of a set of Cum filled Black Balls slapping your wife’s Pussy & Ass…. You have never seen or heard Pure Passion and Raw Fucking all in one, I love the sound of Big Balls slapping my wife’s ass and hearing her moan as they drive her over the edge of ecstasy as they both were cumming together and he was filling her white ass with hot cum as she came on him.

She had totally quit sucking on the Monster Black Cock while getting ASS Fucked – but now he wanted some of this White Cunt that had never had a Real Fucking until he got through with that little White Pussy!! He moved around to where Kate was laying face down on the bed with Cum dripping from her once tight cunt and ass. He started rubbing her ass and stuck three fingers in her ass, Kate gasped and thrust her hips up to meet him. Whoa lady – I just want to play with your ass a few minutes, I ain’t gonna Fuck You in the Ass with this Monster….well maybe, but not yet. After he stretched her ass out a little more he told her to turn over and spread them white legs wide, you are fixing to find out what a Real Black Cock can do to that pretty little White Pussy. He pulled Kate to the edge of the bed and pushed her legs up high, “Grab them legs Bitch and hold the up high, Big Boy is fixing to Tear that Pussy up, now I remember Robert telling Kate that she was going to meet BIG BOY - I didn’t realize until that moment just how big his cock was – DAMN, it was as big around as her forearm and at least 10 or 11 inches long. He had her positioned now and just eased the massive head about an inch or two inside her pussy lips. I couldn’t keep from glancing up at her expressions as he toyed with her Cock wanting cunt. He eased a little more in until the head disappeared in Kate’s cunt, she was squirming and moaning while hunching her hips up trying to get more & more of that Thick Black Monstrous Cock inside her now stretched and well Fucked Cunt.

“Look at me Bitch” he ordered, “I want to see your face when I take this monster to the hilt” obediently she looked at the Black Stud that was going to fill her once tight pink pussy with the Biggest Black Cock she had ever seen – “look at my Cock, I want you to see it fill your White Cunt” Kate was looking at his cock and thinking this thing would ruin her Pussy, after him – she wouldn’t ever be satisfied again. At that moment he gave a thrust and buried his cock completely in her throbbing cunt, MY GOD!! It’s HUGE ooohhhh FUCK, he was completely buried and motionless while Kate got used to the monster Black Cock she was impaled on. Slowly he pulled back and took a few easy strokes, I could see the skin from inside Kate’s Cunt coming out with every stroke, my God I thought - there was 2 or 3 inched of inside pussy skin holding on to his massive shaft, every stroke it got wetter and Kate was gushing all over his cock. I looked around an everyone was glued to the scene in front of them, Robert and the other two were stroking their half hard cocks and watching my wife get used like a backstreet .

Kate was Fucking him with every move, as he lunged forward, her now swollen red cunt was bucking up to meet his manhood, He grabbed both nipples and started pinching them as he buried his cock in my wife’s now well Fucked Cunt!! Kate looked at him and in a voice I had never heard told him “FUCK ME – FUCK ME NOW - I am going to CUM…. He looked at me and said “Your White Bitch likes some Black Cock, Don’t She?” I didn’t respond, he picked up the pace – he was destroying her pussy and she was loving every stroke. “Tell me Bitch, you like Black Cock” all she could do was groan “YES, I love your Black Cock.” Mister, you wanted a Black Cock Gangbang for your pretty little White Wife, now what do you think? She loves my COCK!! I just nodded yes and kept watching him impale her with every stroke, I think I had created a Black Cock but I didn’t even care at this point. I knew he was close by the way he was picking up Kate by the legs and ramming his rock hard cock harder with every thrust, AAAHHHHH GOD, I am going to CUM in this White Bitch, with that he rammed his cock as deep a possible and started cumming deep inside Kates Pussy – CUM was oozing out everywhere now and he was holding her tight. She said “My God – I could feel every squirt hitting hot and deep in my body – I love it, that’s never happened before.”

Slowly he pulled out, her once tight and petite pussy was now a monstrous HOLE, it was staying open as more cum kept flowing out, I have never seen anything like it – her pussy was open and I could see deep inside it. I asked her if she was ok and she rolled her eyes and said “What do you think, I need some more COCK Now!! I looked at Robert wondering what was next, all three Studs had their now hard Cocks in their hands looking at Kates dripping Pussy. Robert looked at me - then Kate, and asked if she was through or wanted another round – Kate pointed to her cum drenched cunt and told them if they could CUM again bring it on, I want to feel that Cum hitting deep in my body. Robert looked at me saying you want us to stop or you want to make this a Gangbang to remember – Kate grabbed his cock and laid back arching her hips, FUCK ME and do it good, fill this White Pussy up with Cum that’s why I am here.

I have never thought of my precious wife as a BLACK COCK …… but I had created this monster and I wasn’t about to stop now, everyone had another chance to Fuck my wife, but the thing thar took me by surprise was – she was on top of one of the Black Studs and humping him like a Cock Hungry Slut, when she said out loud “I am fucking him with my ass in the air, anybody want to FUCK my ASS??” That’s all it took, Robert got the bottle of lube and soaked his Black Cock then put some on Kates ass. He got behind her and eased his cock in her ass and started to Fuck her slowly, almost immediately the other two went for her mouth and she was jerking one off and sucking the other while alternating every few minutes. Her Ass must really be great because Robert unloaded a full shot of Cum deep in her ass. He had barely got his cock out when one of the others took his place, now three of the four had Fucked my Wife in the ASS and every Cock had unloaded CUM in both holes. The only one left was the Big Monster Black Cock, she looked at him and said “no way in my ass, but you can Cum in My Pussy again.” That was an invite that he took her up on, by now she was so Cum Soaked, his Giant Cock slid right in and she went to hunching him back. In a few short minutes he unloaded again and fell off on the bed – everyone was exhausted from the wildest FUCK MY WIFE Party I have ever seen – and it was MY WIFE.

Everyone just sat around for a little while and Kate looked at me “You like the show babe? When can we do this again??” I told her we would do it again but I wanted to make sure that she was ok with it. Everyone was getting dressed and Kate stood there Cum Soaked and dripping from both holes as the guys kissed he and thanked her for being a Great Fuck, she told them that she thanked them for being so good and letting her enjoy a real Black Cock Gangbang. Our Sex Life has never been better – Kate’s body has awakened to new and different things that now give her pleasure, but she didn’t like before that night. We still play in the Lifestyle, but my beautiful wife enjoys a Black Cock filling her Sweet White Pussy often and she wants another Black Cock Gangbang soon. Kate smiles now more than ever before – she says that nobody has the slightest idea of her other life and everyone at her office would never believe Sweet Little Kate…… had become a Black Cock .

If you have even the slightest thought of letting your White Wife enjoy being pleasured by a Black Stud, DON’T WAIT - life is too short and it will change your sex life beyond what words can describe. I STILL LOVE hearing the sound of CUM Filled Black Balls slapping Kate’s Ass and knowing that she is about to be filled with a Hot Load of Black Cock CUM. By the Way, Kate has taken on a new outlook – she has crotchless panties – but many times when we go out, she wears a conservative but nice dress…… and NO PANTIES. She really enjoys catching someone looking her over, when she does – she spreads those pretty legs just enough to give them a peek at her Totally Shaved Black Cock loving Pussy.
Bi the way, suck it
Posted:Oct 4, 2021 9:55 am
Last Updated:Mar 20, 2023 11:35 am
The names have been changed to protect the kinky

This story happened a few months ago in the fall of 2019, it is a true story and I'll recall the events to the best of my knowledge. I have a friend that I have had frequent sexual encounters with in the past, he will text me or I him, when either of us are horny and looking to get our bi sides going again. It usually starts out with him asking what I want to do to him, he likes to be told what to do, we banter around with a few fantasies via text but when we actually meet up, it normally ends up that we just suck each other off, maybe a little finger in the ass play, but nothing past that up to now. So as I said before, he texted me and asked if I could come over that day, I said I was free for a few hours and told him I could as soon as I got out of the shower, well that led to texting back and forth for about 15 minutes about how hard our dicks were and what I wanted to do with him when I got to his house. So I took the opportunity to come up with a scenario that might take us to the next level of anal play, I instructed him to be completely naked, with a butt plug in his ass, his ass in the air, and wait for my arrival. he said ok and reminded me to lock the door behind me after I got there, he would often get friends that would just stop by and come right in, so if the door was locked they would just think he was not home and out with his girlfriend, and move along. So I pulled up to the house and rushed in with great anticipation, stopped to turn around to lock the door, stripped down naked, at this point my cock was so erect, it actually was hurting a little. I left all of my clothes at the bottom of the steps and went upstairs to the room where we have played before, but he wasn't in there, I went down the hallway to the only other room upstairs, besides the bathroom that is, the door was open just far enough to see him on the bed with his ass in the air just as I had instructed, but then as I entered the room I noticed that he had a ball gag in his mouth, was blindfolded, and he was bound to the bed frame. I thought how is this possible (the blindfold and the gag I understand) but how did he manage to tie himself up, as I approached him I could see he also had a jeweled butt plug in his ass, and I know it was a butt plug that belonged to his girlfriend, but at this point i was so horny, the only thing i could focus on was his naked ass in the air for me to do as i pleased. I walked up to him and said with some surprise "very nice, I'm glad you did as I instructed and then some " he just murmured a yes sir as best he could with the ball gag hampering his response. I reached between his legs for his beautiful large cock and balls as they just dangled there in all their glory, as I gently began to caress his man hood with my right hand, I placed my left hand over the small of his back and with my thumb leading the way I slid it down his crack until I was able to tap on the jewel of the butt plug, this got his attention, because he moaned with delight as I pushed on it just slightly. I began to stroke his dick and asked him if he wanted me to stop. His response was no sir, so I told him right then and there " I'm going to fuck you today, there's nothing you can do to stop it, are you ready for my cock?" He said yes sir. I then grasped the jewel end of the plug and began to move it in and out a little bit at a time, trying to loosen up his sphincter to allow me to enter him with my cock. The plug was fairly long but not very wide, it was a standard plug for beginners just starting out in anal play. I looked over at the night stand and seen that the lube he used was there as well as a small glass dildo, I thought to myself that will help, I grabbed it and liberally lubricated it, pulled the plug slowly out of his ass and began to insert the glass dildo in, it was a smooth shaft (no ribs or waves to it) but it was definitely larger in diameter than the plug. He moaned with a bit of distress in his tone, but I told him "I will go slow." During the change of hardware I had neglected the attention I had started with his dick, he started to go soft, so as I slowly began working the dildo in and out with my left hand, I again stroked him to a nice erection with my right. I said "yes, that's nice, get hard for me, do you want to cum?" He said yes sir, yes sir. I told him "you will after I fuck you, are you ready for my cock? " he just answered yes, yes, I said "yes what?" His response, sir. My cock was still as hard as it has been for a long time, I pulled out the dildo, placed it on the stand and grabbed the lube bottle, as I squeezed it out onto his asshole I made sure to run my cock up and down his crack to allow things to go easier. I always put on a condom when I fucked anyone, other than my wife, that stands for female or males, but this was a friend I knew and sucked for years now, so I just went to town and placed the tip of my cock on his hole and said "here it comes " he just moaned as I pushed it in and my tip penetrated him. I asked "do yo like that? You want some more? " he just moaned, so I pushed it in a little more and began to go further and further in until I couldn't go anymore, I began to increase the rhythm as his moans did the same, it felt so good fucking his tight hole that it wasn't going to be long before I was over the top, so I pulled my cock out of him to give it a chance to recover, I just let it hang there right along with his dick, so I reached around and played with his again soft dick, until I had him close to orgasm and stopped to pull on myself, so I could re-enter his ass, a few more pulls on my balls and I was ready to go again. This time I just rammed it in, no slow motion, and started beating my balls in his ass full motion from the start, I felt I could pump him this way for awhile, but I was wrong, before I knew it I was cumming deep inside of him, I kept going as long as I could, until my dick softened up and fell out of him. My cum was oozing out immediately and it began to run down his balls and cock, so I grabbed him and rubbed my cum in as I stroked his hard dick. I asked him if he enjoyed getting fucked in the ass, before he got a chance to respond, I heard a voice behind me say "I don't know about him, but I loved the fuck out of watching you fuck him" I turned around to see his girlfriend sitting in a chair in the corner, stark naked and rubbing her clit like it was on fire. Now I know how he was bound up the way he was. Krista is a very pretty girl, with shoulder length black hair, perky little tits, and now that I was staring right at her taking care of her self, I could see she had a clean shaven pussy. She stopped what she was doing and stood up to walk over to us, reached out and grabbed both of our dicks, tugged on them a little, and then said "I want to see you suck him until he cums" I said "as you wish" so I positioned myself underneath him in a sixty nine position and quickly began to suck and stroke his cock, some of my own cum was still on his dick, but I just took all of him and my cum in, I could clearly see Krista standing right there running her fingers up and down her clit as she watched me suck her man. She excitedly said "yes, that's nice, make him cum, make him cum in your mouth" and asked him if he was ready to cum for her. He still had the ball gag in his mouth and was moaning his answer. Krista then got up right behind him to reach over us and remove the gag from him, as she did her pussy was inches away from my face, I swear I could smell her aroma from all the juices she was producing by fingering herself. I took a chance and reached out to touch her soaked cunt, when my hand brushed her inner thigh it took her by surprise, but then she took a step to the side with one foot to spread open her legs just enough for me to reach up and start sliding my fingers over her drenched clit, she started moaning and told Chris "start sucking his cock babe, I know that you want him in your mouth " he did as she instructed, and this must have excited him so much that I could tell he was about to fill my mouth full of his cum, then he started bucking his hips and cried out he was going to cum. Krista got down on her knees so she could watch it all, he let loose and blew his load and filled my mouth so much that cum oozed out of the corners of my lips. She said "yes that's it, let me see his cum in your mouth " so I pulled his dick out of my mouth and opened wide for her to see it, she got right up to me and started to kiss me, so I transferred his cum into her mouth as much as I could, it was getting all over, but she sucked it up off my face, and said " swallow the rest " I didn't have a problem with that and did as she asked. Then she went around to face Chris, pushing him back off my dick, then she slid on top of me and inserted my throbbing cock into her soaked pussy ridding me for him to watch, after about 30 seconds or so she grabbed the base of my cock, pulling it out of herself and told Chris "suck his cock, clean my juices off of it" he again did as she instructed, then placed me back into her drenched cunt, and began humping me like there was no tomorrow. I warned that I was about to cum, but she didn't stop, instead she started crying out "give me your load, cum deep inside of me " that wasn't going to be a problem, I started cumming before she finished telling me to, it was so intense I know I was loud when I let loose that everyone in the neighborhood probably heard me. She just kept riding me as she orgasmed as well. When my dick fell out of her she told Chris to get in there and clean her drenched clit and pussy of all the cum he could. When he was slurping up my cum from her pussy, she then told him to save some for me, so he stopped what he was doing to let me have a go at cleaning her up but she said "what are you doing, I didn't tell you to stop, put his cum in your mouth and give him sum." I never really had a desire to kiss another guy, it just wasn't a turn on for me, but her telling him what to do was a turn on and I wanted to let her direct us to do as she instructed, and I must admit I was curious as hell to have him swap my own cum in my mouth. When he approached me with a smile on his face and cum dribbling down his chin, I went right in and licked it off his chin before it dripped off, he then opened his lips for me to see cum puddled on his tongue, we french kissed and I took as much of my cum from him as I could. I must say that it turned me on, my dick was even trying to get hard again. Krista was very vocal about what she was seeing and just kept saying "yeah that's good, do you like that boy's " we both mumbled yes as we kept frenching. I have been back to play with him many times since that day and we both still talk about it with great delight, Krista has yet to join in with us again, but he said she was very turned on by that day and talks to him about what she's going to do with us next time. I can't wait.
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I want it
Posted:Oct 4, 2021 9:51 am
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The names have been changed to protect the kinky

I was in my late 20?s and married. We had a very good sex life. My wife was bi-curious and had been with another woman. I had always been curious about sex with another man but never acted upon it. My wife made it clear she was turned on at the thought of watching me with another man. I was not going to let that happen but I knew I was secretly wondering what it might be like. We had a number of gay friends that we socialized with and I was comfortable in that social environment. There was one man who I found interesting. He was 10 years older than me and was a masculine gay man. One day, he asked if I could go with him to his property in the country and help him cut firewood for his cabin. I agreed and we arranged to go there the upcoming weekend. When we arrived, we spent a couple of hours cutting wood and had a few beers. I had to pee and being aware he was gay, decided to walk about 50 feet away to relieve myself. While standing there peeing, I was startled that he walked up beside me and unzipped his pants. He pulled out his dick and began to pee. I could not help but notice he was looking at my dick. I looked down as his and it was larger than mine. He looked at me and asked, have you ever been curious? I was still a little shocked and said nothing but stood there with my dick still in my hand. He said, if you are, no one will know but us. I didn?t move or say anything and he released his dick, letting it dangle in front of him and placed his hand on my dick. I was aware I was getting hard and it both excited and embarrassed me. I finally said, if we?re going to do this, we better get started before I lose my nerve.

He had a small shack built on the property that had a table and two bunks built inside. We both put our cocks back in out pants and he led me to the shack. We went inside and he closed the door. He began to undress in front of me and I watched as he took off his clothes. He kept his shorts on and asked if I was going to undress. He reached out and began unbuttoning my shirt and removed it. He then unbuckled my pants and let them drop to my ankles. He squatted down and took off my shoes and socks and pulled my pants off. I stood there in my underwear with an embarrassingly hard dick. His cock was still flaccid. He asked if I was ok and I nodded and he hooked his fingers in the waistband of my tight white underpants. He pulled them down slowly and my hard dick sprang out. I stepped out of them and stood before him naked. He then pulled his shorts off and I saw his dick. It was long and a little thicker than average. He put his hand on my dick and stroked it slowly. He used his other hand to put my hand on his dick. We stood there stroking each other. His dick grew long and hard. It was intimidating to say the least. His hand felt good on my dick and I was aware that I might cum. He stopped stroking me and knelt in front of me. He took my throbbing dick in his mouth and began to suck me. I closed my eyes and very soon could not hold it and came in his mouth. He swallowed all of my cum and continued sucking me for a few seconds until he had extracted every drop. He stood and asked me how it felt. I thought the answer was obvious but said it felt good. He said, why don?t you try it on me. I slowly dropped to my knees and my shaky and took his long cock and placed it to my lips. I eased it into my mouth as far as I could get it, which wasn?t that far. I started sucking him as I bobbed my head up and down on his dick. I stroked him with my hand as I did it. As I was sucking him, I wondered what to do when he came. Should I try to swallow it? As it turned out, I only had about 30 seconds to decide. I first tasted his salty pre-cum and suddenly he began to gush cum into my mouth. I tried to swallow but quickly gaged and opened my lips and let the load run out on the ground while keeping him in my mouth. His cum was very salty and thick. I could not make it go away by simply swallowing. It was as if it was sticking to my throat. I drank some water to wash it down. He told me how great it felt. I was feeling like I had done something really bad but I kept telling myself no one would know but him. We sat on the bottom bunk of the beds, he beside me. We drank a couple of beers. We remained naked as we did. I was sure that we had not finished whatever it was he was leading me through.

After a couple of beers, I went outside to pee. There was no bathroom so I just peed into the grass. He came out and peed too. This time, I did not try to hide the fact that I was looking at him naked. We went back inside. He closed the door and picked up a bottle of baby oil and put it on his hand. He walked over to the bed and sat beside me and put his hand on my dick and started to stroke it. It grew hard fairly fast. He told me to stand up and hold on to the table. He walked up behind me and reached around and started stroking my dick once again. I felt his warm body pressing against me. He picked up the baby oil and I felt it dripping between my butt cheeks. I panicked and tried to pull away but he held my firmly in place and told me not to be afraid. I felt his hand between my cheeks as he rubbed his fingers across my anus. After a few seconds, I felt him push the tip of his finger into my rectum. I jerked and he told me to relax. He slowly pushed his finger into my tight ass and began to fuck it in and out. It felt large but good and I began to move my hips as he stroked my dick. After a few minutes, I felt him pull the finger out and Immediately begin to push two fingers in my ass. It was uncomfortable and I made a noise. He stopped pushing and told me to relax and after a few seconds he continued pushing the fingers in my ass. He asked if I was ok and I told him it hurt but I was ok. He kept his fingers in my ass for about 5 minutes and would occasionally stop stroking me to keep me from Cumming. I began to get used to the size of his two fingers and it didn?t hurt anymore. He began to stroke me again and I felt him withdraw his fingers. Within seconds I felt him begin to push three fingers up my ass. This time I cried out and he again admonished me to relax. I felt him pressing his hard cock up to my back. He stroked my dick until he had worked all three fingers completely into my butt. It burned but I did not ask him to remove them. After a few minutes, he began to move them in and out of my tight ass. I moaned and felt myself getting ready to cum. He stopped stroking me and told me to wait and not cum. He asked me if I was curious about anal sex. I said yes but I was afraid it would hurt too much. He pushed his fingers all the way up my ass and asked me if that hurt. By then I was used to the size and I said, no. He told me that the three fingers were as big around as his dick and asked if he could put it in me. He promised to stop if it hurt too much. I said ok and he pulled his fingers out of my stretched butt hole.

I watched as he put more baby oil on his hand and rubbed it onto his big cock. He then wiped it onto my anus. He pushed me slightly over the table. I was aware of his strong hand firmly on my back I felt the mushroom head of his hard dick rubbing between my ass cheeks and nestling into my opening. He again began to stroke my dick as he started pushing the head of his dick into my ass. It began to burn and I began to panic because it WAS thicker than his fingers! I began to cry out and he held me firmly in place as he told me to relax. I felt the big head of his dick pushing past my sphincter muscle and I begged him to stop. He didn?t and told me this is the worst part. It popped past my tight muscle and I made an animal sound as it did. I was panting and I heard him say, the worst part is over now. I began to realize it did not hurt as badly and began to relax. I felt him slowly push his long cock up into me and he continued until I felt his hairy balls rub against my ass cheeks. He stopped for a few seconds to give me time to adjust to his size and I felt him place both hands on my hips. I knew what was coming and I tried to relax. It felt like I had to go to the bathroom with his big cock in me. He began to pull it out slowly and I could feel it as it rubbed against my stretched anus. He pulled most of it out and slowly pushed it back in, making me moan. He continued to fuck me and began to move faster as he did. I felt his grip tighten around my waist and I thought about how a woman feels when a guy does that as he fucks her from behind. It occurred to me I was now the woman as I felt his big balls slap against my soft ass cheeks. I could not help but to moan as he fucked my ass and I noticed he had given up on stroking me. I found it no longer hurt as my ass adjusted to his big dick. He began to pound me and grunted and I suddenly felt this hot oozing sensation inside me. I knew he was Cumming in my virgin ass and I collapsed over the table and let him have me. He moved his dick slowly in and out for a bit and then slowly pulled it out. My ass was standing open and I could feel the cold air rush inside me. He sat in the chair and I saw his softening dick hanging between his legs. Cum was oozing out of the tip. I suddenly felt the urge to go to the bathroom and I rushed out the door. I made it about 25 feet and squatted. To my surprise, most of what came out was his cum. I was amazed at how much he had shot into my ass. I saw him come out of the shack with the toilet paper and he handed it to me. He said, that happens in the beginning. He went back inside and I wiped myself. I could not resist feeling back there. My ass was standing open slightly!

I went back inside and laid on the bed. He sat beside me. I no longer hesitated to take a long look at his dick hanging over his big hairy balls. I felt strangely close to him now that he had used me like he had. I watched as he stood up and went to the wash basin and thoroughly wash his dick. He dried it and walked over to me and presented it if front of my face. It smelled clean. I opened my mouth and let him put the head in my mouth. I felt submissive and began to suck it. He fed it into my mouth I sucked it and tasted the last drops of his cum as they oozed out of the slit at the end of his cock. His dick slowly grew completely hard and I stroked it while I sucked him eagerly like a woman would her man. I knew he had shot two big loads of cum and I wondered if he was going to cum again. He pulled his dick out of my mouth. He sat in the chair and beckoned me. I walked over to him and he told me to lay over his legs. I did and as I stared at the floor, I felt him pull my cheeks apart. He said, your little ass isn?t so tight now and as he probed me with his finger. I suddenly felt his big hand slap me across my ass. He put a hand in the small of my back and held me tightly as he spanked my naked ass with his bare hand. It stung and I yelped. He kept it for about 30 seconds and let me up. I reached back to rub my burning ass cheeks and he told me not to do it. He said he enjoyed spanking men?s butts and wanted to see it all red. I turned around and let him see. As I turned back around, he was standing up. His dick was as hard as before. I asked him if he was going to fuck me again, secretly hoping he would say yes. He said no and walked to the table. He said, now it?s your turn to fuck my ass. My dick was already hard from when he spanked me. He bent over the table and handed me the baby oil. I put some on my hand and started to stick a finger in his ass like he had done to me. He said, you don?t have to do that. I?m used to getting it. I pulled my finger out of his ass and rubbed some oil on my dick. I put the head between his cheeks and began to push my dick up his ass. I was sure I would cum before I got it in him. He made a groaning sound as I pushed my dick all the way into his ass. I noticed he didn?t scream out like I did. His ass felt tight and warm. I began to fuck him and in about 30 seconds, filled his ass with my cum. I remember thinking, very impressive. He fucked your ass for ten minutes and you shot your load in 30 seconds. I pulled my dick out of him. He turned and looked at it. He said, you certainly needed to cum. I laughed nervously. I felt dominated. He told me to wash my dick and watched as I did. He then leaned over and sucked my dick till he got the last drops out of my embarrassingly small dick. It had softened completely while his cock was still hanging between his legs like a tail.

We drank a couple of more beers and I laid on the bed. He lay beside me and asked how I felt. I said I felt a little strange but at the same time ok with it. The day was getting late and he said, I want you again before we go. I said ok and he said he had to pee first. He walked out the door and left it open. I could see the stream of piss coming from his dick. He finished and shook it and walked back in and closed the door. He held his limp dick up in his hand and I knew what he wanted. I put it in my mouth. It tasted salty and smelled of pee. I sucked him until he was fully hard. He said, Why don?t you just lay there and let me do it. I obediently rolled onto my stomach and got on my knees. He put two pillows under my stomach and told me to lay on them. He got on top of me. I felt his weight as his oil covered hand rubbed between my butt cheeks. I felt the head of his dick at my rectum and he pushed it into me. I groaned and whimpered but did not scream. It hurt but I laid there and let him push the fat head past my sphincter muscle. I felt him push my legs apart and he started to fuck me like I was a woman. It took him a long time to cum and my butt started to feel kind or raw. After about 15 minutes, he started to fuck me harder. He pounded me into the mattress and told me to take his load as he shot my ass full once again. He laid on me for a while and eventually pulled his dick from my very sore butt. I laid there watching as he washed his half hard cock then he walked to me and said you know what to do. I sucked him, and stroked his dick as I did. He had not quite gotten his whole load out of his dick and I sucked it out and swallowed it.

He let me fuck him once more and I was proud that I didn?t cum so quickly. We cleaned up and left. It took an hour to get home and as we rode, he told me he was bi-sexual. I said, I guess I am too. He said one time only satisfies your natural curiosity. If you want it again, you may be bi. He confessed that he would like to fuck my wife whom he had known for years. He said it would be fun to fuck both of us in the same bed. I thought, she will like your dick so I guess we will see.
Finally Realizing I was No Longer Bi Curious
Posted:Oct 4, 2021 9:45 am
Last Updated:Mar 20, 2023 11:35 am
The names have been changed to protect the kinky

The Wednesday evening winter rush hour drive was smooth with the exception of my butterflies and nervous knots in my stomach. I continued to ask myself if I was ready to go through with the meeting and interview process. As I pulled into the subdivision and parked in the dedicated parking spot, I reminded myself that this was an excellent way to break the ice.

My actual butterflies started the week prior in an e-mail exchange and several phone calls with the moderator of a local group on a well-known adult themed website. My bio noted that I was bi-curious and looking to enjoy both him and her or a group to explore my bi fantasies. Our e-mail exchanges were quite pleasant and started off explaining the rules of the group, the telephone interview, and the personal interview process. We also exchanged some photos, both of the group and myself for the approval process. I was quite pleased with the photos I saw and was extremely relieved that they were interested in me.

The phone interview lasted about twenty minutes and was quite professional and not absurd. More than anything else, it allowed us to chat covering most of the same items already laid out in the e-mails. At the end of the call, we agreed to meet the following Wednesday evening for a tour of the property where the group met and to make sure we were all truly comfortable with each other.

I sat in my car for a few moments to make sure I had gathered my composure and to remind myself that it was just an interview. However, I had still showered and shaved. And to answer the question up front, yes, I am clean-shaven there too. I dressed in slacks and a Polo shirt, even wearing sheer mesh briefs that would show off my throbbing hard cock if I were asked to disrobe as part of the approval process. My black cashmere overcoat provided the warmth needed that cold winter evening.

I finally opened the car door and began the short walk up the sidewalk to the all brick end unit townhouse where the front porch light blazed in the chilled air. I climbed the porch steps to the landing and took a deep breath before pressing the doorbell and waited for someone to respond. The door opened just a few moments later and I had my first opportunity to meet Robert face-to-face. Robert was dressed casually in dark slacks, loafers, and a button down blue business shirt opened at the collar and red power tie hanging loosely. He welcomed me in with a smile, shaking hands and introduced himself as I entered the foyer.

He was at least five years my junior, black hair, warm smile, strong handshake, and immediately put me at ease as he asked if he could take my coat and if I would like a drink. I removed my coat and handed it over as I looked around the beautiful townhome. I asked him what he was drinking and when he told me scotch, I smiled and said I would love to have the same.

Robert was the consummate host and gentlemen. We chit chatted about traffic and directions to the home and what a busy day he had at work as I followed him to the kitchen to pour my drink. I took notice of the photos and pictures on the walls of the living room and hallway. I commented on the marvelous way the house was decorated. He mentioned that he and his wife had purchased the property as a second home for when they were in town. They spent most of their time in Florida. He noted that his wife would be back in town for the group party the following weekend.

We chatted as we sipped our scotch and he asked if I would like a tour of the house. Nodding my approval, he beckoned me to follow him through the main level first, showing a den, the formal dining room, and back to the foyer and formal living room area before heading up stairs. Walking up the stairs to the second floor, he let me walk in front of him. At the top of the stairs, he commented on my nice ass in the slacks and smiled. We looked each other in the eyes and I could see the smile developing and his eyebrows moved and a quizzical way letting me know that the interview was going well.

He pointed toward the master bedroom at the end of the open hallway. I walked ahead to the doorway and paused. It was then that he moved behind me, slightly to my right side and slid a hand softly on my ass and leaned in to smell my cologne. My butterflies were gone, whether it was the scotch or I was just that comfortable with him at that point, I wasn?t sure. I melted when he whispered in my ear, ?Love your cologne and your ass,? as he firmly clasped my ass.

I sighed and let my right hand rub against his thigh as he leaned into me, slightly brushing his hardening cock held hostage in his slacks and underwear, against my palm. ?Very nice master bedroom. Love the four poster king sized bed,? I said as I turned to him.

He responded with a smile and pressed himself against my hand and noted, ?There are three bedrooms up here and the full finished basement with another bedroom, entertainment center, bar, fireplace, and access to the hot tub in the fenced back yard downstairs.?

My cock was throbbing and needed to be rearranged in my own pants and briefs. Yes, there was definitely sexual tension in the air. I moved forward and surveyed the bedroom as he leaned in the doorway now taking another sip of his scotch. I tried to casually adjust my equipment easing the discomfort I was having and he nodded with approval and noted, ?I know. I?m having the same problem.?

I peeked into the master bath and saw the huge tile and glass shower, complete with bench and room for six and a huge Jacuzzi tub. There was a huge walk in closet only half filled with business attire, both for him and her. Walking back to the doorway, I smiled and continued to peek into the other rooms before heading down stairs. Robert asked me to follow him down stairs to see the finished basement.

Now it was my turn to watch him walk down the two sets of stairs. I also enjoyed the view. At the bottom of the steps, I saw that the gas fireplace was lit, displaying a warm glow to the room, and the television was still on. He must have come down stairs when he came home. He walked to the glass patio doors, pulled open the dr*pes and turned on the outside lights to show off the large covered outdoor hot tub.

?Now that you?ve had the tour, is there anything else you would like to see or know about our group? ? With a slight pause, ?You look like you need to refresh that drink, would you like another??

I smiled and held out my glass as if to relinquish it for him to refill. He pulled the curtains closed, turned off the lights to the back yard and walked over to take my glass. ?I?ll be right back,? He noted. ?Make yourself comfortable down here. I?ll only be a few minutes.?

I watched him walk back up the stairs. I sat down on the sofa and waited for his return. I was surprised to notice that the television was actually showing a porn movie and had the volume on mute. The scene on before me had a woman and two men engaged in a three way oral endeavor where one well hung stud was between the woman?s spread legs on the sofa and the second was getting a blow job from the woman at the other end of the sofa. The woman released the hard cock she was sucking and moved into position on all fours as the other guy rolled on his back and slid under her spread legs to work on her gaping pussy. I searched for the remote and turned up the volume to hear the moaning and slurping sounds of oral sex and pleasure.

It was quite an erotic and extremely hot scene but the scene got even hotter when the second stud crawled between the open legs of the stud eating out the woman and slowly grasped his massive cock and began to lick and tease the massive tool before trying to devour it. I was lost in the scene. When he slid a finger in his ass, I squirmed and my own cock wanted to burst from my pants.

I hadn?t noticed how much time had passed but I looked up to see Robert coming back down the stairs with two glasses of scotch. He had also changed, and more importantly, he had taken a shower and now padded down the stairs in a thick black terrycloth robe. ?I see you found the remote.?

?I did,? I responded and reached for my glass that he presented me.

He smelled fresh of body wash and a gold chain caught my attention falling down his chest and disappearing in his robe. His hair was slicked back, allowing it to dry naturally and after he handed me the drink, sat down next to me with his legs curled up to his side.

He smiled over his glass and commented, ?Sorry, but I really did want to take a shower. It?s been a long day.?

?I understand. I did the same before coming here as well.?

I looked back at the movie to see the woman move to straddle her lover?s mouth while the stud who had been working the massive cock moved to lather some lube onto the massive cock he had been sucking with such determination. When he climbed up onto the sofa and straddled the massive cock, I must have sighed with anticipation of what was about to occur because Robert leaned over and whispered in my ear, ?Oh, this part is so hot, he takes it all.?

It was then that the stud grasped the massive cock, lined himself atop the head and slowly slid down onto the throbbing tool. The close up of the pulsing cock disappearing into that ass was so hot. Robert slowly nibbled on my ear and than began to kiss my neck. I could feel myself melt under his touch. I was relaxed and also highly aroused with my own cock throbbing in my pants and a hot hunk wanting to test my bisexual curiosity. Robert?s hands roam across my chest, unbuttoning my shirt and then pulling it over my head. I slid off my loafers and then turned slightly toward Robert to allow him access to my belt and pants. I felt like I was being made love to by my own stud.

As the actor moaned in pleasure as he was slowly fucking the throbbing cock, Robert moved me slightly to have access to unbuckle my belt. He then unbuttoned my pants and slowly slid the zipper down as he gave me my first male-to-male kiss. The first kiss was soft and lips closed. The second was lips slightly parted and to see if I would respond, and did I. I allowed his tongue to enter my mouth in a hot deep French kiss that could match any I?ve had with any woman I?ve been with up to that moment. Taking a lyric from Katy Perry and modifying it would be an accurate testament of that kiss. I kissed a boy and I liked it.

I now knew I was his as he began to slide my slacks off and I lifted to allow them to slide down my legs without breaking the hot kiss. I remember doing that with women and now it was happening to me. He broke the kiss to slide down and remove my socks leaving me there in my mesh briefs and throbbing cock straining the material. He slid back onto the sofa and moved me back again positioning himself to kiss me deeply again. I heard the moaning from sexual pleasure on the movie and could feel my own tension continue to build. I could feel his hardness press on me as he leaned against me, taking my hands and moving my arms above my head giving him access to me.

He broke the kiss and began to nibble down my neck and then to my chest taking the time to slowly suck my sensitive nipples causing my cock to throb even more, which I didn?t think was possible. He moved down slowly across my stomach and then came to the mesh briefs encasing my own throbbing cock. He slowly ran his tongue down my shaft, still covered by the mesh, teasing my cock with each lick. He did this for several minutes, teasing me and causing me to moan louder from the erotic pleasure he was giving me just before moving down to the insides of my legs and slowly nibbling all the way down to my ankles. In no time, he started back up the inside of the other leg. I thought I would explode.

By the time he reached my cock on his upward trek, I was leaking precum. Apparently this was evident to him because he took the time to lick and suck the tip of my cock through the material in a effort to get a taste before he actually devoured my cock. He finally pulled the mesh briefs slowly down, letting my cock pop up from its entrapment of the briefs and leaving me now totally exposed for his and my pleasure. He stood up to survey me lying before him before crawling back between my legs to begin to give me an exquisite blowjob. His oral skills were magnificent. His tongue was magic across my cock, under the head, down the shaft, slowly licking and tonguing my slick shaved balls, and then making circles around my asshole before penetrating with such skill.

When he moved back up to engulf my throbbing cock again, I ran my hands through his hair and down his neck. He was so focused on pleasuring me that he knew when I was about to cum before he squeezed the base of my shaft letting the sensation ebb before bringing me back again to the brink of climax. I had no sense of time. My lover was skilled, that was for sure.

When Robert finally wanted me to cum, he told me to cum in his mouth and let him drink my load. I moaned and shook my head yes, my hips now pumping my cock into his greedy mouth and throat. I felt his hand beneath my ass and a finger slide into my hot hole. He found my P-Spot almost immediately and began massaging it with first one and then two fingers. He pushed me over the edge and I moaned loudly and yelled out several times, ?Oh my!?

I thought I wouldn?t stop cumming as wave after wave of hot semen erupted from depth of my balls up through my cock and shooting into the greedy and wanting mouth of my new lover. I shook, more like convulsed, as I came. I was in total ecstasy.

I felt his fingers slide out of my ass, leaving me with a feeling of emptiness. He then released my cock from his mouth and looked at me with a smile and he asked, ?How do you feel??

?Oh my,? I responded. ?Or better yet, oh wow! That was amazing!?

?Why thank you,? he replied. Then he looked at me and asked, ?Would you like to try your first cock? I know one that would love your attention.?

I smiled back and noted, ?I would love to pleasure you. I hope I do well enough for your pleasure. I want to learn to do everything you did to me and more.?

?Well, yes there is some experience to it but, remember. You know what you like when someone sucks on your cock. Not every woman knows how to make you truly squirm. But you know what you like. Just think of it that way. I?ll coach you along the way.?

I sat up as he stood before me. As I rose to my feet my own cock now hung down, not quite soft and not quite hard and my heart raced. I leaned in to untie his robe letting the tie drop to the floor. I slid my arms around him pulling him close and kissed him as he kissed me. He shared the saltiness of my own cum as our tongues swirled in the erotic French kiss dance. I let my hands drop to his ass and felt a silk thong at his waist with the thin strip of material running down the crack of his ass. I let my right hand wander to the front and felt his cock throbbing in the sheer material, the head peaking over the top of the thong.

I let my left hand slowly slide the robe off his right shoulder and then slowly fall from his left. Now, it was my turn to finally experience a throbbing and massive cock in my mouth and to try to tease him in the same manner that he teased me causing my tremendous orgasm. He was slightly thicker and longer than my seven inches. I inspected his throbbing cock head peaking out from the thong. He already had precum spilling forth waiting for me to taste. I dropped to my knees and let my tongue swirl at the tip of his cock, my first taste of his cum. Oh what a wonderful taste. I could hear moaning on the television again as I maneuvered Robert back onto the couch with my back to the entertainment center.

I let him get comfortable and left his thong on him at first. I wanted to tease him, the thong providing an erotic feeling as my tongue glided up the length of the shaft from the base to the exposed tip. His moans included, ?Oh fuck yes, do it, just like that.? Again, time seemed to disappear as I slowly began to study and make oral love to my lover?s hard monster cock.

When I pulled the thong down exposing his throbbing well-manicured manhood, I went to work on each and every square inch of it. When I finally took the head into my mouth, I swirled my tongue around the head and then down the underside as I let his cock fill my mouth. I knew not only was I comfortable with him making love to me, I was extremely comfortable making love to him. I slowly began to fuck his cock with my mouth and tongue, making sure to pay extra attention to that sensitive spot under the head before engulfing him, each time trying to see if I could get him into my throat. He reminded me that it may take time but I was doing quite well. Of course, I kept hoping my gag reflexes would give in for me.

As he did to me, I let one finger enter his ass as I worked his cock. Then I added two. He moaned with pleasure but coached me again by adding; ?I love three fingers in me, give me three and fuck my ass while you suck me.? What a coach.

I could feel his balls tighten and I backed off, letting his cock slip from my mouth with a plop. His cock pulsed in front of me as I squeezed base of his cock to try to stop him from cumming. I did get more precum and I was able to thwart his orgasm several times, even keeping my fingers in his ass as he pushed against them burying them deep in his hot box.

When he finally told me he was ready to cum, I tried to apply each trick he did to me in order to make his climax an awesome orgasm. I slid a fourth finger into his ass, opening him up and applying pressure to his prostate. I didn?t think his cock could get any harder but it jumped and throbbed even more. Then he told me he was going to cum. He grabbed the back of my head and fucked my mouth like he was pile driving a hot pussy. I was determined to make sure I sucked the juices out of his cock and not letting his eruption go to waste on his stomach or elsewhere.

When he came, it was in waves as I had done, but in such a massive quantity. I struggled to keep up with the load. He erupted into the back of my throat and I greedily continued to suck the seed from his pulsing cock. ?Hey,? he said. ?Remember to save some for me.?

I did. I let his cock plop from my mouth and I moved up to kiss him with unbridled passion. The passion that comes from someone consumed with the heat of sex and erotic acts of two passionate lovers. I truly enjoyed kissing him. He gave back passion and I knew we were not finished for the night.

?Well, let me say that you were pretty remarkable for your first time,? he commented. He lay back against the arm of the sofa and reached for his glass of scotch.

I adjusted myself and found my glass at the end table. ?I could use some ice,? I noted.

Robert got up and grabbed me by the hand and we walked up the stairs like two lovers having an intermission between sexual romps. He grabbed some ice for each of our glasses and poured a slight touch more of scotch over the ice before sipping again. ?Let?s go upstairs, that is if you would like to continue our date this evening,?

I nodded and replied, ?I would love to.?

I followed him back upstairs. He had already prepared the bedroom when he went up to take a shower and change. The bed was pulled down, there were several bottles of lube, plugs, and dildos on the nightstands and a sex blanket throw on the bed. ?I see you had ideas. What would you like to do?? My eyebrows arched as I asked the question.

His cock had already began to harden and mine was also aroused after bringing him to climax downstairs. ?I want to fuck your ass, that is, if you would like to try it. I want to show you more tonight.?

I moved to the bed, took another sip of my scotch, and placed it on the nightstand coaster next to a large bottle of Astroglide lubricant. I climbed up onto the king sized bed and on all fours, my ass up in the air said, ?I want to have you fuck me. What position do you want me in??

?Well, that is a good first position. Turn around and grab the headboard and leave your ass up in the air for me.?

I did as I was asked and maneuvered around exposing my ass for his pleasure, which I quickly found was actually our pleasure. He pulled an orange and white tube from the nightstand drawer and placed liberal amounts of the white cream on his fingertips. I asked him what the cream was and he told me Anal Eaze. It was a desensitizing cream and would help me through my first anal experience. As he massaged the cream around my puckered ass hole and then into my hot box, I could tell that there was a pleasant pressure as he probed my ass instead of a sharp piercing pain I had anticipated. Even down stairs, his fingers were magic in my ass.

After a few moments of easing the cream in and around my virgin ass, he began to apply liberal amounts of the Astroglide to my ass, forcing some into me. He then coated his now fully erect cock and placed his hands on my hips. I knew he was safe but I had always thought my first anal fuck would have been with a condom. At this point, he positioned himself behind me and let the head of his cock press at my lubed asshole.

?When we fuck as a group, we insist everyone uses a condom. But, since we both know we are safe, I think you need to feel the full effects of a good ass fucking.?

?Oh baby, let me feel it,? I begged him.

He grabbed my hips and slowly began to press his massive member against my ass. Now, I had fucked my ass with a dildo and vibrator on many occasions, even wore a butt plug. I had been fucked by a girl friend with a strap-on but I had never had a real cock in me up until this moment. Robert slowly increased the pressure of his cock against my asshole until I finally felt it begin to accept his girth. ?Slowly push back onto my cock and help me in,? he said.

I complied and a pain came as his massive head finally breached my ass but the Anal Eaze helped a lot. I was lubed and now had my lover?s cock begin to slowly fill my ass as he slowly continued to press deeper into me. Oh how full I felt and the feeling sent tiny shock waives through my body. Not a convulsion, but a feeling of exquisite pleasure. He was very gentle and slow stroking my hips, ass cheeks, and back as he continued deeper.

Again, oh my goodness was all I could think as I felt him impale me. Once in up to his balls, he slowly began to slide back out which triggered another intense feeling of emptiness as his cock withdrew. He backed out slowly to where only the head of his cock as still in me and began to push into me again. After several of these motions, I began to fuck back against his cock. His hands on my hips guided his pace and let me match his fucking motions. Is this the feeling a woman has when your cock is sliding in and out of her hot pussy? All I knew then was ?fuck me lover, give me your cock and fuck my ass. I want you to fuck me!? I was overcome with passion as Robert made love to my ass.

Robert was a long lasting lover. Oh how he fucked my ass with such skill. He was incredible. Again, I lost track of time. I was caught up in all of the erotic passion of two lovers hot for each other?s bodies. Robert leaned forward and impaled himself deep in me and held himself there for a few moments. I could feel his heart racing. ?I want you to straddle my cock, just like you saw in the movie down stairs and fuck my cock.?

I nodded yes to my lover and felt him pull out of me slowly. My ass must have been open a mile wide after having been fucked by Roberts massive cock. I felt so empty. Robert lay on his back holding is massive cock straight up for me to take. I straddled him, just as I had seen in the movie and let my ass slide back down onto his throbbing tool. I began to slowly ride his cock and could feel his cock throbbing as I fucked him. I leaned forward to change the angle, kissed him passionately and whispered to him to ?fuck me lover and fuck me good.?

Robert grabbed my hips as I leaned against the headboard getting better leverage and continued to fuck his rock hard cock. What stamina! He was a machine. I was beginning to tremble again, overcome with the feelings and sensations my body was providing me, and him for that matter.

When Robert came, I almost passed out. I saw stars. The feeling of his hot cum shooting deep in my ass brought about such tremendous sensations in my body. Again, oh my goodness.

We stayed connected, my own cock oozing precum. I thought I had cum but my cock was still hard and pulsing. I felt his cock begin to shrink and I didn?t want it to fall out of me. I wanted to keep him in me. My asshole was wide open as his cock finally withdrew and I rolled over onto my back. While cum was still draining from me and with my cock still hard, Robert grabbed some Astroglide and lubed my cock. ?Now, let?s see if you can give me some of that too.?

He lay back and pulled his legs wide and back giving me full access to his ass. ?Fuck me now,? was all he said at that point.

I maneuvered myself between his legs and lined my cock up to his waiting ass and slowly slid into him. We fucked for what seemed an hour. I knew I would last longer on my second climax with the right person. I fucked his ass just like it was a woman?s pussy trying to give him the same sensations he gave me. When I was about to cum, I pushed deep and buried myself in his ass shooting my load as deep as I could.

Spent, we held the position until my cock slowly eased out of his ass. I was amazed at all we had done and the clock read one in the morning. ?You know, you can stay the night if you like.?

I looked at him and smiled and said, ?I would love to stay the night. And if you want more before we leave in the morning, I am up for it if you are. But first, I need a shower.?

I got up and moved to the bathroom and Robert followed me in. We washed each other?s bodies, soap and hands prodding and soothing. We toweled off and went back into the bedroom. Robert set the alarm and we snuggled, him clasping my semi hard cock in his hand and his head on my chest. I awoke at three, Robert expertly sucking on my cock again. When I realized it, I coaxed his body into a sixty-nine position with me on top and him on his back. Another set of climaxes before the alarm clock went off.

We sat at the breakfast table sipping coffee and made plans to see each other again before the group session. He mentioned he had someone he wanted to share me with and I smiled back saying, ?I look forward to it. Friday night it is.?

Robert was a gentleman and an exquisite lover who showed me that being sensual has no barriers. As I told him after our climaxes from our session of sixty-nine, I now knew I was no longer one of the multitude of bi curious men out there. I was now a full-blown bisexual and loved it.

Robert?s sensitivity and thoughtfulness was also key to our sessions together. I often think of that first encounter and I am immediately hard. Each time I read another story of someone else?s first time, Robert always come to mind, with a smile and a warm feeling. Being double-teamed by Robert and his friend, well, that is another story.
Bisexual fun
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My wife and I have been swingers for about 5 years and enjoy playing with other couples and select singles. We have done a lot of wild things over the years but I was not prepared for what happened a couple months ago. Let me start by telling you that my wife is 39 and is incredible, she has done a lot of modeling and had an adult website for a while. She is a MILF. She is bi selective and I am straight (so I thought).

Thursday afternoon my wife called me and said she wanted to go out after work for a drink. She had had a rough day and needed to unwind. We both go home shortly after 5 and changed to go out. She wore a short mini skirt and a low cut top exposing lots of her long legs and 36c tits. We headed to our favorite bar and ordered a couple drinks. We talked about the events of the day and started to relax. A few minutes later she excused herself to the bathroom. She had been gone a little while so I ordered another round of drinks. When she returned she had another guy with her. She introduced him as Mike and asked him to join us. She flashed me a naughty grin as she sat down. We all talked for a while and discovered Mike was 35 single and in town on business. He was staying at a hotel just down the street. I saw my wife squirm in her seat and noticed Mike’s hand was all the way up her skirt. She looked at me with desire and I could tell she was enjoying herself. Mike ordered another round and headed off to the bathroom.

While he was gone my wife told me she bumped into him on her way to the bathroom and stopped to introduce herself. She said he was attractive and judging by the bulge in his pants he was attracted to her. I agreed he was a good looking guy and asked what she wanted to do. She said she would have to see if he was game for a little fun.

When Mike returned she greeted him with a kiss. It was slow at first but heated up quickly when she eased her tongue into his mouth. They broke their kiss and Mike looked at me. I told him it was ok that we were swingers and that she was felling horny. He responded by telling that he had always wanted to play with a couple. He invited us back to his room so we could all get more comfortable.

When we got to his room my wife headed to the bathroom to freshen up. Mike and I sat and made small talk. The conversation quickly turned to sex. I told him that we had been swinger for a while and that I enjoyed watching her with other men and that I liked to help pleasure her but that I was straight. He said that sounded like fun. My wife entered the room and sat next to him on the bed. We all talked a little more while they felt each other up. I could tell he was a little unsure how to get things started so I told my wife to get a little more comfortable and give us a show.

She jumped up and slowly started to undress. First she removed her top and slowly unhooked her bra. Then she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She was now standing there wearing only a pair of high heels. I stood, undressed, and sat back down in the chair. I slowly stroked my hard on while watching my wife start to undress him. When she slid his pant down his growing cock sprang out and slapped against her tummy. He had a nice long cock about 8 inches with a big swollen head. He was a couple inches longer than me but not quite as thick. I had never seen a head as big as his. Mike said he wanted to watch us for a few minutes.

I laid across the bed on my back letting my wife climb top of me in a 69. She was really hot and I could see her juice running down her thighs. She lowered her pussy to my face and I slid my tongue inside her making her moan as she swallowed my dick. Mike watched for a few minutes stroking his dick. He walked over to the bed presenting his dick to my wife. She took turns sucking our cocks while I licked her to her first orgasm. I continued to lick her clean while she recovered. She looked up at Mike and told him to fuck her with that big thing. He stepped behind her as she raised her hips from my face and presented him with her wet slit. Mike grabbed her hips and aligned his cock with her pussy.

I had seen my wife fuck by a lot of guys before but had never been so close. They were going to fuck just inches from my face. He pushed and eased his enlarged head into her wanting pussy. He slowly slid his entire cock into her making her moan on my dick. He pulled almost all the way out of her and slammed back into her. I was in a trance watching this enormous cock fuck my wife silly. As he fucked her harder and harder my cock slipped from her mouth and was throbbing. She was being fucked so hard she was shaking. One of the strokes he pulled out to far and his head popped from her wet pussy. She moaned and cried “Don’t stop… Fuck me hard!” Still in my trance I reached up, grabbing his dick, placing it back into her sloppy slot. She moaned her approval and told me to lick her clit.

I raised my head and began to massage her clit with my tongue. Mike’s heavy balls were rubbing against my face. I could feel him sliding into her as I licked her towards another orgasm. I felt her legs tense up and she leaded forward as her body began to shake. I was now licking her pussy at the point of entry. His hard dick was sliding against my tongue. She was now bucking uncontrollably and her cum was running down my chin. She jerked hard and his dick popped free from her.

The head of his cock was now resting against my lips. I began to lick her juice off of it. He slowly leaned forward pushing past my lips into my mouth. It felt strange at first. He was so hard yet the skin was soft and smooth. I was beginning to enjoy having a cock in my mouth and let out a moan.

My wife rolled off of me and saw what was going on. She freaked! She started screaming “What are you doing?... You are sucking his cock!” Mike quickly pulled away and started to apologize. She interrupted him say it was me and not him that I was the one sucking cock. I apologized and said I must have just gotten caught up in the moment. She started to calm down and asked if I liked it. She wanted to know if I liked licking her cum off another guy’s dick. I told her it was different but that I did kind of enjoy it and it tasted good. She reached over and grabbed Mike’s dick. Looking at me she said “He does have a really nice dick and it tastes real good.” She leaned over and sucked him good and hard bringing his cock back to full erection. She looked back at me and said “It is only fair that I share.”

She guided my face towards his dick telling me to suck on it. I began to lick his head. I eased it past my lips and started to gently suck on it. I felt good and tasted great. I could still taste her on him. She pushed on the back of my head and told me to suck it all in. His head was so big it filled my mouth. She was pushing him deeper into me and I started to gag as his cock slid down my throat. She forced him farther in and I felt my throat relax. I couldn’t believe it there I was sucking a big dick and my wife was helping me do it. He slid the rest of the way in and I could feel his balls against my chin. Mike slowly started to slide his cock in and out of me fucking my face. It was amazing how good it felt. I began to suck harder as he fucked my mouth faster. My wife was cheering us on telling me to suck him good. I felt Mike’s head swell and prepared myself for what was next. I grabbed his ass and suck him as far down my throat as I could. He moaned and his body became stiff as he unloaded in to me. I thought he would never stop cumming. I swallowed as much as I could but some of his cum ran down my chin. I continued to suck him till he was limp. When I was done my wife was eager to lick his cum from my face and thanked me for saving her some.

As we got dressed Mike thanked us for a great time. He said he was in town at least once a month and would love to get together again sometime. I looked at my wife and she gave me a naughty grin. We exchanged and e-mail addresses and headed home. We didn’t say much on the ride home. When we got in bed my wife confessed that she always thought two guys playing was grouse, but watching us was really hot and a big turn on. I told her I enjoyed it to and was shocked how good it felt. She climbed on top of me and we had the best sex we have had in years.

Mike does come to town every month for business and we try to get together for some fun.
Overtime bonus
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The names have been changed to protect the kinky.

My name is Jack and I'm 26 yrs old and an accountant for a private company. The owner is a woman named Janine who's probably in her mid thirties. It's her father's business but he's basically retired so she's been running it exclusively for the past three years. She not exactly a bitch but is a control freak and very demanding. I know she's never been married and I think it's probably because she doesn't seem to like men very much from the times I've seen her dealing with them. Being the accountant I'm privy to the books and this company is pretty much on the up and up except for a few liberties on a personal nature that she writes off for her own personal benefit. One day I was working late and decided to go home. Five minutes down the road I realized I left something that I needed to finish a report so I turned around and saw Janine and the young intern Brook leaving the office. I retrieved my notes and when I past the hotel down the block I noticed a car that looked like the bosses and the VW bug that belonged to Brook in the parking spaces. This hotel was one the business used to host various or reps that did business with our company. I wonder.... I pulled into a restaurant across the street and got a window booth. Sure enough half way through dinner I witness Brook coming out of the room a bit dishevel and she got into the car and drove off in a hurry. Ten minutes later the boss emerged and did the same. Brook was working as an intern from a local college program. Could this be a lesbian interlude with one of her employees? I had to be sure and I kept my eyes and ears open from that point on. The next week I overheard Janine telling her secretary that she would be taking a two hour lunch and she left with Brook following her. I took off down the stairs and straight to the diner I went. I parked at the restaurant and waited and sure enough they showed up.I waited for about 5 minutes and then made my way across the street. I walked past the door and tried to hear something. I looked around and the coast was clear and I pressed my ear to the door. I heard the sounds of sex. Janine was screaming something and they were definitely having a lunch time tryst. I returned to the restaurant and had lunch. They both came out together and I took pics with my phone. Part of Brook's shirt tail was hanging out and Janine had her tuck it back in and I got it all on my cell. This was perfect and they drove off together. Now the only question was if Brook was a willing party or if the boss was taking advantage. Either way it wasn't putting Janine in a very good light but it would be even worse if she was using her position as Brook's boss to force her to have sex. My mind began to run wild with ideas, mainly job security. The next week on Tuesday, it seemed that was their regular 'date' night. I walk into the Janine's office at the day's end. I had already told Brook that Janine had told me to let her know she could leave early as I was going to be working late with the boss. I entered the her office and told Janine that I needed to discuss some matters with her. She told me to make it quick. I proceeded to tell her about some irregularity I was finding in the books. I don't know if she was bluffing but she brushed them off and asked me if I was going to become a whistle blower. That's when I laid my cell phone in front of her and she scanned through some of the pics. Her attitude changed immediately and asked me what I wanted. I told her that I thought I was under appreciated at work and that I needed some special consideration. She mentioned something about a raise that was long over due and then stated matter of factually that she was sure that I wanted her to have sex with me. Unfucking believable! I hadn't even thought about that! I was only thinking about my position at work. I took a long look at her. She was only about 8 or 9 yrs older than me but she was definitely in good shape and fairly good looking with a nice full pair of big titties. Yeah I could go for fucking this lesbian bitch. I started grinning and stated, "Of course that's part of the deal."

I told her I had let Brook go home earlier and she grabbed her big purse and we went in her car. Once we were inside the hotel room she stated something like, "Let's get this over with."

She begrudgingly began to take her clothes off. She kept talking the entire time, "You are not going to enjoy this as much as you think. I am not going to enjoy this at all.". Damn, could this bitch ever just shut up. She dropped her blouse and then bra on the floor. Her big breasts drooped slightly but were nice and firm for her age. She bent over to remove her heels but I told her to leave those on. She frowned and then unzipped the side of her skirt and stepped out of them. She had a satin thong type of red panties underneath and they soon lay on the floor with the rest of her clothes. She had a hourglass figure and her pussy was clean shaven. I'm sure she was prepped for an evening with Brook but tonight hard dick was added to the menu. My cock began to swell but I remained under control. She laid down on the bed and spread her legs apart facing directly at me. Having her leave the high heels on was a nice touch and with her legs were splayed wide open exposing her willing but not wanting pussy. Her bald Mons was bisected by her thin vaginal slit which show the entrance to her love tunnel. That wonderful man cave where all men yearn to hide their various sized bad boys. And this man cave was going to be stuffed full tonight. It was so fucking hot looking as she sat on the bed. If her personality wasn't so abrasive I could have actually been attracted to her. "Hurry up and fuck me." she said. What a controlling biotch? I wouldn't have been surprised to see a set of balls on her and if she did have a pair my hand was definitely around them. I took my time taking off my clothes when she told me, "Just stick your nasty cock in and try not to sweat all over me." Oh was she asking for it and she was going to be in for a big surprise once my pants came off. I was going the fuck the hell out of her. Obviously she preferred pussy but I could tell she was no virgin but I wondered how many guys she had ever been with and did they have my large equipment. My cock is about 9 inches long and really thick and when I pulled it out of my pants her jaw just dropped. "Don't have anything to say now," I quipped. I stroked it a few times and it kept growing and she finally spoke, "You're not going to fuck me with that!" I smirked and told her, "I'm definitely going to fuck you with this." I moved quickly between her legs and pulled her over to the edge of the bed. "Nooo, it will rip me apart." she yelled. Holding her thighs apart I lined the head of my cock up with her quivering slit and shoved. "Aaaggghhh! Please stop, it's too big." she pleaded. She was right, I was able to get it in very far, partly because her pussy was so tight and partly because her pussy wasn't wet enough. I pulled out and spit in my hand and rubbed it on the bulbous head of my dick and shoved again. "Aaagghhh, it won't fit. Please, please, I have some lube in my purse," she screamed. I opened her purse, it was more like as beach bag and it was full of stuff. Vibrators, restraints and sure enough right next to the double headed dong was a bottle of lube. I pulled the dong and restraints out and said, "You were going to used this on Brook, you fucking bitch?" "It's not like that, she loves it." she protested. Yeah right, I thought to myself. I laid them down and pulled out the lube. Even though the dildo was fairly big it wasn't nearly as thick as I was. She had probably planned on using it on Brook tonight. I had this picture in my mind of the dildo being shoved up Brook's pussy with the other end embedded up inside Janine. But tonight it was my cock that was going to be drilling her cunt. I was going to fuck this bitch so hard. I was about to pour out some lube when I got another idea and dropped down on the floor and began to eat her cunt out. "Don't eat me, just hurry up and fuck me." she exclaimed. I paid her no mind and held her ass down and continued munching. Her protest fell on deaf ears but soon her juices began to flow. Her pussy was so sweet and I guess her cunt didn't care which gender was eating it. When she got good and wet I dipped my tongue as deep as I could into her hole and the slick juices covered it. I then licked her sex upon her clit and coated it completely with her slimy lubricate. I began to concentrated my efforts there.. Her moans told me she was really enjoying it and was getting closer and closer to orgasm. "Oh, it's good, it's so good." she moaned. Now this was something I didn't mind hearing come out of her pie hole. "Don't stop, I'm so close," she groaned. Before it was stop and now it was don't stop, the lesbian bitch deserved everything I was going to do to her this night. I pulled my mouth off her cunt before she came and she screeched like a little girl, "Noooo!" She immediately shoved a couple of fingers into her cunt to finish herself off but I grabbed her wrist and pulled them away. I wasn't about to let her get off that easy. Her panting betrayed the fact that she was so near hitting her moment. I loved it. I grabbed her legs behind the back of her knees and pushed them back towards her tits. Her cunt was raised up off the edge of the bed and it was completely defenseless. I'm sure she saw the total fuck lust in my eyes. My cock was rock hard and I positioned it at the entrance to her dripping slit. I pressed forward and even as wet as she was it was still incredibly tight. She let out a groan that came from deep in her gut and it continued as my cock made it's journey an inch at a time deeper and deeper as she screamed, "Aaarrgghh!" I remembered her saying, 'You are not going to enjoy this as much as you think.' She was dead wrong, her tight little pussy was the most amazing feeling I had ever fucked before. I had almost 8 inches into her before I withdrew it almost completely out and shoved it back in. I kept a smooth pace as I savored every second. She soon stopped screaming and only grunted each time I drove it home. I couldn't take my eyes off my cock sliding in and out of my bosses' wet pussy. I began to pump her faster and faster and she began to moan. This hot little slut was back on the big "O" train. As she grew closer I asked, "Do you want me to stop fucking you with my nasty cock?" "Don't stop, please fuck me harder, I'm going to cum." she cried out. And harder I did, I was pounding the crap out of her tight little cunt by this time and she only wanted more. She had been so close before and it didn't take very long this time. "Fuck, fuck, fuuccckkkk!" she yelled and then I felt her pussy spasm as she came hard. Her orgasm lasted for a long time and near the end she was quietly whimpering. I had almost stopped as her quivering cunt massaged my big boy but now it was my turn. I started slamming her harder and harder until I got that old familiar feeling. My cock yearned for some sweet release. "Shiiittt!" I yelled. My cock exploded deep inside her womb and the spurting went on forever. It had been awhile for me and I poured an enormous load into her. "Hmmmm." she cooed as I pumped more and more white hot seed into the depths of her cunt. For the first time I didn't mind working overtime with my boss as I came longer than I ever had. My squirts started diminishing so I pumped her a few quick strokes and more semen raced to the soiree. When I finished I was completely spent and released her legs and I fell back to the floor. As I was catching my breathe I witnessed her legs dangling over the edge of the bed and her once pristine pussy was a slimy mess. Within seconds a small glob of white gism seeped out at the bottom of her slit. It oozed down over her tiny asshole and then the dam burst. It was if someone turned on the faucet and white male semen poured out of her lesbian cunt. It became a puddle at the very edge of the bed before it overflowed down the side of the sheets and on to the floor. And it just kept coming. I was quite proud of myself and the vast amount of gism I had been able to produce. I regain my sense of reality and remembered whose cunt it was I was staring at and got up and climbed on the bed next to Janine. She actually had a weak smile on her face but she was still a deserving bitch and I put my semi hard cum covered cock near her mouth and ordered, "Clean me up." Her facial expression change to one of bewilderment and protested, "You want me to put that nasty thing in my mouth?" I grabbed her by the hair on the top of her head and pulled her mouth closer and said, "That's exactly how I want you to clean my 'nasty' cock." I now shoved my dick into my bosses' mouth. "Suck it, suck me good!" I yelled. I let her work my cock at first and it soon got fully erect. She was doing a pretty good job for someone who usually ate only pussy. Watching her being forced to suck my cum covered cock was getting me turned on again and I started to face fuck her as my lust meter began to get filled. She could just barely get her mouth around my thick rod but there wasn't anything she could do but suck. I was enjoying this to no end but I wanted to fuck her some more. I pulled my dick out of her mouth and told her to get on all fours. Her bubble butt was round but firm and it was at my beckon call. As I spread her ass cheeks I could see her backside was a slimy mess. Her slit was swollen and puffy from the banging I had earlier administered. Her asshole was slick and covered with our cum that had poured out of her cunt. This scene was driving me wild and I slammed my cock balls deep into her slimy hole. She didn't yell this time as I think the force of my entry knocked the breathe out of her. Her cunt felt wonderful again and I started pounding her right away. She began to groan as I hammered her pussy. Her face was buried in the mattress but I could make out the groaning turn into moaning. I grabbed her by the hair again and pulled her off the bed. "Look at me." I ordered. When she did I told her to tell me how much she loved being fucked by a man. "I love your huge cock inside of me." she yelled. Her backside jiggled with each stroke and her asshole was winking at me each time I drove my cock home. I grabbed the dildo and asked her if it was what she used to fuck Brook. She grunted affirmatively. I shoved her back down on the mattress. This exposed her ass a bit more. I rubbed the life like head of the dildo up against her asshole and she popped back up. I shoved her back down and ordered her to stay there. I continued rubbing it against her ass and coated it with our sex. When it was well lubed I positioned in at the entrance to her tightest hole and shoved it into her butt. "Ooouuhh!" she actually squealed. I left the dong head which had large ridges embedded inside her ass as I hammered her cunt. It flopped around in unison to my pounding as held in place by her anal ring. This bitch now had a tail. She never protested after the initial insertion as both of her backside holes were now filled with 'cock'. I would have bet a week's pay that this slut had never been fucked in the ass before and I decided that I wanted to be the first. I pulled the dildo out of her and her asshole tighten up in no time. Her small orifice was back to normal but it kept winking at me. I didn't know if her water tight ass was going to be able to accommodate my huge dick but I just had to fuck it. My cock was going to be inside her ass soon and I knew once I finished with her it would never be that tight again. I withdrew my dick and positioned it against her pink button. She flinched and I told her that it was going in whether she wanted it or not and that it would be much easier on her if she spread her ass cheeks. "Please!" was her only response. I was in no mood for request and I yelled, "Spread them!" She reached back and pulled her cheeks apart. I placed one hand on top of her ass and held my cock with the other. I guided the head of my cock into her ass and pressed forward. For such a tiny orifice it enveloped the huge head off my cock lickity split. But as soon as the ridges of my cock's head popped through her sphincter clamped down. "Uuuggghh!" she cried out. I pressed forward some more but her tight ass wasn't giving in. "You're tearing me apart." she yelled. I picked up the lube and squeezed some down the crack of her ass and it ran down and coated the cock that was still outside of her hole. I shoved again. Her asshole yielded another inch and she continued to scream. I pulled back and poured more lube and shoved again. This time it slid forward a little easier. But by the sounds of her cries she wasn't noticing any improvement. When I got half of it in, I released my cock and grabbed her hips with both hands. Now two sets of hands were on her ass. Mine firmly holding her hips and Janine's spreading her cheeks to the maximum to ease the stretching that my huge rod was administering to her asshole. It was perfect and I started to pump her tight butt. She was now only whimpering like a little puppy and I picked up the pace. I was getting more and more of my cock deep into her ass. It felt so good and I knew I would soon be filling her with more hot cum. "You might feel better if you use the dildo on your cunt." I recommended. I saw her reach for it and she shoved it into her cunt. I chuckled as the dumb slut shove the end that was recently embedded in her ass into her cunt. She didn't care she was just looking for any kind of relief. I had never DPed a girl before but I could feel the dildo pumping in and out of her pussy and it got me even more excited. It wasn't long before the slut was moaning again. Damn, this bitch was getting off even with my huge cock shoved up her ass. Well, I wasn't waiting on her. I fucked her faster as my loins were beginning to burn for the second time tonight. "Are you ready for another load? Tell me you want it." I ordered. "Give it to me, cum in my ass." she responded. I was almost pounding her ass as hard as I had her cunt right to the very end. I slammed my dick one final time deep into her ass. My cock exploded again and hot cum shot deep into her butt. "Take it, slut!" I yelled as I pumped another massive load into her. "I can feel it, I can feel it!" she screamed and I felt the dildo's pace increase and then the little bitch came also. "Fuuucccckkk!" she screamed out. Her asshole twitched as she came and milked more and more semen into her bowels. I collapsed on top of her as the last few squirts of cum dribble out and I was finally done. Only when my cock soften did I withdraw. I rolled off her and sat up to see the damage I had done. Her asshole actually tightening up but not as fast or as completely as the first time. Janine turned her toward me and had the face of someone quite content. I asked her if she enjoyed it and she nodded affirmatively. I told her to put me on her weekly schedule each and every week from now on. Very meekly she asked, "Anything else?" I replied, "Yeah, get me a hotel key too."

Back in the car I told Janine that I wanted her to arrange it so the three of us to get together. "No way, Brook is all mine." she protested. The look in my eyes told her who was holding all the cards here and I explained that we could use the ruse that she was using her position over me the same way she was with Brook. "I'll even let you be entirely in control for the session." I said. "Think of it, you could make me fuck her with my nasty dick." She was intrigued and I knew she loved being the one in control. She acquiesced and said we could do it next week. This was going to be epic.

The night arrived and I left early and showered at the hotel and waited for them to arrive. I was in a robe sitting on the bed when the door handle turned. Brook was shocked to see me but didn't say anything. Janine broke the silence, "Good, you showered like I told you. Now Brook get your clothes off." As she undressed, Janine told me that I needed to stay were I was until she needed me. Brook was your prototypical Barbie doll. Very petite, blonde, and cute, her breasts weren't as big as Janine's but were a nice handful never the less. She had the body of an adolescent becoming a woman. Her pussy was smooth with a small strip of blonde pubes above her clit. Janine took off her clothes too and underneath her skirt was some crotchless black pantyhose which she left on along with her heels. She pulled out some restraints and place Brook's hands behind her back. Now Brook was completely at her bidding. Janine set down beside me on the side of the bed and told Brook to get on her knees in front of her. Janine looked at me and said, "Watch how I like to have my pussy eaten." She spread her legs and just said, "Eat me." Brook leaned forward and licked all around her slit. This restrained cutie then started lapping her mistress's pussy. It was definitely one of the hottest things I had ever witnessed. Janine started moaning and placed her hands on the bed and leaned back. She tilted her face toward the ceiling and groaned, "Good... girl." Brook was eating her out with gusto and was moaning herself. Damn, maybe she was into it like Janine said. My cock was growing larger the whole time. Janine was getting close to cumming when she told Brook to slow down. "Stick your tongue inside my pussy, I don't want to cum just yet." she ordered. She looked straight at me when she said that. The bitch knew how excited I was and she was going to make me wait. She sure knew her stuff. I watched Brook shove her tongue deep inside Janine and the moaning continued from both of them. After a few minutes Janine reached down and pulled Brook up to her clit. "Yeah, suck my clit." she commanded. Her breathing was becoming short and raspy and she was going to cum any moment. She pulled Brook's face hard against her cunt and started to scream as she hit the big "O". "Drink it, drink it all!" When she finished she fell back on the bed. As she was recovering Brook looked at me and she was all smiles. Brook was definitely into this. There was a big wet spot between Janine's thighs and around Brook's mouth was lots of sex slime. She licked her lips when Janine spoke, "Kiss him and let him taste my sweet sex." Brook got up and came to me and stuck her tongue down my throat. It was intoxicating as I smelled and tasted the hot juices from Janine's pussy. Janine asked me if I enjoyed watching them and I nodded yes. She told Brook to blow me while she recovered, "Suck his nasty cock." I undid my robe as Brook's hands were still tied. She let out a gasp when she finally saw my rod and after she got over the initial shock she went straight down on me. Bless her heart she could barely get her mouth around my thick shaft. She tried over and over to take more of it into her mouth but she just couldn't. And even though she was only able to get her mouth around the top 3 inches it was a great blow job. Maybe it was just the excitement of this Barbie like pixie trying so hard to handle my monster man snake but I was turned on that I was still going to cum. I stood up and held her face and began to stroke it into her mouth. I pumped faster and I was so close when Janine interrupted and told me that was enough. She pulled Brook away and I was so pissed and my balls were practically turning blue. Janine was doing the same thing I had done to her the first time. She was getting even and the smirk on her face told me she was so enjoying it. But I had to play along, I knew I would be cumming before night's end. "Do you want to eat her cunt?" Janine asked. Did I! She had Brook get on the bed face down and told me I could eat her from behind. Brook's ass was up in the air and her hands were bound behind her back and I jumped behind her. Her butt was lean and taunt like that of a young college girl. I stuck my tongue into the middle of her slit and she was already soaked. I extended it as deep as I could and my nose pressed tight against her asshole. There was no smell except for the aroma of pussy that filled my nostrils. I ate her like it was a condemn man's last meal. There is nothing in the world like the taste of young pussy, nothing. I drank from her vaginal fountain. Again Janine interrupted, "Lick her ass too." I had never done that before but I was game for anything at this point. I lick her ass some and felt her cheeks tense up but she never protested. I was getting more and more turned on. I then went back to her pussy before heading north again. I alternated between her pussy and ass and Brook began to moan even louder. Later when I was licking her ass Janine told me to stick my tongue into her asshole. I barely put the tip of my tongue in and Brook pushed her ass back against me. I think she wanted more. I tried to get my tongue deep in her ass the 2nd time. I did, but it was such a perverse act and I loved it. As I shoved my tongue inside her ass Janine whispered to me, "That's the only thing you're going to put in her ass tonight." Janine was truly a bitch. She knew how much I would have loved to stick my dick up Brook's ass. Brook's pussy was now flowing like Niagara Falls by this time and she was wailing as her climax was near. Janine yelled, "Stop!" She pushed me aside and drove her mouth between Brook's thighs and finished her off. Brook's entire body jerked uncontrollably as she came. I was beginning to wonder if I was going to be able to finish anything this evening. When Janine finally moved away, Brook lay flat on the bed and I untied her at this point. She rolled over and our eyes met. She pulled me towards her and kissed me deeply. "Oh how sweet, now get over here and eat me." Janine yelled. That was it, I had enough of this controlling bitch. I took the restraints and went over to Janine. She asked me what I was doing and I didn't pay her any mind. I held her face down and put the restraints around her wrist. "Stop!!! You'll regret this." she cried. I went back to Brook and took her in my arms. She had a sly smile on her face as she knew Janine was getting some of her own. I kissed her softly and then mounted her missionary. I pressed my dick forward with loving tenderness. She bit her lower lip as I entered her. Her pussy was proportional to her overall size and it was definitely a tiny one. I applied some more pressure and it slowly but surely inched forward. She never once made any sound as she received the biggest cock in her young life. She was deliciously tight. I stopped when I got a little more than half of my dick in her and very slowly began to pump her pussy. I asked her if she was OK. "Uh,huh."she cooed. I held myself up with my two arms and picked up the pace and she began to moan. I didn't shove anymore into her I just pumped her faster. As bad as I wanted to cum, this was not about me. I wanted it to be the best fucking Brook had ever had so that she would want to do it again and again. I wasn't fucking this slender beauty as much as I was making love to her. "Deeper, I want you to fuck me deeper." she cried. I shoved more and more of my thick cock into her tight hole and she loved it. While I was mesmerized by this vixen, I still notice Janine squirming her ass right next to us. She was grinding her cunt against the sheets in an effort to receive some type of satisfaction as she watched us. Brook was almost able to handle all 9 inches and when I felt her legs lock around my backside I knew that she was going to cum. I fucked her faster and she began to wail. "Aaaaahhhhh!" she screamed as her pussy spasmed in unison with her entire body. I kept my cock fully embedded inside her as she came and rocked back and forth gently. It felt like my cock was inside a freshly baked juicy sweet cherry pie and I watched her thrash around in the throes of true passion. I felt her legs unlock and she fell back on the mattress and lay still with only her perky breasts rising up and down. After a bit she pulled my face down to her and kissed me again. "I want you to cum inside me." she whispered. Finally! I began to fuck her immediately and very soon my loins were burning. I could feel my cum boiling down in the depths before they erupted out the top of my volcano into the valley below. I couldn't help but grunt out loud as my sperm jetted so violently that it almost hurt. "I can feel it, your cock..your cock feels alive inside me." Brook stated. I could only imagine because from my end my dick was pulsating something fierce as wave after wave of man seed filled her exquisite pussy. I don't know how many times I squirted 9, 10, a dozen times but when I was done I was completely exhausted and fell on top of her. We laid in each others arms for minutes before our post coital bliss was interrupted by the wicked witch of the west. "I want to cum again. I was going to let fuck the both of us." Janine announced. I pulled my semi hard cock out of Brook. Her vaginal lips are coated with over flowing semen. I pulled Janine over to Brook. I told her she was going to have to earn it and she had to get Brook off. "But her pussy is full of your cum." she complained. I shoved her face down in front of Brook's spread thighs and explained, "Exactly now eat her out." She hesitated and I pushed her face against Brook's pussy and held her there. She started munching and soon Brook started moaning. "That's right, eat her out after she's had my nasty cock cum in her." I chided. Her mouth looked like it was permanently attached to Brook's cunt and debasing the controlling bitch was starting to turn me on. My cock began to rise again and I urged Janine on, "Eat her, make her cum." I was ready to fuck some more. I got behind her and lifted her ass off the bed. I rubbed my cock up and down her slit before plunging it deep inside her cunt. Janine let loose a muffled shriek as her mouth was covered by Brook's pussy. "You wanted some of my nasty cock, didn't you?" I yelled. I pounded her her from the very start and I was shoving her face against Brook's cunt. This was incredible as I had never been part of a train like this before. Mouth up against pussy, my dick inside the pussy of the one eating pussy, if I couldn't cum again being the conductor in this scenario my cock must have been dead. But it wasn't and I was getting closer with every stroke. Once again I could see her asshole which was partial covered by the pantyhose. I reached down and ripped her pantyhose until her ass was fully exposed. "I so love fucking ass," I announced. Janine turn her head around as best as she could. Her chin was smeared with semen and she begged, "Please, please don't fuck me in the ass." Brook reached down and pulled her mouth back to her pussy, "Just make me cum and he won't ass fuck you." Then in between her moans Brook said, "Jack, I'll let you fuck me in my butt." I couldn't have been happier if I had just won the lottery, this hot little beauty wanted me to fuck her ass. I slowed down my pace as I didn't want to waste a load inside Janine. Brook was humping Janine's mouth by this time and she shrieks and cums once again. I shut it down as my cock was close and Janine began protesting. Brook crawl over to her and releases her from the restraints and flips her on her back. She began to lick Janine's cunt and I knew she was going to make her cum. She started wiggling her ass in the air and then told me to get some lube out of the bag purse. As I retrieved it I wondered how much tighter her ass was going to be. She only could just barely handle my cock in her cunt. But she was game and so was I. Whatever semen Janine had missed now streamed out and down her inner thighs. I thought about fucking her sweet pussy some more but I wanted to sample this vixen's ass. I slid a single lube covered finger inside her and it went in fairly easily and then I poured about half the bottle over my rigid rod. I was ever so gentle as I pushed my bulbous head against her minuscule asshole. It slipped in surprisingly easily. She only let out a small groan. I pushed some more and she groan a little bit but never stopped eating Janine. My cock continued it's assault and when I had nearly half of it in her, Janine started cumming. "Yeeeeessss!" she screamed. Girls definitely know how to service other girls. When Janine was done Brook put her face down on the bed between Janine's thighs and I asked her if she was all right. "Uh,huh, go ahead and fuck me." she said. I began to stroke my cock into her ass and she groaned quietly, none of the screaming like Janine had in our previous ass encounter. Janine was setting against the headboard. Her pussy was a slimy mess and her face was covered with semen. The woman who I had thought was the best sexual encounter ever now looked like a common compared to the lovey Brook whose behind was pressed up against my groin. I don't know if Brook was allowing me to ass fuck her because she was thanking me for fucking her so well earlier or that she wanted me to know that she could handle my cock in all of her orifices. But her ass was super tight and I loved this girl for letting me fuck her ass. Except for the occasional groan she never complain and I was shoving almost all of my 9 inches into her butt. She must have sensed I was close as I pounded her even harder. "Cum in my ass, give it all to me." she begged as she pushed her ass back at me. This girl was amazing and her ass was clinging around my shaft like a baby wrapped up in a blanket. It was so tight that I couldn't last any longer. "Here it comes," I announced to everyone in the room. My cock started spurting once again. I could feel her tightening her sphincter around my shaft as I was cumming. It only heighten the enjoyment I felt, this girl was a real trooper. I pour nearly as much as I had the first time and filled her butt with white hot gism. When I finished my balls were aching but I had never felt so good after sex as I was feeling now. Her legs gave out and she dropped to the mattress as the entire 9 inches slipped out of her anus. I just stood there with my cock sticking straight out and eventually one last glob of cum eased out of my satisfied dick's head. I squeezed my shaft and a final strand of cum oozed out and dropped down and landed on the bottom of her taunt cheeks. Now my balls were completely empty for the day. I laid down on the bed next to her and we all took a short nap. This was just the beginning of some one on ones with Brook in the months to come. You see we're dating now but we still have weekly threesomes with Janine. I have even gotten Janine to blow me in the middle of her office while I'm sitting in her chair. The boss now works overtime for the both of us.
Lesbian sweet meat
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Since Becky, Jan, and I had our first "menage a trois" my wife has been insatiable. She can't get enough of eating or having her pussy eaten. She still loves cock as much as ever but she's a card carrying bisexual. To review from my first story Fucking Lesbians, my wife, Jan, and her lesbian friend Becky were tricked by me into a lesbian relationship. Now we routinely get together for some fuck and suck. It usually culminates with me filling up Becky's lesbian cunt with my cum while she eats out my wife. Becky is getting to the point were she enjoys getting fucked but I can tell she loves pussy even more. With Jan going crazy over woman now I told her I didn't want her fucking them without me being present. She promised and the three of us were all set to go out one weekend when I got called into the office to take care of some problem that had popped up. Becky was already at my house and I told them it would only take an hour or so. As I left Jan asked me to call them when I finished to let them know when to be ready. I didn't think much about it at the time. It took a little longer than I thought and I forgot to call as I rushed home. I arrived and slipped into the side door. When I approached our bedroom I heard the sounds of unfulfilled lust. Peeking through the door I saw my wife on all fours being fucked doggie by Becky who was wearing a strap on. Jan's hands were tied and connected to the headboard. My wife has a small fetish about being restrained. Once she is, she's complainant with anything you want to do to her. She really gets off to it. I heard Becky yell to her, "You little slut, you love getting fuck by cock, don't you?" "Yes, yes, I love it when you fuck me." she responded. "But you love eating my pussy too, don't you?" Becky asked her. "Yes, yes, I love your sweet pussy too." my wife screamed. Becky was pounding her pretty hard and seemed to be enjoying the position of control she had over Jan. I soon heard my wife moaning louder and knew that she was going to cum. "That's it cum,you little ." Becky yelled. She never used that type of language with my wife when I was around but now Jan was her fuck doll and she slammed her backside all the harder. "Aaahhh!" Jan wailed as she pushed her ass back against Becky as she came. She fell to the mattress as Becky pulled that huge wet dildo out of her cunt. I stepped away from the door and called my wife's cell. I heard Becky say,"Answer it, it could be Jim." I told Jan that I was finishing up and would probably be back home in about 20 minutes and hung up. I heard her tell Becky when I'd be back and as I peered back into the room I saw her taking off the strap on and saying, "Good, that's enough time for you to take care of me." She turned my wife on her back and crawled on top to straddle her face. She ground her cunt into my wife's mouth and said, "Eat me good." After Jan had lathered her cunt up for a few minutes Becky then grabbed the hair on the top of my wife's head and pulled her hard against her cunt. She was riding my wife's face cowboy and squeezing her own erect nipples with her free hand. "I'm close, suck me." she ordered. She was ready to climax and she started humping my wife's face and grunting louder, "Aaahhh, eat me, aahhh, make me cum." She then used both hands to hold my wife's mouth in place and then, "Uuuuggghhh!" Her cunt convulsed against Jan's mouth as she came. She finally finished and rolled off. I went back outside and reentered at the appointed time. The girls were innocently sitting in the living room and we went out with out further ado. My cock was hard for nearly the entire night and it ended with me pouring hot seed into Becky's cunt while she ate out my wife. The next morning Becky had to be somewhere early so I accompanied her to the door. She had her overnight bag which I knew had the strap on that she used to fuck my wife inside of it. I asked her if she ever used a strap on with other woman. She gave me a curious look and she told me hesitantly, "Sometimes." I nonchalantly told her I thought that Jan might like it and asked her if next time she could bring one with her. She said she would. I also asked her if she had other lesbian friends. I explained how Jan seemed to be interested in an all girl party. I told her that I would only participate to the point that the girls would want me to. She really liked that idea and told me she would try to arrange it. She kissed me goodbye and left. I returned to the room pulled some lube from the drawer and laid down next to my sleeping wife. I kissed on her neck and started fingering her wet cunt. She soon woke up and started purring and I asked her if she wanted me to go down on her. She spread her legs wide and pushed me down there. While I was eating her I asked her if she had ever fooled around with Becky when I wasn't there. She paused for a second and said no. I asked her again if she had ever been fucked by Becky when I was not around and again she denied it. I then flipped her on her back and told her that I had watched Becky fuck her with a strap on last night when I had arrived home early. She began to tell me that Becky had forced her after tying her up. She told me she couldn't do anything about it. I held her hands behind her back and spread lube on her ass. I told her I suppose you didn't enjoy the fucking that Becky had given her last night. Again she came back with the lame excuse that there wasn't anything she could do. "Well I'm going to fuck you just like Becky did except up your ass." I informed her. "Please baby please. " she protested. One of my hands held both her wrists down on her back and I rubbed my 8 1/2 inch thick cock against her asshole. I pressed my cock's head against her tightest whole and shoved it in. "Aarrgghh!" she gasped. I didn't give her anytime to adjust and kept inching my thick cock into her butt. "Please! I won't do it again," she cried. When I had almost all of it in I pulled back out and started pumping her tight ass with smooth regular strokes. I told her what a lying lesbian she was and that she couldn't stay away from pussy. I told her I bet she could eat 3 or 4 girls at one time and I told her that I had asked Becky to arranged an all girl lesbian fuck fest. I could feel how excited her body was getting and could tell she was getting hot just thinking about it and she asked me to release one of her hands. She immediately started frigging herself. I could feel her finger fucking herself through the thin membrane separating her cunt and ass. I told her that I wanted to watch her eat new lesbian pussy and she started moaning. I told her again that she could only fuck them in front of me. As I fucked her ass I said, "You ARE going to bring lesbians home and I'm going to fuck them as they eat your sweet pussy." "Yes, yes." she moaned. "You just can't get enough of women eating your cunt can you?" I told her. "No, I can't. I love eating pussy but I love getting fucked by cock too." she yelled. She was close as she fucked herself faster. She was getting off to the idea of fucking new lesbians and she came hard. I felt her sphincter spasm around the base of my shaft as she climaxed, " Aaaaahhhhh!" That set me off too and I fired off my first stream of man goo. "Milk me with your ass, squeeze my cock," I screamed as I flooded her ass with semen. I felt a feeble attempted of her ass ring clamping down on my thick cock but it was enough as I continued to pump cum into my wife's butt. When we both finished cumming I left my cock embedded in her ass and pulled her on her side. I asked her what she thought about bringing other lesbian/bisexual woman home for both of us to fuck. She squeezed my cock with her sphincter and told me she liked the idea. Between her and Becky I was sure I was going to be getting into some new lesbian pussy very soon.

That weekend Becky was going to take Jan to the lesbian club downtown. No men allowed and my wife was so excited. She had purchased a new red thong to go with her new outfit. I call the dress she got a Latino pull up. It's one of those strapless dresses that are held up by ones' tits and are only mid thigh long. They're great for pulling up or down for some quick exposure. About 1:00 Becky calls me up saying Jan's had to much to drink and I needed to pick her up. She met me out front and was holding Jan up. After she put her in the front seat and apologized for letting her get so drunk she shut the door. As I circled back around I saw a strikingly tall blonde walking next to Becky with her hand on her ass. Becky and Jan are both about 5'5" but this girl had to be all of 5'10". She was wearing high heels and it made her long legs look extremely hot. I so wanted to see how her long legs connected to her naked ass. Her blonde hair was cut short and she resembled Bridget Nielsen. I was pissed at the missed opportunity. On the way home Jan had slumped down in her seat. Her legs were spread open and her skirt had hiked itself up to around her pussy and it didn't look like she had her thong on. I reached over and I was right, she wasn't wearing anything. I slipped my middle finger into her cunt and she was really wet, just fucked wet. She went straight to the bathroom to pee as soon as she got home and when she came out she fell onto the bed. I asked her if she was OK and what happened at the club. She told me that Becky's friend had been buying shots all night and she had just had too many. I then asked her if anything else happened at the club and she told me not really. Then I asked her, "So where is your thong?" She glanced around the room and lied to me again as she said she took them off as she just finished peeing. I told her she was lying and shoved two fingers into her slick wet cunt. I told that they weren't on when she got into the car and her pussy felt just fucked slick. She broke down and then begged me to understand there wasn't anything she could do. I calmed her down and told her to tell me everything that happened. This is what she told me in her own words.

We met Becky's friend at the club, her name was Brit. Between our regular drinks Brit would buy rounds of Patron from time to time. We all danced together. As the night progressed Brit would wrap her legs around my thigh and grind very seductively on the dance floor. Brit was very aggressive. She wasn't wearing any panties and soon my thigh was covered with her juices. We ended up in the restroom. These restrooms had sort of a parlor inside them with sofas and such. The driving beat of the music was loud even in here and the three of us set down on one of the sofas. My head was swimming from all the alcohol and the temperature seemed very warm inside the restroom. Becky and Brit started kissing my neck and nibbling on my earlobes. I looked around and there was other women making out on the other sofas. Brit put her hand underneath my dress and started rubbing my pussy. I was starting to give into the pleasure when I told them I couldn't. I told them that I couldn't unless my husband was present. I broke away and stood up and went into a stall to pee. The stalls were roomier than normal and the commodes were like the ones at the airport. They didn't have tops on them and the sides of the stalls were stainless steel. When I finished I opened the door and there stood Becky and Brit. Their eyes looked like those of wild animals and they pushed me back into the stall. Brit pushed me up against the side wall and kissed me deeply. I heard the latch being locked and then Becky came over and pulled my top down and start sucking on my nipples. I was melting from the attentions they both were giving me. Brit squatted down in front of me and pulled my thong down to my ankles. She hiked up my dress and started kissing all around my vaginal area. She eventually plunged her tongue into my pussy and I let out a little squeal. Her tongue probed deep into my cunt and Brit started humming as she ate me. "I told you her pussy was sweet," Becky said to her. "Very sweet," Brit replied. Brit began to suck on my clit as Becky continue sucking my tits. Above us, the beat of the music filled the air and the stainless steel felt cool on my backside. The atmosphere was intoxicating and soon I heard someone wailing in the background and I realized it was me. "Look at her go, she loves it," I heard Becky tell Brit. My juices were flowing freely as Brit's expert tongue darted into and around my pussy. She was driving me wild and soon I was filled with desire. My pussy was on fire and I soon came like never before. I wailed like a banshee, "Aaaaaahhhhhh!" My knees buckled and I slumped down against the stall as wave after wave of bliss washed over my body. I don't know how long it was until I came to my senses but I saw Brit kissing Becky up against the back wall of the stall. Becky had her back to the wall and both of them had their fingers in the others' pussy. I stood up and embraced Brit from behind and squeezed her soft but firm breasts. Brit turned her head to me and we Frenched kissed deeply and she told me to eat her. I looked into Becky's sex crazed eyes and she also told me to eat Brit. I squatted down behind her as she shoved her butt out for better access. I spread her ass cheeks apart and stuck my tongue into her slit. It was wet and sweet and I savored the taste. I could scarcely believe the act I was performing but her nectar was overwhelming my senses. I lapped at her fountain as the smell of wanton sex filled the air. I couldn't get to her clit from this position but it wouldn't have mattered as Becky fingers were covering it as she rubbed Brit's engorged button. I concentrated on eating her cunt. I felt Brit grab my head and forced my face tight against her backside. I nose was practically embedded in her ass as she ordered me, "That's it, eat me good." Here I was squatting in a public bathroom stall with my face being held against Brit's ass, eating out her pussy. It was perverse, it was nasty, and I LOVED it. I sucked and sucked then I heard her scream, "I'm going to cum!" I was surprised when she pushed my face away and squatted closer to the toilet and came. As she was cumming she let out a powerful squirt of pee. It splashed hard inside the toilet. I saw her ass cheeks clinch and again another squirt of pee. She did this 2 more times although each squirt was diminished in intensity from the one before it. I had never seen a woman cum so hard that it cause her to pee at the same time. She turned around and kissed me and told me what a good job I had done. I noticed Becky sitting down on the very front of the toilet seat with her legs spread wide open. "Now it's my turn," she said. Brit pushed me toward her pussy and forced my mouth against it. "Now eat her good." Brit ordered. My legs were aching from squatting for so long and I got down on my knees. As I ate Becky's pussy I felt Brit move behind me and remove my thong from around my ankles. Becky said something about a trophy to Brit and they both laughed. Becky pulled me tight against her clit and ordered me to suck it. I felt Brit shove three fingers into my cunt and start fucking my pussy hard. They were both using me like their own personal fuck toy but I couldn't stop eating their sweet cunts. I started moaning again as Brit slammed her fingers into me. "Look at her go, I think the little is going to cum again," Brit stated. "Not before me, slow it down," cried Becky. Brit relented on my pussy and Becky caught up rather quickly. "OK, I'm close," Becky informed her. Brit picked up the pace as she started finger fucking me hard again. Becky humped my face faster as she too came in the stall. I tasted her sweet dew and felt her entire body shudder as she screamed, "Aaaahhhhh!" I tried to yell with my face covered by her cunt, "Fuck me harder!" My inner thighs were slick with my sex and Brit pounded me until I came for the second time tonight. After wards I vaguely remember sitting at a booth having another shot and the two of them talking about how hot our session was. They told me to keep my mouth shut and not to say anything to you about it. I was exhausted and my head was swimming again and I guess that's when they called you. When my wife finished telling me her story, my cock was rock hard and I swear her cunt felt like it had become wetter. I had my fingers in her pussy during the entire story. These two lesbians had turned my wife into a nympho gutter slut and fucked her in a public bathroom stall. And she LOVED it. I just wanted to forgive my wife so badly and tell her it was OK but I knew I could use this to my advantage in the future. "You little ," I yelled as I spread her legs apart and drove my cock up to the hilt. As wet as she was even my huge dick went in easily. As I pounded her hard she started moaning immediately. Damn my wife can't get enough. The little slut must have been just as excited by retelling the story as I was from hearing it. "You probably don't enjoy cock now that you've had a taste of pussy," I yelled. "Oh baby, I do love being fucked by you but I love pussy now too." she replied. "So are you going to bring pussy home for me to fuck?" I asked. "Yes, yes, I'll eat them and then you can fuck them," she cried out. We were both close but I pulled my cock out and told her to show me how lesbians get off without cock. She started masturbating her cunt vigorously and gave me quite a show as she brought herself to orgasm. "Uuhhh, uuhhh, aaaahhh." she wailed as her body jerked uncontrollable against the mattress. She lay there gasping to catch her breath as I shoved my cock back into her. I was real close as she said to me, "Come on baby, fill me with your hot cum." When I got close I pulled out again and climbed on top of her and ordered, "I want you to suck me like you do your lesbian girlfriends." She grabbed my dick and covered it with her mouth and sucked me like a pro. I grunted and came,"Uuugghh!" I shot about a pint of hot cum into my bisexual 's mouth and she swallowed every drop. We both soon were fast asleep but I had a plan in mind.

The next day I told Jan that I didn't think Brit had peed when she came. I told her she probably was a gusher. I had seen it before on some porn tape and told her some woman can gush out a watery female ejaculate when they orgasm. I told her I had a plan for some payback for Becky and Brit and had her invite them out this weekend. They agreed and during the week I went to the sex shop for some items. I got a strap on with a huge 10 inch black cock and some restraints. These were the belt type that had loops by the side which held your wrists in them. They had a chain linked to the back which I could hook up to the headboard. Friday couldn't get here fast enough. The girls came over and we all took my car to a normal dance club. Brit was even more striking in person. She wore high heels again and she was all legs. I slipped the bartender a 50 and told him to pour water into Jan and my shot glasses whenever we ordered a round. Brit would also buy rounds of Patron from time to time but by the end of the evening my wife and I were way ahead of the game. Brit acted just like a dancer out on the dance floor with her bump and grind dancing. It was all very sexual and on the way home the girls all piled into the backseat and played as I drove. It was difficult looking in the rear mirror and watching the road on the way home. I caught glimpses of tongues touching other tongues, nipples being sucked on and hands inside of dresses probing wet gashes. At home they immediately headed for the bedroom and I followed the trail of discarded clothing.. By the time I got back there they all had their clothes off and both of them were tag teaming my wife. Jan was melting under the assault of hands and lips caressing her body. Eventually Becky ended up straddling my wife's face while Brit was laying in front of my wife's cunt with her face buried in Jan's crouch. I took my clothes off and went down to the end of the bed behind Brit. I looked over her long legs as they ran forever before ending at her tight ass. The sight of her naked ass was one of the most incredibly sexy things I had ever viewed. She sensed me behind her and got up on her knees to increase her distance from me at the end of the bed. But it only gave me a better view of her backside. Her vaginal lips were clean shaven except for a small blonde patch just above her clit. Her slit was already glistening with her dew as she devoured my wife's pussy. Becky had her cunt mere centimeters from my wife's mouth. I could see Jan's extended tongue licking up and down Becky's wet gash. Soon my wife's lappings got the better of this hot lesbian nymph. She leaned forward and put her hands on the headboard and started humping her cunt down on my wife's mouth. Becky started bucking like a bronco as she was acting like a bitch in heat. She came soon after. "Yes!, yesss!," she cried. Her ass convulsed over and over. When she was done she fell off to one side. Jan's face was covered with slick sex. I got the belt and approached Becky and told her Jan wanted her to put them on. She complied and I hooked her up and left her connected to the headboard where she could watch everything but couldn't do anything. I return behind Brit and crawled onto the bed. She pulled her head from Jan's cunt and told me that she wasn't into being fucked by men. Oh how I was going to enjoy fucking this lesbian bitch. I reassured her that I just wanted to warm her up with my mouth and she returned to my wife's pussy. I begin to lick her inner thighs and outer folds of her vaginal lips and she spread her legs a little wider for me. I continued licking between her inner and outer pussy lips and she started purring. My wife was moaning deliriously by this time as she was going to cum very soon. I slipped my tongue into this lesbian's cunt and her juices were over flowing. Her moans grew louder as I lapped up her sweet tasting sex. I couldn't see but I could hear Jan shriek out as she climaxed,"Aaaarrghhh!" Brit lifted her head up and reached back and pulled my head tight against her ass. "Yeah, eat me, suck me good," she yelled. Apparently eating pussy wasn't just a girl thing. I ate her out as best as I could with my face up her ass. I had never eaten my wife out this way before and now I was being held by this lesbian pressing my nose up against her ass as my mouth worked over her sweet cunt. It was perverse and nasty and I LOVED it. She was grinding her ass back and forth and screaming for me to make her cum. I pulled my head away and she whined for me not to stop. I then asked her, "Am I doing as good as Jan did in the bathroom stall?" The room went silent and both Becky and Brit looked at me wide eyed. They then knew that my wife had told me the whole story. I grabbed Brit's ankle and pulled her down and to the edge of the bed. When her feet reached the floor I forced her legs apart and got between them. "Please, please," she begged as I placed my rock hard thick cock at the entrance to lesbian heaven. "You heard her say please," I mocked and then shoved my dick into her. "Uuughh!" she yelled. Damn her cunt was tight maybe she didn't like male cock because she couldn't get it into her tight pussy. I shoved again,"Uugghh, I meant...," she groaned. I still hadn't gotten all of my big boy so I shoved again. "Uugghh... please no, uugghh." she groaned as I tried to get all 8 1/2 inches into her tight wet cunt. I told my wife to get on all fours and motioned her to come down to the both of us. She scooted her butt down the bed until she had her ass in front of Brit's mouth. She pulled Brit's head against her cunt and yelled, "Now you're going to eat me while my husband fucks you." I couldn't believe my wife said that and I finally got all of my cock into this lesbian's cunt. I started a nice slow pace. As I withdrew her inner vaginal lips were tightly wrapped around the shaft of my thick cock. I watched in amazement as I fucked the tightest little twat ever. It was hard not to pound her cunt hard as excited as I was. This long legged hottie had her face up the crack of my wife's ass and my thick cock was embedded inside her tight lesbian cunt. With each stroke her face was pushed up against my wife's backside. I didn't want to slam her right off the bat and soon my patience paid off. Brit began a very quiet moaning. She may have been a lesbian but her cunt was reacting to a man's cock. Her moaning increased in intensity as I continued stroking my big boy in and out of her pussy. Jan looked at me and smiled, "I think she beginning to like it." This lesbian was enjoying the thick cock inside of her and she lifted her head off my wife and said, "Please, faster." I increased the pace and depth of my stroke. I shoved her head back against my wife's pussy. "Keep eating my wife," I ordered. She did but you could still hear her muffled moans as she sucked Jan's pussy. Damn her pussy was tight. Jan was in bliss as my pumping of Brit cunt was forcing her mouth and tongue deeper and deeper into Jan's cunt. "I'm going to cum, baby," Jan screeched. Her moans told me she was cumming into Brit's mouth as I was trying to cum into her lesbian cunt. When Jan finally stopped cumming I started pounding Brit's tight little pussy faster. The sounds of skin slapping echoed in our bedroom. And soon her groans grew louder and she was trying to fuck me back. I knew she would cum soon. "Aaaaahhh!" she screamed and I saw her ass cheeks tense up and then I felt it. My entire cock was immersed in a warm bath of female gush. It ran down my shaft onto my balls and splattered onto the carpet. "Oh baby, she gushing." I said to my wife. Each time she clinched her ass another wave of warmth pour onto me. I saw her ass cheeks finally relax after her third squirt. I had stopped fucking her as she gushed but now I began pounding her hard. I felt that familiar sensation building in my loins and I told her I was going to cum and asked her did she want me to pull out. She told me no that she wanted to feel it. Oh baby, was she going to feel it. I was going to hose down her lesbian cunt like never before. "Uuuugghhh!" I grunted. I slammed her one last time so hard I shoved her up on her toes and let loose my first jet of man seed. "Oh, I feel it, it's so warm," she cooed. I continued to squirt more and more hot cum into the depths of her womb. I just love flooding lesbian cunt and pour everything I had into her. It was one of the biggest loads I could ever recall. I collapsed on top of her and we both lay there gasping for air. I heard my wife state,"Baby, I think she liked it." When I pulled my semi-hard cock out of her cunt globs of white cum poured out of her pussy and dropped onto the wet spot of gush Brit had deposited earlier. Some of it slid down her inner thighs as the massive amount of cum I deposited continued to ooze out of her cunt as she crawled up onto the end of the bed. She collapsed exhausted from the first cock fucking she had just had in a long time. I looked to Becky still chained to the headboard and her mouth hung open. I unhooked her from the headboard and forced her to her knees and told her to clean me up. She sucked my cum covered cock with her pussy eating mouth. She looked up at me while my dick was buried in her mouth and her eyes showed no idea what I had in store for her. She was doing a pretty good job for a lesbian and soon I was back to being rock hard. Jan had used this break to put on the strap on. I had her lay on her back and she poured lube over the giant black phallus. When I lifted Becky up she saw my wife and looked at me apprehensively. "Jan's going to fuck you now." I told Becky. I helped her keep her balance as she squatted above my wife being that her hands were still restrained at her side. Jan held the massive dildo with both hands as Becky lowered her cunt down onto it. She got about half of it into her pussy before she raised back up and then down again engulfing another couple of inches. When she had about 8 inches embedded in her cunt she dropped down on her knees and Jan started fucking her. I had a good view of the lips of her pink pussy being spread to the limit by the black monstrosity. After a bit they both had a nice rhythm going and Becky was starting to moan as she was enjoying it. The sight of pink pussy sliding over a huge black dick was putting me into fuck lust. I picked up the bottle of lube and pour a large amount on my hard cock. Once again Becky had that puzzled look on her face as I stoked lube over my erect dick. I got on the bed behind her and announced my intentions, "This is what you get when you fuck my wife in a public bathroom." Then she realized what I was going to do to her. "No you can't, I can't take something that big in my ass," she begged. I pushed her down on top of my wife exposing more of her ass to me. I rubbed the thick bulbous head of my cock up and down the crack of her ass over and over. "You better spread you ass," I told her. With her hands restrained by her side she pulled her cheeks apart as best as she could. Her little brown button looked invitingly tight. I kept rubbing my huge cock head up and down the crack of her ass. She had seen and experience my huge cock in her pussy before but I wanted the tension to build. I wanted the anticipation of whether or not her tiny anal orifice was going to be able to accommodate my rock hard thick dick. I finally stopped at her little brown button. Holding my cock with my right hand I press it home. Her anal sphincter was water tight but I felt the tip of my dick starting to ease in. "Uuugghhh!" Becky yelled. Her asshole was definitely tighter than Brit's cunt but I just kept pressing on with my anal assault. The huge head of my cock popped through finally. Becky was squirming her backside around as she tried to escape. The ridge of my bulbous head was locked down inside her anal ring and as she squirmed it tugged on my cock. My bad boy was definitely not coming back out.Her hands were restrained and she had a 10 inch phallus inside of her cunt and my cock in her ass, this lesbian wasn't going anywhere. Only one direction for my cock to go. I spread her ass cheeks further and she continued groaning as I shoved inch after inch into her butt. "Aaaarrgghhh!" she screeched the whole time. When I finally got about 6 inches into her I stopped and told my wife to start fucking her again. Jan pushed her ass off the bed and resumed fucking her cunt. It took awhile but then Becky's pussy started responding to my wife thrustings. I figured her ass was getting use to the foreign male object embedded in it. Only then did I started a gentle slow fucking of her ass which I assumed was virgin. Damn her ass was unbelievably tight and I poured more lube on my exposed shaft. Becky adjusted really quickly and soon we were both DPing this little slut together. Her ass felt so tight as I was now getting pretty much all 8 1/2 inches into her and I could feel Jan's dildo pressing against her vaginal wall. I couldn't decide whether I liked her ass or Brit's tight cunt more. One thing for sure cunt or ass lesbian hole is definitely the best. The sounds of wailing filled the room. It was incredible, this lesbian slut was getting ready to cum again. My wife and I were fucking her good when she cried out, "Fuck my cunt! Fuck my ass! Fuck my cunt and my ass hard!" She came with a loud guttural moan as she was getting slammed by my wife and I, "Uuuuggggaaahhhh!" I felt her ass spasm on my shaft and that was it. I felt the first squirt travel the entire length of my shaft. I let loose a shower of gism into her butt. "FUCK!" I yelled as I unloaded into her tight ass. I filled her butt with all the remaining cum I had for the night. When my cock finally stopped spasming I squeeze the base of my shaft as I withdrew to get every last drop of gism inside her lesbian ass. I finally finished pulling my cock from her ass and stepped away from the bed to survey three naked lesbians and the various holes I had fucked. Becky's ass was gaped, revealing a nice anal creme pie. I wondered if her ass would ever be the same again. My white cum slid down the black exposed shaft that was still inside of her cunt. She eventually rolled off of my wife and lay there panting. Brit was laying at the end of the bed with one leg over the side. Her cunt was slick and still oozing juices onto her inner thighs and her face was slick and wet with my wife's sex. I thought about fucking her virgin asshole but that would have to wait for another session. And my wife laid buck naked in the middle of this lesbian pile with nothing but a strap on and she had a big smile on her face. I've fucked lots of cunt in my time but there is nothing as sweet as lesbian meat.
When in Rome
Posted:Oct 3, 2021 11:11 am
Last Updated:Mar 20, 2023 11:35 am
The names have been changed to protect the kinky.

The warm summer rain fell out of the night sky in sheets, reducing visibility on the road. The glare of our own headlights did nothing to help, on this back road of east central Florida.

Pam and I were heading home from a day of antique shopping and dinner out when the clouds rolled in bringing the rain with it, when we felt the distinct feel of a tire gone flat on the drivers front.

We coasted to a conveniently close pull over off the shoulder of the little back road. I had stupidly left my cell phone at home and when Pam checked her's she had no signal, and to make things worse, her battery was almost depleted.

Our car sheltered us well, but who knows how long we'd have to wait here in the darkness of early night for any assistance options, and this car did not come with a factory spare tire. Faith have it, within a few minutes the rains slacked off to a drizzle.

Visibility now opened up good enough to spot a house with the lights on, less than a few blocks down the road. I told Pam to sit tight and I'd walk to the house and I'm sure they would let me use a phone, and help would be on the way.

Pam would not have it, me going off alone on a dark rainy night alone and leaving her in a car. Pam is an out spoken, strong woman who says what's on her mind and does not have that cut off switch that tells a normal person when not to say something that may offend.

Her stubbornness, is packaged in a fine 44 year old frame that would rival any 25 year old. She is short at 5'1”, petite with a great ass and boobs that fit my hand perfectly. With straw colored shoulder length hair and shapely figure, Pam is a very sexy milf. She is the light in a darkroom that will uplift all in her presence.

Pam takes my hand and we trek down the road. The rain is light and warm, but we are soaked by the time we hit the driveway of the home. The big steel gate is open so we headed down the drive. As we get closer we can hear Jimi Hendrix's Purple Haze playing loud, and there are six nice cars lined in front of the home and the lights from within illuminated into driveway. It was beautiful two story brick.

I look over at Pam and say, I'm getting a Rocky Horror Picture Show vibe all of a sudden. By the light of the interior house lights, Pam's pretty sundress, a sheer white flowing cotton fabric, is soaked and sticking to her flesh like a second skin.

It has all but disappeared into transparency, leaving her body exposed through the material. She would be a contender in any wet tee shirt contest and her nipples have peaked, very visibly.

If I hear The Time Warp start playing, my ass is out of here, she laughs. I then tell her to look at her dress, it has become see through. Pam glances down and shrugs, is what it is, I will either offend or titillate someone I suppose. Well, I'm titillated, I say.

We climb about five steps and approach the door. God, don't let it be a gong sound, I laugh. The music is loud and from the door glass we detect different colored lights from somewhere in the house. I ring the bell and it's chimes off a normal tone. I look at Pam and say that's a good sign, I hope.

The door knob turns and the door pulls open just enough for the person to peek out. Pretty eyes, some nose, reddish hair. Um, yes, the lady speaks to us but she is all but hidden by the big door.

I introduce us and tell her about our car, pointing towards it's location and ask if there was a phone we could use or give her the number and call roadside assistance for help.

Oh you poor things, you are soaking wet, come inside out of that mess, she says. The lady stepped back pulling the door open. Pam and I step inside and apologize for getting the floor wet. The lady was saying think nothing of it and as the door pushed closed, and we finally see, she had answered the door totally naked.

To the left we could see into a big kitchen area and several naked people holding drinks and laughing, having a good time, and off to the right there was a billiard room with a nude man and a woman playing billiards.

As the scene was absorbed into my mind the lady said we'd have to excuse their lack of attire, but this was one of their monthly nudist get together parties of sorts...

We both went on to apologize for the intrusion and did not want to disturb their festivities, but the lady said nonsense let me get you a phone and some towels. She was a shapely lady in her late forties I'd guess and I could not help notice had a very nice ass as she walked away.

Friendly, Pam says. I nod yes and we stand a minute just absorbing the whole scene. From the billiard room another naked man came walking by. He was tall, perhaps 6'3, also in his forties I'd guess and he was sporting a semi erection of some eight inches.

He smiles and says good evening as he walks past. We watch him go into the kitchen area and attempts to speak over the music, anyone seen Debbie. She's in the den blowing Steven a woman's voice calls back. We watch the tall gentleman wander off down a small hallway.

Pam looks up at me and is grinning real big. Swingers, she says, I bet you they are swingers. I look at her, I bet your right, Pam I say, but The Rocky Horror Picture Show vibe is definitely increasing.

The lady returns and has a couple of towels, and a cell phone, and she is still nude. She hands me the phone and a towel, then puts her hands on her hips and looks at us.

You guys are soaked and chilled, and you are the only ones wearing cloths. Let's get you out of these wet things and I will toss them in the dryer. They will be dry in fifteen minutes, and I have robes if you are feeling, modest, she smiles.

With that the lady goes behind Pam and begins to undo her dress ties. I was a bit shocked at the boldness of this stranger, beginning to undress my wife when Pam looks at me and shrugs, when in Rome.

Now Pam, is one of those rare breeds that had never met a stranger. Five minutes with her and you feel like you've known her forever. She is overly friendly, gregarious, outgoing and emits an undertone of sexuality that never quite every goes away in any circumstance.

In seconds Pam is naked and the lady hands her the towel. You have a beautiful body, I'm Nancy, by the way and this is my home. She is talking to Pam when I connect to the emergency road service.

Pam re-introduces us to Nancy as Pam and Roger, and tells her how beautiful her home is and we are grateful for allowing us to use the phone and dry off. She has a new friend almost instantly.

I'm informed they will be about two hours as the wrecker guy is working a crashed vehicle already. I hang up then tell Pam and our host Nancy, about the time line for the assistance.

Well, that's all you can you do, Nancy says. Get out those wet cloths Roger and I will put them in the dryer. I feel a whole lot awkward, but begin to get the wet cloths off. I knew I'd be less conspicuous naked, yet nudism was never something I delved into.

Walk with me to the laundry room, and I will show you the house, Nancy says. We say okay and follow her nice butt towards the kitchen. I have never been naked in front of more that one person at at time, so I'm very self aware, while Pam is smiling and waving hi at the other quest like a theme park greeter.

I count three couples in the room, and upon the kitchen island a gentleman is eating a big titty brunettes pussy like it was a salad. She is moaning and pulling his head deeper into her snatch.

Hey, everyone this is Roger and this lovely is Pam, their car broke down outside, so they will be with us a little while, make them feel at home, they all smiled big and waved saying hi.

As we pass the couple on the counter, Nancy taps the man on the head and says, this is my husband Carl, and don't wear that tongue out, I will want some of that later. We move on and reach the laundry room where she put our wet cloths in the dryer.

Heading back out Nancy points out the french doors to the porch and there is a couple screwing in the hot tub. Feel free to use the hot tube if you wish, Nancy says.

We walk through more of their home and into the billiard room. We stop a few seconds and take in the sight. A beautiful red burgundy room with matching pool table cloth and the lady pool shooter, is blowing the man. Both still have their pool ques in their hands.

Did you defeat Mandy again, Nancy ask the guy. He says yes and she is a wonderful looser. Well, this is Roger and Pam, their car has a flat, so they are our quest for a bit, make them feel at home.

The lady sucking the mans cock spits his dick out and waves to us, both saying hello. Another game, he ask his cock sucking friend, who stands up and says rack them.

To our left is a brass stripper pole and hanging upside down from it a petite lady older lady of perhaps 60 is working the pole like pro. Her toned body has aged quite well. I hoped I will be so flexible at her age.

And in the back corner of the big room is a sex swing hanging from a ceiling hook. Pam taps me and says we need a room like this. Nancy ask if we'd like to see the upstairs, and we both say sure. This way, our naked host takes Pam's hand and guides us up some steps. Going up the stairs, Pam turns and smiles at me like a school girl and I watch both their butts as they climb the few steps, hand in hand.

We have four bedrooms, too much house really, but we do enjoy entertaining our friends. Where are you guys from, Nancy ask Pam. She tells us about thirty minutes away just off the 95. Oh, we're practically neighbors, Nancy says cheerfully.

The doors were all open upstairs and we pause at the first smaller bedroom. A couple are fucking doggy style on the bed and the big dicked fellow who walked by as we stood at the entry, was standing next to the bed, now exhibiting a full erection I'd say was nine inches and watching the couple, as he slowly stroked his hard cock.

Umm, an open door means you can go in and watch, but you should ask, or be invited, before touching anyone and a closed door means privacy, Nancy informs us. We see the other bed rooms and all of them are nicely furnished and neatly kept. Nancy says for us to mingle, enjoy the munchies laid out in the kitchen and she will check on us frequently. I look at Pam and she says, you can't make this shit up. We are naked at a swingers house party,,, who could seen this coming. I laugh and say, at least they are not playing The Time Warp. We head back down stairs and wander into the billiard room, the source of the colorful lighting.

How about a team game, the guys against the girls, the man at the pool table yells out. It was hard to dismiss his own hard six inch stick as he waited for an answer. I look at Pam and she says, we're here for a while, so when in Rome. We accepted their invitation for a game.

We approach the couple and the guy introduces himself as Keith and shakes our hands while still sporting an erection, and Mandy who we'd just seen on her knees sucking his cock, apparently paying off a lost wager of sorts.

Pam ask if they are a couple and they tell us no, their significant others were somewhere about the house. Keith racks up an eight ball set and Pam is already selecting a cue stick. She seemed almost too comfortable in this hedonistic scenario.

Keith breaks a nice break and the balls disperse across the cloth. Winners get oral, Keith ask. Pam looks quickly up at me and I must of looked a tad shocked as well. Keith !, Mandy scolds laughingly, they are vanilla, their car broke down remember. She then says they usually play for one minute of oral, or touching, but sometimes the stakes can run much higher, and to overlook Keith's insensitivity.

Pam asked Mandy, who's breast were capturing most my attention, what did it mean that we were vanilla. Mandy explained it is a nice term, lifestyle people use to indicate non swinger friends.

My bad, Keith saying his mind was as short as his dick, he laughs. I did not want to seem a party poop, yet this whole evening was not your normal series of events, so I say, why don't we just play and see how it goes. Everyone agrees and the game commences and it goes well.

We do a lot of talking, laughing, and something was going on somewhere at every second, and the participants all seemed relaxed and having fun, like it was just another day in paradise.

Without perception, my dick is in a semi hard state. That fact was brought to my attention when Nancy appeared with bloody Mary drinks for Pam and I. Here is something to fight the wet chills, oh Roger, you do seem to be getting more, relaxed, that's so nice. Her eyes glancing down to my cock.

My instinct was to be embarrassed but, with several guys trotting about the house with fully hard dicks, the feeling was fleeting. I have about seven inches and it's decently thick with a nice shaped helmet head. Pam smiles at me and says, when in Rome, and we tap glasses and take a sip of a very well made Bloody Mary.

Mandy walks behind Pam and pats my wife on the ass, your shot Pamie, she says. Pam leans over the table and I notice Keith is soaking in every inch of Pam, as am I. It was odd, that I really didn't mind it. Truthfully, I was feeling an odd sense of pride my wife looked so fit and nicely shaped.

Keith smiles at me and raises his class at me and I do the same. It dawned on me, another woman just patted my wife's naked ass, and it seemed quite natural. I noticed from Pam's smile she had not minded at all.

I get a turn to shoot again and as I lean over the table and address the cue ball, Mandy is standing directly behind the pocket, and I notice she is cupping her breast and running her hands slowly across them. I smile and look up at her and she says, distractions are quite legal in these games. I laugh and say, it was pleasant distraction.

Pam says, well then let me help, we need to win this girlfriend, and stands beside Mandy and also begins to rub her breast and now perky nipples. Unfair advantage, tag teaming my partner, Keith says. I shake it off and make the shot despite the wonderful attempt to distract me.

Oh, he is strong with the force, Mandy laughs. Keith and I wound up winning the game. And he says pay up girls. Mandy says we don't have to participate but she will pay off her debt and give Keith one minute of oral.

I'm looking on as Mandy kneels down and looks right at me, then engulfs Keith's semi hard cock. Pam, standing next to me, looking on as well, and no sooner than when Mandy's lips hit bottom on Keith's cock, Pam looks up at me and says, when in Rome, then settles onto her knees and takes my cock into her warm mouth also.

The whole scene, the whole evening was sprinting into directions I'd never suspected I'd ever dreamed of. Pam sucked my shaft from head to balls and it was feeling great, when Mandy says, minute up, paid in full. It was the quickest minute I'd every seen.

Pam breaks away from my now stone hard cock laughing at the entire scenario I'm sure. I'm stand in front of two strangers with a hard cock and Pam wiping her lips off on the back of her arm.

Girlfriend, oh you got skills, Mandy says to my wife and steps up and high fives Pam. Mandy looks at my hard cock and nods her approval. Another game Keith ask, and everyone was down for another round of eight ball.

As the balls were being racked by the other three, Nancy appears with our freshly dried clothing. She looks down at my cock and says, congratulations for winning that game, it seems you were, pleasantly rewarded.

Again I felt a bit embarrassed, my hard dick swaying about in a strange home. I take our cloths from Nancy and thank her for the outstanding kindness and what wonderful a host she was.

Nancy just waves her hand and says it's nothing and was very glad to help us, adding we seemed to fit into their little group so well. She also says just because we had cloths, there was no reason we should get dressed unless we wanted to, just have fun she said, then wandered off to attend other quest.

Keith breaks the rack again, and as the balls settle to a stop, Carl, who we'd previously meet while he was eating out the big titty brunettes pussy on the kitchen counter, comes up to the table. He is all smiles and reaches out his hand to shake mine.

I'm Carl, sorry I did not formally meet you two earlier, but Nancy say's you two have been occupied nicely by Keith and Mandy here. He then steps over to Pam and gives her a hug, his cock dangling against her leg and says he's sorry about our breakdown but glad to have us as their quest, and let him know if we need any thing at all.

The game continues while Carl and I chat a bit and he seemed a very nice guy and loves having friends over at his home for these events monthly or whenever it was convenient. He excuses himself and goes over to the sex swing, checking out the rigging and straps.

I get a turn to shoot next and as I position myself for a table length shot, Mandy steps in behind the pocket. I glance up and see Pam's hands coming from behind Nancy onto her tummy, then sneaking up and cupping Mandy's breast in her grasp. It was admittedly, erotic. I'd never suspected Pan to have bisexual desires.

I'd noticed they had begun to talk between themselves some and I figured this little antic was devised to distract me. It was working too. Pam was feeling Mandy's breast with intent, soft sensual caress' and tender nipple touches. I'd never imagined Pam, fondling a woman.

Keith pats me on the back, damn, you poor bastard, they are not making this easy for you man. I can feel my cock beginning to stir again but take and made the shot good. Yes! Keith yells out, that's a man of steel. Mandy leans over and looks at my stiffening cock, not steel, yet, but definitely got some wood work starting, she smiles.

Keith and I wind up winning again and we raise a glass towards each other and take a celebratory swig. As I swallow a gulp of the tasty Bloody Mary, Pam and Mandy come up to me and both start getting on their knees. I am at loss of what to do, but Mandy takes my cock into her hand and strokes it a couple of times then aims it at Pam.

Pam looks up at me and says, when in Rome, then sucks my cock into her mouth. Mandy is lightly cradling my balls as Pam sucks my cock, then pulls away looking up at me with the biggest smile as Mandy then swallows my cock down her throat. I feel her lips press against my body and she has all of me in her mouth, her tongue doing magic to the tender under side of my shaft.

Pam smiles and fondles my nuts. Mandy eases off my cock and they both tongue my meat at the same time, licking and kissing my cock from head to balls, and kissing each other some as well. After a minute, Mandy says, debt paid in full and they abandon me.

I watch my wife, and Mandy step over to Keith and can't believe I'm looking into my wife's eyes as she sucked another man's cock into her mouth and preformed fellatio on him. I could see her smile even thought her mouth was stretched around his hard cock. Mandy took her turn and they pretty much did to Keith what the had done to me.

Every time I find her, she has a cock in her somewhere, I hear a voice from behind me. I turn to see to see a gentleman, about 5'7” salt and pepper hair, naked with about 5 inches of dick and a slight beer gut.

He extends his hand says he is Chris, Mandy's husband. I shake his hand and say the lady on the floor helping your wife is Pam, my wife. Oh she is a pretty thing, he approaches her and shakes her hand. Mandy stands up and says Pam is my new girlfriend, we sucked cock together. Oh, well you're bonded for life then, Chris laughs.

Hey, Mandy are you going to work the swing tonight, baby. Mandy smiles, oh you know I want to, she grins. I guess I looked confused because Chris points to the sex swing.

She loves getting in that contraption, with four or five guys swinging her from one to the other, all taking turns on her. I nod at my understanding of his explanation, that's doubtless a site to see, I tell Chris. Oh, yeah, she loves it. Safe environment for that sort of thing, he tells me.

Mandy walks over to the sex swing and Carl and Chris help her into the stirrups and seated comfortably. Pam gets in close to me and takes my arm. This is going to be something way out there, Pam says to me. I just stand there, naked, dick still quite firm, and look on.

Alright, she's all in Carl and Chris agree she is secure and safe. Mandy is in the swing, Chris calls out,, but the music is still pretty loud, so he went through the house like the town crier, Mandy is in the swing, Mandy is in the swing guys.

In a few seconds Carl, Keith and two others we'd not been introduced to, were in a circle around Mandy. One, was the guy who'd passed the door way as we entered the home with the big cock. The other man was seen earlier in the hot tub with another woman in his lap.

Chris pulled the swing and Mandy toward him and they kissed a few seconds. He reached down and stuck a finger inside Mandy and said, oh you wet little slut, you are ready aren't you. Oh yeah, she smiles, and with that he pushed her back with a slight spin and she is swung in front of Keith, who catches the swing.

He holds the straps and pulls Mandy in, looking down and guiding his cock inside her pussy. Keith stands there fucking her with both hands holding onto her ass. He said, stick out your tongue, which Mandy does and Keith sucks it into his mouth while fucking his meat in and out of Mandy.

Their kiss ends and he pushes Mandy away, she is sent swinging in a oval circle and Carl pulls her towards him and slides his cock inside her pussy. He fucks her for a minute or so before swinging her off to be caught by the guy with the cock.

He holds the swings straps, squats a bit and slips I'd guess nine inches of hard cock all the way inside Mandy, she moans and pants while dick fucks her with solid thrust.

I feel Pam nudging my arm and look at her, isn't that hottest thing you every seen she says. I agree, Mandy seemed to be having a great time. We stand there with several others that are cheering her or their husbands on, encouraging the action.

Mandy is swung back to Keith, and he is banging away at her cunt when Mandy looks at me, and gives me finger motion to come over there. Chris looks my way and says, jump in there if you want, the more the merrier for her, he says.

I smiled and thanked Mandy, saying maybe later. Pam slaps my arm, Robert, get over there and fuck Mandy, go help with her with her gang bang , she says. I was electrocuted, shocked to my very core. I'd never in my right mind ever thought I'd hear my wife, truly happy to be telling me to go fuck another woman.

I look at Pam with obvious,,,what the fuck! She says, this is a chance to experience something new, we didn't look for it, but we are here and that is faith, now you go get your cock in Mandy right now.

I look down and my cock is hard, at what point it became full erection again, I don't know, but I looked at Pam, and asked, when in Rome, she nodded, do as the Roman's do. Then Pam slaps my ass and says, go fuck Mandy.

I walked over to the group and Pam went with me right by my side and I stood in an open spot at the swing. Keith smiled and swung the swing and Mandy right at me. I caught the swing and Mandy was all smiles. Put him in me girlfriend, she tells Pam.

Just like that Pam takes my cock in her hand and gets it right at Mandy's entrance. I step in and my cock slides effortlessly into Mandy's wet pussy. I begin to fuck her in normal fuck strokes and she pulls Pam towards her and they begin to kiss as I am fucking Mandy.

Mandy gets bent forward enough to suck one of Pam' nipples into her lips and I feel my cock harden like steel in Mandy's body. I drive into her with solid thrusts and her pussy takes it.

After a minute or two, I figured it was customary to pass the swing occupant away, so I pull my dick out of her and with a gentle push she is away into Carl's spot again.

A tap on my shoulder I turn to see Nancy. I was again somewhat embarrassed in her presence with a raging erection. The roadside guy is at the door, and she hands me a robe. I slip the robe and and notice she did not bring one for Pam, but I grab my wallet and open the door.

The guy had a tow truck and said he found a big nail in the tire, and if I had my roadside card on me, he would plug the tire and we'd be on our way in about thirty minutes. I gave him my card and he said he'd be back in about thirty minutes.

I find Nancy sitting with Pam, gently rubbing her back and both watching Mandy get gang fucked in the swing. I sit down by them and tell them the car would be ready in thirty minutes or so, and we can get back on the road.

Nancy said nonsense, we were one of them now, and welcome to stay once the car was fixed and get to know our new friends some more. Then Nancy said, besides, I think Pam wants a go at the swing, she seems to find it.... interesting.

Two of the ladies begin working the brass stripper pole, seductively slow riding the shiny pole and running their hands all over each other, moving to the rhythm of Stevie Ray Vaughan's Little Wing. In my opinion, of the best songs to ever have oral sex to.

The dirty blond from the hot tub hung upside down on the pole and the other lady slowly licked her inverted ladies pussy a bit before continuing their erotic pole dancing.

My erection was poking out my robe, and Pam looked at my cock, stood up and opened my robe, then settled her pussy down onto my cock, taking all of it into her very, very wet hole. She clasp her hands around my neck, leaned back.

Pam looked at me and smiled. We'd never fucked in front of anyone before, but since it was happening all around us, when in Rome, she says, and begins to thrust her hips back and forth, fucking me with deliberate intent.

Nancy gets up and steps behind Pam then takes my wife's breast into her hands and massages them as she kissed Pam's neck. Pam moans out and reaches back to pull Nancy's face over to her and the begin to kiss. Tongues playing in their mouths and sucking on each others lips.

Nancy looks at me, we knew instantly we were going to kiss. It came fast, our lips soft against each others, then I could feel her passion as she shoved her tongue into my mouth and I could taste Pam in our kiss.

Oh god I'm cumming, Pam calls out and begins rocking back and forth on my steel hard cock as fast as she could pump her hips back and forth.

Her orgasm was solid, she stiffened up and ground her pussy hard into my crotch. I felt a rush of her wet juices suddenly soak around my dick, slick, warm and hot. Eyes closed she just quivered and came.

Next thing I knew, Pam dismounts me and guides Nancy onto my stiffness. She settles her tight wet pussy down to my base in one smooth motion. Pam's hands roam all over Nancy's breast, kissing her neck and biting her ear.

She smiles real big, then pulls Pam to her face, thank you sharing your husband with me, she says to my wife and kisses her deeply.

Pam's hand quickly gets between Nancy's body and mine and begins to work Nancy's clit at a frantic pace. She rides my cock faster, French kissing Pam like they've been lovers for years. Then they are suddenly touching foreheads and looking at each other.

Can I cum on your husband, Pam, Nancy pants into my wife's face. Pam's fingers dance rapidly against Nancy's clit. She nods her head up and down in approval, still looking at Nancy. Cum on my husband, cum on his hard cock, my wife says.

I can feel my own orgasm building up fast. Nancy is wet, snug and she feels so damn good wrapped around my dick. Suddenly she gasps, her body jerks violently several times but she never stops looking at Pam. They kiss again as Nancy's juices flow from around our fuck parts and drain onto my balls.

I want you to taste me, know me, will you do that for me, Pamie, Nancy asked my wife. Pam nods her head yes and Nancy rises off my cock, leaving it sticking up like a seven inch wet pipe, coated in her juices, throbbing in the air. I was almost relieved, I was so close to spewing my nuts into another woman.

Nancy guides my wife's head over my cock and Pam wraps her lips around the head of my dick, her tongue slowly works the tender underside, the pleasure area of my dick, tasting Nancy's essence on my swollen cocks head.

Pam's lips squeezes, grips my shaft and she opens her jaw slightly and goes deeper, munching with her lips and sucking her way slow and methodically down my cock, eating Nancy's cum and juices cleanly off my manhood.

My eyes closed and head drifted back as the pleasure of her skilled mouth sucking another woman's presence off me, consumed my entire being. I was at that second, not a man, just a cock being soulfully pleasured. Intense, a weak word for how I felt in her mouth.

I felt Nancy's lips on mine. Soft, sensual and her touch, further stiffened my cock in Pam's mouth. When her warm kiss left my lips I was so close to blowing my cum down Pam's throat, but I had to stop her,, not yet baby, not yet. Pam stopped and raised up to plant her lips firm against mine. I could tasty Nancy, taste Pam and it was intoxicating. I loved Rome.

Carl's voice pulls me from heavens doors saying, I think your tow truck guy is at the door. Shocked back into reality I thank Carl and pull the robe closed, then regrettably, tell the ladies I will be back.

The road side assistance gentleman handed me back my card and the keys. I signed his paperwork and he said he'd be glad to take me my car if wanted to get dressed. I said sure, be just a minute and quickly went back into the billiard room and began to get dressed.

Pam and Nancy came over with Pam asking if she should get dressed. I told her I had to go with the guy and get the car, but I will be right back in a few minutes, the decision was up to her, and left her behind and went off to retrieve our vehicle.

In all but fifteen minutes I return and let myself in and walk into the billiard room. There stands my naked wife with Nancy's arm around her waist gently kissing Pam's neck and ear, and dick is standing in front of Pam with his long fat cock actually touching my wife's pussy. Poking straight out like a baby's arm reaching for a treaty treat with the tip of his swollen dick head, just touching her clit area.

I walk up and they all greet me like it's another Sunday school gathering. Nancy leans over ask, your staying a while aren't you Roger. I can feel my dick growing already, stating it's opinion of the situation. Pam, I ask. Her head nods and says she like to hang a bit longer before we head home, it's only ten o'clock after all. Great, Nancy cheers, I'm glad you are staying.

I step aside to the seat, undress then follow my semi hard cock back to the threesome. cock still has his cock touching Pam's sex. I put an arm around Pam's shoulder and Nancy puts her arm over mine.

I'm Seth, cock introduces himself with an out reached hand, I shake his hand and tell him I'm Roger, Pam's other half. I look down and see Seth's cock is about entering Pam's slit. From that angle his dick would just slide along her wet pussy lips and likely poke out an inch or so pass her butt cheeks.

Interesting, what happens when you get close enough to talk above the music isn't it, Nancy says. I look down and would guess Seth's cock head was solidly against Pam's clit, I could see her lips just beginning to spread around his meat.

Very interesting, I say say to Nancy. My cock is stiffening, more and more. Pam catch's one of my dick throbs in her peripheral vision. She looks down and smiles at me.

Seth looks down and says, yes, I love a nice,, chat. I tell Pam, perhaps you need to stand closer so you can better hear him. She looks up at me grins real big.

Oh,I did not quite hear you Seth, Pam says I watch her hips creep forward, her pussy riding along Seth's thick cock, her lips spread around the top of his shaft.

Seth, leaned back a tad and eased his hip forward until his cock was fully between her legs and him being taller, pushing up into her pussy slit. They are both standing straight up, and Seth looks at Pam and says she is quite the,,, conversationalist.

Pam begins slide back away a few inches, then rides his dick sled back along the meaty shaft until their bodies met again. My dick is steel at this point.

Pam gets a hand on my cock and it pulses instantly and hard in her gasp. Seth leans back pulling his cock way back, I look down and see my wife's syrupy slickness. wet and thick on his ominous looking cock. Then he pushes forward again, slicing between her outer lips causing Pam to moan.

She looks up at me, when in Rome, she says with an obvious sexual desire in her words. Do as the Roman's do, I say. She pulls me down and shoves her tongue into my mouth and I can feel Seth's body movements and his beginning to steadily saw back and forth in my wife's slit.

I was hard as a rock. I'd not had another woman in twenty four years and now within an hour I'd had my cock inside two strange women, and my wife. I did not think a second to halt Seth's dick dragging back and forth in Pam's slimy slit.

Seth lowers himself so his cock it dangerously poking upwards and Pam is rotating her hips, gyrating her pussy around his thick cock head.

Nancy switches sides and takes my hardon in her grasp and begins to stroke me slow with a tight grasp around my cock. Her lips are at my ear and she says, I do think Pam is about to fuck him right here, she softly speaks. My dick throbs in her hand. I always thought I had a slight jealous streak, but here I am staring at a fucking dick log using my wife's pussy for a slip and slide and it's turning me on.

I watch Seth slowly pumping his hips up and down, his cock looking for Pam's treasures, and suddenly it slides half way inside my wife's pussy. Pam moans pulls Seth closer, who stands upright pushing all of his long fat cock up into Pam's body in one push.

He's fucking my wife. Nancy and I look at the junction of their fuck parts connected together. That's hot, isn't it. Nancy says. I said yes, that's very hot, I agreed.

This seemed to please Pam, she clutches onto Seth and allows him to piston his massive cock in and out, her hips pushing forward to take all he has each time. I was amazed she took that beast of a cock into her tight little pussy so, fluidly.

Carl stops by and tells Nancy their was on the phone for her, so Nancy abandons my dick to take the call, and I continue watching Seth and my wife fuck standing up.

Motion catches my eyes and it's Mandy getting out of the sex swing. I could see the wetness between her thighs, and she seemed to glow with sexual contentment. I think five men had her in the swing.

Mandy heads straight towards us, oh you be careful with that anaconda on my girlfriend Seth, she says. She is, wow, so snug yet wet and juicy, Seth informs us about my wife's cunt. You should try the sex swing, Mandy says to my wife.

Suddenly. the busty brunette, that was being used as a human taco on the kitchen counter by Carl popped in between Pam, Seth and I. Oh, honey, thanks for taking care of my Seth, he wears me out with that big tool of his, she tells us. I'm Barb, and I see you've met Seth, she laughs. I need to move on, have fun, and oh Pam,, be warned, he cums a gallon, she says and wonders off to the upstairs.

He does, Mandy adds. Seth here shoots more cum than most two or three guys put together. He is a one man Bukkake party aren't you Seth, she says. Seth says, yeah, I'd just mess you up but good, but only if you wanted me to.

I know Pam does have a slight freaky side about her, as if this entire scenario isn't freaky enough. Pam likes me to cum on her, her tits, her ass, sling shot it up her backside, in her mouth, paste her outer pussy and mound, and of course she likes me to cum inside her too. Pam likes cum. She has since we met twenty four years ago and often request I cum on her. I suppose it's some sort of mental, pleasure.

Pamie, can I fuck Robert, Mandy asked my wife. Pam did not hesitate, her breath broken by Seth, long stroking his huge cock in and out of her like a sewing machine, yes, yes fuck my husband Mandy, fuck him again.

It was crazy. A whirlwind of sexual debauchery like I never imagined, much less be a participant in. It was as if I were born into this sexual hedonistic life and it was all I knew. But I did know one thing, as Mandy took me by the cock and lead me to the small love seat, I wanted to fuck Mandy some more.

She turned me about and I sat on the leather love seat, and Mandy all smiles and slight look of mischievousness, stepped onto the love seat and impaled herself onto my cock, and settled down firmly the just sat there, knees up and feet along each side of my butt. Wide open and full of me, she sighs, this is nice.

She simply sits there, my cock throbbing inside her pussy, then I feel her snatch squeeze me. It's a solitary, firm squeeze. Her hands go back and she puts one on each of my knees then leans back so I can take in her splendid womanly form.

You looked nice in the swing, a free spirit, I say. The swing can be fun. I had six men in me, she smiles and grips my cock with her snatch again. Did they cum inside you. I ask, my dick throbbing inside her. No no, they just fucked me a bit. She leans in and whispers in my ear, I'd like it if you came inside me, then leaned back with her hands on my knees again.

I was entranced by her, Pam's hands appearing over Mandy's shoulders and creeping down across Mandy's breast broke the spell in an, oh so nice way. Pan cupped one of Mandy's breast then with the other hand pulled my head to her tit and I took her nipple into my mouth. Pam's hand lightly ran through my hair as I fed on Mandy's C cup breast.

Seth took a seat along side me, a bit close I first thought. This may be a wild situation, but I am straight, and tonight it was fully set in stone, I like women. But, Pam stepped in front of Seth and just as Mandy had done, settled onto the steel pole of a cock sticking some nine inches into the air from his lap.

Pam took a deep breath, then began to shift her hips back and forth, fucking that monster dick like it was small. The two women seemed to have a singular mind, they turned to the other at the same time and began to make out. Deep kissing, feeling each others breast and fucking Seth and I.

Mandy looks at Pam, kisses her soft and ask, can your husband cum in me, cum in my pussy. Her body rocking back and forth fucking me with obvious lust. Pam nods yes, cum inside Mandy, Robert, fuck her, and cum inside her, she says without even looking at me. Then they kiss another quick little kiss and get back to fucking.

Mandy wraps her arms around my neck and begins to use her pussy muscles to grip then let go as she slides up and down my shaft. Her head along side mine and she's got one hand on the back of my head and the other on my knee and riding me like Seabiscuit.

I could feel my orgasm building, Mandy was on a mission it seemed to drain my balls into her. A distraction to my right, Seth standing up with Pam and he turns to lay her on her back on the love seat.

Pam grabs her ankles and pulls them back to her shoulders, spreading wide. Seth's nine inches never comes out of her, and now I can see his thick long cock piston in and out of my wife's pussy. Her slick juices coating his meat in a coat of shiny lady juice.

He begins to fuck my wife harder, slamming his meat into her with long powerful thrust. Fuck me, fuck me Pam whines out, you see me me fucking baby, you see his cock in me she pants out to me. I did, but Mandy felt so good on me, I just did not have words. But I know Pam's pussy, and how great her body felt around his cock

Mandy is fucking me solid and with the all the visual and physical stimulation around me, I know I'm about to cum very soon. Mandy senses this, she is a very intuitive partner and was instantly encouraging me. Cum in me, cum with me, Mandy says fairly loudly.

I'm about to cum, Seth suddenly announces, drawing my attention for a second. His balls are tightening up but still slapping Pam's ass with authority on each thrust. Don't stop, don't stop, Pam calls out,, I'm cumming she cries out.

Seth begins to slam fuck her pussy with out mercy, pounding himself into her small frame with beastly fuck strokes. Ah, ahhhhh my wife cries out as she orgasms on Seth's big cock. Fuck, he calls out and jerks his massive dick out of her hole and I seen drips of her juices sling off his cock and into the air as he begins to jerk off rapidly.

Suddenly a stream of pearly white cum spewed out of his cock and splatted on Pam's tits, her belly and neck. It was an impressive amount of cum. Then another big load blasted out smashing into her face and into her mouth. Her tongue darting out to catch more of his semen.

Pam is cumming, running her hands across her body, massaging Seth's cum across her sweaty flesh. Then he grunts and another string of sperm shoots onto her pussy and he follows that stream, still pouring out of the head of his cock and pushes it deep into Pam's cunt to continue cumming inside my wife.

He fucks her with full length strokes and I see globs of white milky cum spilling out of her hole each time his meat slid back, then feeds his cock back in as far as he could shove it. The ladies were right, he came in pints.

Mandy is panting, I'm cumming, cum in me Robert, cum in me. She did not need to repeat it, It felt like my entire being blew out of the head of my cock and up into her body. Fuck yes, she moans as she felt my cock pulse with each blast of my cum.

I could feel Mandy's own juices flow and mix with mine, draining and flowing around my hardness. Mandy's arm tighten around me, holding on tightly allowing me to feel each little quiver and spasm of her orgasm. Her breast felt nice pressing into my chest and my hands, both clutching onto her ass cheeks kept her pulled deep around my cock. I wanted to stay in her until our bodies fell into relaxation.

Seth pulled his pussy juice and cum coated snake out of Pam and stood up. His cock hung there like big banana, curving downward, drops of their fuck liquids dripping off the massive head.

Pam sits up and grabs his cock, then begins sucking and licking his meaty weapon, cleaning his dying cock free of any sign of their carnal success.

Mandy finally loosens her grip and she mostly slid down my legs and onto the floor, crumbled up in a pile with her head on my knees. I looked at my cock, remarkably still in a semi state and dressing in Mandy's fluids and own cum.

Pam has not slowed down. She spat out Seth's freshly cleaned cock and turns her attention onto mine, sucking and licking Mandy and my fuck soup off my cock and balls. She was very efficient. Mandy lifts her head off my knees and kisses Pam, sucking each others tongues and finally a last little peck on the lips and it seemed an end of this moment.

I look about the room and notice a few guest were gone. One or two couples were dressed and waving by to us, saying they hope to see us at the next party.

We get dressed as well and our host, Nancy and Carl came up to us and said how the loved us in their little group and wanted us to come back. Nancy handed me a post a note that had their number on it, and a web site for swingers, SLS, which we joined five days later or one week ago and I had to tell our story here. We are after all, excited newbees here.

We said our good bye's and got into the car. We sat there for what seemed several minutes, but was more likely thirty seconds. The ding ding of the bell, warning the key was in the ignition was hardly enough to break the moment.

I looked at Pam, it seemed it so surreal. What the fuck just happened, I say. Pam looks at me and several seconds later says, we discovered Rome. I nod yes.

I fire up the engine then speak into my phone as we leave their drive. In seconds, we are speeding down the road, heading home and Pam is singing along with the radio, Let's do the Time Warp again.
Our first strap on
Posted:Oct 28, 2019 8:19 pm
Last Updated:Nov 14, 2019 6:31 am
A few years back we knew a couple Jeff and Serena. Jeff secretly wanted to suck my cock while my wife took his man pussy from behind. He told us this in some of his chats and email so we decided to give them the surprise of their lives. I(Sue) went and brought home a strap on with a big red dick on it about 8 inches long\8 and a big bottle of lube as this was his first time with a man and his wife in the room. We had a play date planned with this couple and decided to spring the trap when they arrived that evening. Sue and I (Stew) shaved ourselves smooth as a babies bottom, got naked and I put on the strapper. A few minutes later we hear a knock at the door and it was them. We opened the door and both of their jaws the floor. Stew grabbed Serena's hand and I grabbed Jeff's. We led them into the bedroom where we ordered them to strip! Once naked we put hand cuffs and a blindfold on Jeff and used vinyl tie tape on Serena's hands and feet. Stew bends over Serena and places a vibrating egg in soaking wet pussy. Soaking to the point of running down her thigh. Stew then sat her in a recliner at the end of the bed and said watch.
I(Sue) told her that her husband asked for this and so he is going to get it. Stew places his hands on Jeff's shoulders and forces him to the ground. Stew reached down and grabbed Jeff's ever hardening dick. "oh " Stew exclaimed pointing to the dribbling pre streaming down to the carpet. I reach down gather it on my finger and put it in Jeff's mouth telling him "don't worry you will be tasting a lot more here in a moment. Stew turns on the egg in Serena making her squirm in the chair. An ever increasing wet spot forming her pussy. Sue walks over to Serena and puts the dildo in her mouth and says "get hard" and tells her "SUCK" it has to be wet and hard to get in that ass of your hubby. Sue then rubs the dildo in and of Serena's pussy covering it with white slick fluid.
Stew grabs Jeff's neck and tell him suck my cock you bitch forcing his mouth on Stew's cock...\8 Jeff started to protest but Stew just kept his cock in his mouth. I walked up behind Jeff and told him "Serena leaked this just so I can fuck your ass" and I forced the penis in. Jeff was moaning so softly as Stews cock was down his bobbing throat. I stood Serena up and made her kneel by her husbands ass to spit on it so it stayed lubed. Stew had Serena bend over so he could finger her pussy and she could help her husband suck my cock. Sue then pulled out of Jeff and walked over to Serena and started fucking her ass. Telling her this is what her husband wanted. I was moving pussy to ass, pussy to ass, Serena moaning loudly! FUCK ! I then stood back up and saw Jeff had more pre so I grabbed it up and gave it to Stew saying "your bitch is cumming for you hun" I then rolled Jeff over and fucked his ass while Stew and Serena sucked Jeff's cock. Stew then got behind Serena and made get on her back so she was looking her husband in the eyes and Stew started fucking her. Slamming it in her making her arch her back. Serena is now squirting all over Stew's cock making quite a puddle. Stew pulls stands over our lovers faces and cums over both their lips making them kiss and swallow all the cum...\8.
To finish Jeff off we all took turns suck Jeff till he came all over Sue's tits...\8. AND OF COURSE Jeff and Serena had to clean every drop. There is one thing I don't like and that.s having to clean up a mess. Both of our guest went home that night holding hands and laughing, I guess another job well done. Friends with benefits make us smile. Sue & Stew
We did our first live broadcast!
Posted:Oct 28, 2019 3:51 pm
Last Updated:Jan 25, 2022 3:30 am
My wife and I did our first live broadcast about a week ago and it was fantastic! It was just a performance of my wife's oral abilities, but still FANTASTIC! one point we looked the screen and there were 432 people watching us! US! In the middle of bum fuck New Mexico! What a thrill. My wife and I have an internet toy that allows people watching to BUZZ the device to stimulate whoever it is in. WOW! What a rush for my . When she finished off I dumped my over her nipples and she stood up put them in my so I could clean them for the camera. BOINK I got hard again like that\8 and even though we disconnected the camera we went in the other room and set the sheets on fire. We enjoyed it so much that a few days later my wife used an electric penis pump on me for the camera growing my cock to a steel like hard. Leaving it on for extended periods of time teasing the audience to the brink. Looking at the camera and saying provocative sexual things like "don't you wish this was your cock" and " so, should I release him or make him suffer" DAMN My wife was so . In the end she made all over her chest and in true fashion made clean up. We forward to more live casts in the hopes others will join us. Stew & Sue

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