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The Breakfast Meeting (Pt.1)  

2ndHalfHappiness 56M  
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9/21/2020 7:15 pm
The Breakfast Meeting (Pt.1)

Having arrived at our predetermined rendezvous only a few minutes before you, I quickly select a table where I thought we might expect some degree of "privacy," given that our meeting was based on my proposal for erotic and stimulating conversation, I thought it prudent to avoid prying ears.

I kept thinking about the potential of our meeting, anxious from the excitement of the unknown. I wondered if you might consider me too forward, and what would you think if you knew that I had pleasured myself earlier that morning in anticipation of our meeting?

"Hello," I respond to your greeting, "it is a pleasure to meet you." Your hand fits perfectly in mine and I am careful not to defer too much strength in my grip as we shake hands and exchange formal pleasantries. We sit after I order the coffee...I notice your shape as we walk to the table--how your skirt flatters your curves and accents your legs... I detect the faint yet distinct scent of your perfume and it sends my mind to a room with a large bed and piles of pillows and silky-soft sheets. I picture your body semi covered in the white sea of cotton and the image of an exposed shoulder and perfect breast make me want to consume you.

You have come to meet me wearing a suit and skirt. But unknown to me you are wearing only thigh high stockings and no underwear.

I pull out your chair for you. You thank me, then seat yourself making sure to bend just at the right angle...your suit coat parts and your blouse, in concert, provides me a slight view of your wonderful<b> breasts...</font></b>a teasing glance that to most men would not be enough to matter, but my desire for you has elevated all my senses and I have to tell myself to remain focused....and a gentleman.

From there our discussion varies from pleasantries to prurient interests. I drift in and out of our conversation as my mind wanders. I try to remain focused but looking into your eyes I keep envisioning the passion and desires behind them. I marvel at your fingers and your petite hands as I become lost in a lustful fantasy...I picture those eyes looking up at me, fingers encircling the shaft of my now throbbing tool. Your lips are just beginning to envelope the swollen purple cap, feel the sensitive, velvety skin touch the roof of your mouth...then I shake myself from the daydream...Michael! Get a hold of yourself and be a gentleman. I quickly try and recall your last sentence, embarrassed that I zoned on you,

I return to our conversation, but during it I am unaware that as you watch me drink my coffee you are jealous of my lips, my hand, and my tongue. All working together to consume a simple warm beverage. You imagine the way my lips would touch yours in a soft kiss...the way my tongue would feel as it entered your mouth to joust with yours. I am unaware of the warm wetness between your lower lips. Your nipples are beginning to perk up and poke out from under the fabric of your blouse. Then as we talk, I am surprised to feel a stocking-ed foot moving up my leg. I immediately feel the blood pressure in my entire body rise. Embarrassed, excited, I start to say something as your toe reaches the active bulge in my trousers, then you say "Will you please excuse me Michael, I need to run to the ladies room."

As quickly as it was there, your foot is back in your sexy black Ferragamo pump and you are up and walking toward the restroom. I instinctively stand but realize I cannot without revealing my engorged cock to the entire restaurant. I semi-stand, and quickly re-seat myself as you disappear from sight.

You then find yourself in the stall with one leg up on the tissue dispenser, gently touching yourself...thinking about me inside you. You think dirty-girl thoughts, thoughts about being mounted on my lap, riding me while I sit in my office chair trying to take a conference call. I keep putting my hand to your mouth to keep you from moaning aloud. What a fantasy....you lose track of time. Then hear the door to the bathroom open again and it brings you back to reality and the fact that you have probably left me for at least 10 min.

You are gone for a few moments when I begin to notice that you are taking a long time. My mind starts to generate unpleasant scenarios. Did your inattention offend her? Was her interest only feigned---a result of good manners and consideration? Has she slipped out the back door? You look out the window to the parking lot realizing only then that you don't know what she was driving. Don't be paranoid...be confidant; you don't often misread people, Michael. Just be patient.

After what seems an eternity you appear at the table. I stand this time as my erection has had time to retreat. Once we sit, I inquire if everything is all right. Your immediate response to my question is to place your finger in my mouth...I am a bit confused until my nose and tongue immediately identify the scent and taste of your juices lingering on it. Upon recognizing it I instinctively suck it in deeper, I want to gather and enjoy every delectable drop as the heady taste of your lust for me makes my member ache and spring instantly back to life. It strains against the fabric of my trousers, attempting in some way to breach the cloth and be encircled by your fingers, your lips your womanhood...hoping for relief from the pressure of my body's instinctual carnal drive.

As you put your hand in my lap, guests in nearby booths are beginning to pay closer attention to our scenario...our little tete a tete has grown into a a full on coup de etat. We must do something about this...

Your eyes lock intensely with mine as your hand gently presses against the nonverbal attraction proven between my legs, squeezes it tauntingly... “I knew I would be meeting an intelligent older gentleman this morning, but had no idea he would be so handsome, erudite and sensual. My body is shouting at me to devour every inch of you, my panties are drenched and my heart is sprinting…whatever shall we do?”

I placed my hand on yours, “I have always believed that a real woman is attracted to the mind and soul that sees through her and understands her needs…not a man’s body.” I felt your pulse quicken at my words…my cock throbbed beneath your hand and you smiled.

In my mind I left you again, went back to that morning before our meeting. I had awakened early, to such realistic dreams of our encounter that when I woke, I could feel the hardness of my cock, the perfect morning erection spurred on by unconscious images of our meeting. How could I not touch the velvet hardness of the tip and stroke the shaft gently? I closed my eyes as I pictured us in flagrante delicto. Picturing your<b> breasts </font></b>near my face, gently sucking and teasing your hardening nipples as you straddle my hips. Then feeling my cock jump as your delicate fingers grasp it and guide it deftly into you. The intense sensation of your lips enveloping the head and the slickness that allows us to meld easily together. Nearly cumming from the feeling of your womanhood grasping and sliding down the shaft slowly, we begin to move our bodies together in unison, led by an internal rhythm neither of us actually hear, yet both respond to instinctively.

Moments later I am shaking intensely, my legs vibrating, body convulsing and gripping myself with such force that the entire bed seems to move...a loud moan, more shudders and the release of my hot seed causing waves of ecstasy to pass through me leave and me exhausted. I lie there, spent and smiling. Has she ever seen a man have such long, intense orgasms? I thought to myself...hopefully, she would find such traits appealing. Hopefully, I might get to share them with her. I am jolted from the recollection of my early morning fantasy when our hostess asks if there is anything else she can get for us.

We both sit up and simultaneously respond, “No, thank you.” I complete the response “Just our check please.”

As we leave the restaurant, you present me with a mischievous smirk and coyly ask, "What's next?"

My instinct is to grab you and kiss you deeply, then ravage your delicious young body and use you as if you were my personal concubine...but the gentleman in me wins, no matter how hard the blood surging in my cock tries to convince me otherwise. "I was thinking..." I begin to say.

I am stopped short by your fingers touching my lips to silence that thought. "You dear, sexy man. I know you are about to suggest something sweet and thoughtful, but I know what you are really thinking. So let me tell you what I am thinking." You take my hand and sidle next to me. "Where is your car?"

We walk to my car in silence, yet there is much being communicated. I open the passenger door and am treated again to a deliciously wicked glimpse of those lovely legs as you settle into the dark leather seat...I see the top of the thigh-high stocking and my cock jumps. I could swear you are not wearing any panties. As I am walking around the car you delve your fingers again into the slick and heady juices still flowing from you. As I close my door you lean over the console, and again push your finger into my mouth. I close my eyes and instinctively suck it in deeply, longing for my face to be between your legs and fully engulfed in your delicious and quivering lips.

Your voice causes me to open my eyes and release your finger. "I want you NOW Michael." Your eyes flash and your face flushes a slight hint of rose. Your body is telling us both it needs my attention. "I know you are gentle and sensual man, but I need to be taken right now, not wooed or teased...you've done a wonderful job of that so far. Which is why I want your hands on me, your tongue in my mouth and your cock filling me!"

Tick. Tick. BOOM. Somewhere deep inside me something takes over and I place my hand at the back of your neck and pull you hard to me as my lips press to yours and my tongue invades your warm and inviting mouth. We kiss hard and passionately...feeling the tension of our desires rising to crescendo as our tongues dance a fiery paso doble. After a moment, you pull away slightly and place your lips to my ear and whisper, "Take me somewhere, anywhere, and FUCK me, please!" The word "fuck" reverberates in my head and takes on a haunting and controlling tone as if your demand was a witch's cantor, one from which I could not resist nor wrest control. I must do as you demand.

Then, like a teasing school girl you lean back in your seat,<b> breasts </font></b>heaving. You slightly hike your skirt up to the top of your stockings and with a coquettish grin tilt your head back as your hand slides between your legs. I am breathless as I watch your hand disappear beneath the black of the material, still not quite able to glimpse your lovely prize. The scent of your excitement leaves me insane with desire.

"Drive, Michael," You moan in a sultry and delirious voice, "drive us somewhere...fast!"

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