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Posted:Oct 1, 2021 1:48 am
Last Updated:Apr 1, 2023 10:43 am


We slow down, the diesels rattle becoming more pronounced through my head resting on the window. I didn't sleep for long, loud death metal at volume 10 can be blamed for that. I feel the van stop, must be some small town, Then as my eyes open Barry stops the noise….silence...eyes focusing..yellow street lights….Shit is that her… Is it… No, just my imagination… But shit that is her… Ok so I have never actually seen her but fuck I so feel its her. She is staring straight at me . Is that surprise on her face? The ute starts rolling forward. I see her face break into a big open smile and Barry guns the ute back towards the open road cutting her out of sight. I strain against my seatbelt looking back for that car, but before I can Barry’s voice cuts in, “” You ok mate, that is the fastest you’ve moved all trip.”” I sit up properly, “”Yes, no I thought I saw someone I recognised.”” My hand already has messages open and texting… Hey, was that you. I just saw you, did I? I hold the phone thinking, if it is you, you're driving. Don't be looking at your texts and driving please. Barry asks, “”who was it, who you think you saw?”” I reply evasively, “”A woman from another life away.”” Barry is Deborah's (my wife) ex-husband and father of her , we get on quite well and I am with him on this trip purely to keep him awake. He said it was to pick up some car part… But who knows..

Deb and I joined a hook-up site as a couple looking to play with another woman. That was a few months ago now. One of the women we chatted to, we really liked, but distance, covid and stuff, let's just say, it hasn’t happened yet. We, me and her, got to know each other by texting. ‘’Got to know each other.’’ might be a bit of an over statement, she revealed as much of herself to me as she was comfortable with. As for me, I just wanted sex talk to jerk off to, and although I did occasionally, I also became quite enamoured by this woman, out of reach. Barry's voice breaks my thoughts “We’re stopping at a servo in about twenty minutes.”” Nothing on my phone. “”Stopping at servo in 20 mins”” I text with hope. You know, if you don't ask, you don’t get. OH great, the loud angry music is back. At least it can't go on for long, and it gives me time to get lost in possibilities and while that face I saw is still fresh in my mind that is what she looks like until proven different. Sort of what she was built up to be but more real… And I like it. Nothing on the phone…. Oh well… Chances, chances are chances.

Nothing on the phone, we are parked away a bit, the place is smallish and quiet. Barry is walking his dog. He is in no hurry, he has been driving a lot, refusing to let me drive “”insurance”” apparently. Been here about four to five minutes now, no new cars, didn't think we were that fast, it felt like ages. The gas station's little shop is uninteresting. I get us drinks, chips and chocolate.

Seven to eight minutes now. Probably not her. The man at the counter is chatty. My phone buzzes as I hand him the money, it’s out and open before I get change. A smiley face from her… What the fuck. I stuff the change and my phone into my pocket, take the bag, turn and… Look straight at that face… I stand momentarily stunned, our eyes meet, was that her head indicating no? She breaks eye contact, looking at the floor, remembering to breathe. I come to life, turn to the cashier and ask “” where would the restroom be?”” as evenly as I can. He sees the lady behind me, absent-mindedly hands me a big key ring “”round the back”” he mumbles. I turn to cut off his view, look at her for as long as I can, My eyes lingering, smile, walk out and stand just around the corner. I can see the restroom light, yellow through a small window above the door. I am out of sight here, only cars turning in can see this slide of the building, everything seems sleepy and quiet. I see her walk uncertainty out and turn towards me. She will be able to see my outline in the dark.

Please baby, just walk towards me, that’s it. She stops in front of me, covered by semi dark. Breathe… Steady…. I hold up the key…

To my astonishment, I was sort of expecting her to giggle, she snatches the key and walks briskly towards the door, with me following closely. She unlocks the door easily, with both of us going through it at the same time, my arms around her from behind. The door closes with a thud, as we stumble into the back of it. I pull her into me tightly, kissing her neck. She whispers “”hurry”” pushing my hands down the front of her jeans, she undoes the buttons as my hungry hands tug at her pants, pushing them down to just above her knees, my pants are loose and already down. My left hand pushes over her shoulder, up her neck, fingers into her hair, grabbing on tightly, then I push her forward, forcing her to bend over and grab hold of the sink with both hands. My free hand slaps on to her arse, lingering for a moment, before I roughly pull her hair, her back arches, my hand feels over her arse and I slip a finger into her, my cock eagerly following into her hot, sweet, wet pussy. I release her hair a bit, repositioning behind her, pulling back almost all the way, before sinking back in, slowly, pulling her hair, not so hard now, listening, watching, her breathing, her neck, back, shoulders, feeling for her energy, her released breath in encouragement. I pull back again, to repeat, but more sure, driving for that same place, her reaction, the way she pushes back into me, a definite “”Yes,”” Remember, breathe. Our energies mingle, our heat intensity and rhythm match. Everything is starting to slow down for me now and against every animal instinct in me, I hold back and breathe “”Tell me you want my cock”” Our eyes meet in the mirrors reflection “I want you”” she quickly whispers. “”No. Tell me you want my cock.”” Our eyes still locked. “”I want your cock”” she says. This time it comes out more demanding, almost like...then I actually hear it “”give me your cock”” She says. Eyes still locked I sink my cock back into her hot silky pussy. We’re matching and I am back at getting lost in adrenaline and animal instinctual lust. The slapping sounds of the skin between us comes more intense. Every ounce of my attention is now focussed on hitting that spot and driving in deep to feel my balls swing into her. Looking at her arse I can see the force of her bouncing on to me reflected in the luscious ripples through her flesh. One hand pulling on her hair the other, pressing on the middle of her back. I’m still on that sweet spot, pounding into her, faster, more, I feel ready to explode.Then I feel a small involuntary spasm through her body. Breathe, don’t stop, over and over, driving into that sweet spot. Her whole body shudders, stiffens up in front of me, her breath let out in uncontrollable short gasps. I’m tipped, and together we release in spasms of hot wet squirting cum.

Released, I let my whole body relax into her, letting her hair go, both arms folding around her. I whisper “”My god you are sexy.” Helping her to stand up, we face each other as we both get our pants back on, our eyes locked. I hold my hand out to her, she takes it. I can feel the smile on my face and she is watching me intently and looks preciously beautiful. We kiss deeply, savouring each other just moments longer. We give in to the inevitable, still holding hands we stop kissing. I open the door, fresh adrenaline, looking out there is no one there and I lead her out. I can hold her hand at least a few more steps, then she stops, jerks her hand away. I’m almost shocked, but look back to see her locking the door. She turns and hands me the key, smiling. I’d forgotten there even was a key. Hot and practical. She points “You go first.” I walk out and notice the packet of snacks, another forgotten detail and pick them up. Walking into the light I see the cashier is reading, Barry is on his phone and a few people are sitting in cars. I give her a thumbs up behind my back and go to return the key. From the shop window I can see her walking towards the parked cars, but she disappears out of sight before I can see the car she gets into. It is going to be hell concealing my new sudden happy demeanor from Barry but I can’t wait to get home and tell Deborah about this one…..

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