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My fantasy...  

2bused4urnut 51F
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8/22/2020 4:59 am
My fantasy...

I attend a conference, out of st I'm staying at a casino. So bored at the slots so I start drinking. Being sloshed I head for my room a hot, nice young man sees I look lost. He offers my room. I can't get the key work so he opens the door for , I thank him and start dropping my clothes, and fall into bed. I'm totally fucked , I dream of gentle hands my tits then my back and down my ass. My tits being softly sucked, the pressure gets harder wow, teeth nibbling what a good dream. Fingers my clit. I hear a growled "I'm going fuck you" I beg please please. A dick rubs my clit and I have a nice lil orgasm, I don't want wake this is so good. So wet the dick slides in, damn it feels big.why is my dream man talking just fuck now. Yes, now! He's still talking his dick being too big for women. I beg for it, he asks "balls deep" yes yes please. OMG never have I felt anything like that, I cry out so good. I'm being ridden hard by a stallion he yells as he gives me more than balls deep, bites my neck as his body shudders giving me every drop. I have a mind blowing orgasm and pass out. My alarm rings I go to the shower slowly I remember the dream. My body is telling me it wasn't a dream.

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