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I wouldn't...  

2bused4urnut 51F
222 posts
7/25/2020 3:23 am
I wouldn't...

...Date a white man, just my preference because we don't have a baseline of comparable life experiences draw and keep us together. But, the idea of having a hard white cock in is intoxicating as hell. To hear his voice as he grabs a hold of my hips so he can slide in. To hear him talk shit about how his cock feels and to feel his body tense and tighten as he works his cock to a fevered frenzy until the moment he goes balls deep and gives me all his naughty hot seed way into my uterus. I am not just thinking about , I also very much need my white cock man totally love being able to be all in my pussy exactly the way he wants and needs.
The idea of him marking his territory just like any alpha male animal. So totally primal, he knows he is the only cock for his newly marked cunt. After the first time he calls on his property regularly so she doesn't forget who owns the pussy. I go about my normal life secretly loving the feel of my pussy no one knows but me and the owner of my pussy what is deep in me happily swimming around. *sigh* I will be continually wet, eager and ready for my next call to duty.

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