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That would be nice  

2bused4urnut 50F
158 posts
6/9/2020 2:04 am
That would be nice

I come home After a fun night with friends, I drop my clothes on the floor as I walk through the house. I collapse on the bed realizing I definitely had too much to drink. As I slip into sleep I dream of what my body needs. I feel hands sliding up my stomach the hands rub my tits then there is nibbling and sucking on my neck, the mouth slides down to suck and nibble on my tits oh so good. The sucking and nibbling becomes a bit too much it hurts but please don't stop. I feel it sending a jolt straight through my clit. His mouth is again sucking and nibbling my neck I love this dream if it was real I would have deep dark purple marks all over my tits and neck. A heavy body lays on me grinding and humping on me.. I'm so very wet. Oh yes there it is, just what I need... dick... it's going in me, yes. OMG it's so big oh my, yes please all the way in, still grinding so fucking much dick... so fast, so hard, so deep.. I scream as my whole body orgasms. I slide into a deep dreamless sleep.
I wake up feeling like I had the best sleep in my life. I jump up turn on the shower and step in and realize I have a thick substance oozing down my thighs I look in the mirror and see many hickeys on my neck and tits. After a few seconds I smile and rub my tits feeling the good soreness I reach down and play with all of that lovely goo around my clit. And damn if I didn't have the most delightful orgasm I have ever given myself. Was I I dreaming?

Thick_Visitor 39M
3 posts
7/20/2020 5:21 am

Very hot story! I would love to use you for my nut.

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