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Looking for that BWC  

2bused4urnut 51F
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5/17/2020 11:50 am
Looking for that BWC

Cooped up for weeks and I see the casinos have finally opened. I take my time dressing n untcothing fancy just simple a touch of perfume and I'm on my way. I find my favorite slot I begin playing. I feel a body behind me.. I start to turn around to say "social distancing, step away" his hands grab my shoulders to stop me from turning. His body presses in closer. He starts a slow grind on my back. I feel his cock growing. His hands loosen and slide around to cup my tits his thumbs flicking my nipples. I lean back savoring the wonderful exciting feelings coursing through my body. Suddenly he slides something into my bra I turn around and he is gone. I look at what he gave me, it's a room key with the room number on it. Should I go? I am so wet so tingly... it takes me 20 minutes to get up the courage to go to that room. I open the door, there is a note on the wall "shut the door and place your nose on this note". It seems like I am standing there forever then I hear him tell me to take off my clothes but remain facing the waMG . I do as he said. I feel him close behind me he is breathing hard he says "I knew you were a just waiting for me to fuck you " he touches every part of my body. Making me keep my hands on the wall. He grabs my tits manhandling them almost giving me pain it is making my pussy wet and ready. He pull my legs further away from the walland slides his dick back and forth between my pussy lips, I can't stand it. He tells me how much his dick loves a sluts greedy cunt. But he doesn't think he's going to give me the cock ,he's just going to send me away wet, unsatisfied,, I am whimpering I can barely speak I just keep say please, please. He bites my neck and at the same time I feel his dick enter my cunt

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