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The Breakfast Meeting (Pt.2)  

2ndHalfHappiness 56M  
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9/21/2020 7:18 pm
The Breakfast Meeting (Pt.2)

As the elevator doors close you turn to me, arm still hooked at my elbow. You gaze up at me, your eyes closing slightly, inviting me to kiss you. I pull you to me and our lips delight in the delicate dance of a first kiss...seeking some indication of the others inner thoughts, sounding the true depth of the others lustful intent through the motion and tension of their encounter. Interesting that this most tender display of affection and attraction is the precursor of acts to follow, but also that it is performed by the most powerful muscle in our bodies.

I keep thinking of your words in the car.."Fuck me Michael!"

The soft 'ping' of the elevator announces our arrival. We reluctantly relinquish our embrace and exit to the hall and down to our room. We walk down the elegant hallway to the 15th floor room overlooking downtown. It is quiet. A calm before our storm of lustful engagement. As excited as I am and I know you are, in my mind, I am unsure of what is next.

I open the door and you pass me as you look about the room. You walk over to open the drapes and I wrap my arms around your body...my hands cupping your<b> breasts </font></b>firmly and squeezing them as I kiss your neck. I press my hardness into you from behind and we both fall forward to the window. Your head turns and your cheek touches the cool glass and I feel you push back to meet my thrust...both of us knowing it just can’t happen with our clothes on.

My hands work their way quickly under your blouse and bra and my fingers deftly encircle each nipple. I press harder, compressing your lovely orbs tightly to your chest, simultaneously adding pressure to the nipples. A light pinch and a tug from my fingertips to spark the fire in you as I lightly bite your earlobe. My hot breath in your ear makes you exhale loudly. Your body gives me the signs there will be no struggle. I am now confident that whatever I wish from you will be surrendered without struggle. You are ready for me to play the lovely instrument that is your nubile and tempting body. You are willing to accept me wherever I choose to go and allowing me to please you in whatever manner I so choose.

I turn you around without releasing you from my arms and kiss you hard. I have waited long enough. My tongue dominantly jousts with yours as my hand moves down between your legs. They part willingly and without resistance as my hand finds your womanhood. As my fingers are virtually sucked into you... one, two, three...then my thumb finds your swollen, hard clitoris...I think to myself 'such a wet and willing slut.' My hand is drenched with your wetness; my tool is engorged and yearns to be sheathed in your oh-so-willing hole.

You moan and your legs buckle slightly and I grasp your body with my other arm. Still locked in our kiss, I feel you hand firmly grasp my stiff member as it strains against the fabric of my pants, you rub it briefly, clumsily and then move to my belt. You quickly release it, unzip them and move to undo the top clasp. I remove my hand from the river that is your hot snatch and place my dripping fingers at your lips.

Your mouth opens and you begin licking and sucking the evidence of your complete submission to me. A soft moan comes from you, "mmmmm." "You are a nasty girl aren't you?" I continue. Eyes closed, you respond again, enthusiastically "Mmmm hhhmmm."

"Then you need to show me what a wicked a little slut you can be," I whisper. My free hand moves to cup your shoulder and neck as I begin to press you down. It is clear you understand my intent as you immediately drop to your knees. I undo the last clasp holding my slacks and they fall to the floor. I slide my boxers off as well with a quick flick of the waistband.

There before you, only inches from your beautiful face, is my perfect cock. Veins bulging and visibly throbbing along the sides, head swollen to twice its normal size, pulsing with every beat of my heart as my entire body is directing its energy to this tool, this object of procreation....this pleasure-giving shaft that aches to be in your mouth.

You look up at me with those eyes as if to say 'Please let me have this.' My fingers slide through your hair gently and then my grip tightens slightly as I watch the tip begin to disappear between your inviting, warm lips. The shaft then begins slowly disappearing as you take more....a lustful moan escapes us both as I feel the tip press against the back of your mouth. The head throbs again as if it wants to grow even larger.

After a long period of enjoying/enduring your tortuous talent, it becomes clear that my seed needs to be released. You feel the contraction of my balls as your hand cups them, the erratic pulsing of the head and shaft tell you I am about to cum.

I imagine the moment when the head swells and throbs and my balls shudder and the shaft pulses while the hot seed pours into your mouth. You moan with your mouth fills with my manhood and the cum coursing in the back of your throat, you hold it in your mouth as it fills more and takes up space...careful to enjoy this moment of control yet submitting as my hand holds your hair tightly and holds the tool deep in your receiving orifice. We are at a stalemate...not sure who is truly in control. You break fantasy and the stalemate as you look up at me with doe-like eyes and release my flesh from your mouth...gripping the base of my shaft hard to stop the impending gusher.

You clearly understand the exact balance of this act, Sucking cock is a dual-edged sword of control and submission--submissive in your position and service of my manhood, yet completely dominant in that you are in absolute control of me and my most vulnerable possession. I am at your mercy while at the same time you submit to my will. It is a sexy and powerful dance that has driven the rise and fall of the most powerful empires in history.

"Not yet," you whisper as you stand. I reach for your blouse and begin to unbutton it as you reach back to unzip your skirt. Both fall to the floor and you stand exposed before me...black lace bra and stockings...nothing else. A vision of wanton lust and desire. I unhook the clasp at the front of your bra and pull you to me as I push the straps over your shoulders. My cock momentarily presses the triangle of your legs and torso..a gruff "yesssss," escapes you.

I turn us both around and lift you towards the bed. I set you down and push you back still locked to your lips. Your legs instinctively lift to position your lovely slit perfectly for me to enter you...but I press against the moist and swollen folds of your waiting treasure without penetration.

I think to myself...'Do I selfishly take her now and ram my cock deep, or do I take my time and give her a few orgasms before she gets a good pounding?" Decisions decisions. I want to animal fuck her, cum in her and then turn her over and take her from behind again and again. I am not sure if she even noticed the small leather bag I brought from the car. She has no idea what deliciously naughty tools of lust I brought with me.

Turning the tables I say "Spread your legs for me." I kneel before the edge of the bed as your knees rise and your thighs part. I look into that wondrous partition of flesh which I must sample...my head moves to your sweet cunt and my tongue lightly touches and cleft your lips...your body quivers as though it has just been electrocuted. I place my hands under your bare bottom and push my face deep into you. "Mmmmmmmm" is all that can escape my lips as my tongue drives deep inside you. Your lovely juices begin to coat my face as I drink them in as fast as it flows. I move up and suck your tender clit between my teeth and gently tug and suck as your hips squirm and your thighs begin to close around my head. I feel your hand on the back of my head, I hear your soft moans as my mouth plays the sweet instrument that is your flower. A virtuoso in my teasing, sucking and stroking, I could spend eternity licking and bathing in your essence. The very liquid designed by nature to indicate your willingness to mate and further facilitate the union of our reproductive organs, now is the nectar that intoxicates me and urges me to delve deeper, suck harder and bring you to climax so that MORE will flow and we will both reach a state of ecstasy.

After many moments, your moaning incites me further, driving even more desire on my part..I want to be in you farther than my tongue will allow...I need our union to be complete! I reluctantly pull my head from the pot of honey and stand...you see my cock jut out from my body as I stand at the foot of the bed..you want it as well and it is clear you do not wish to wait...I position myself between your legs and lean over you... your legs tilt back anticipating, no begging for me to plunge my shaft deep into you.

"You taste delightful," I gush as our lips connect again. I am delighted at your response to the sweet glaze of your pussy as you taste it on my lips and tongue...a soft sigh of agreement shudders from within you and your tongue jousts with mine trying to get every drop of it you can. You lick my lips and face with a ravenous enthusiasm that betrays your uncontrolled desire. You are nearly a machine at this point...a programmed robot with one primary directive...envelop my cock with your womanhood…place my tool in you and receive the warm seed put forth from within me.

'Gentlemanly behavior be dammed!' my mind screamed. 'FUCK her Michael! FUCK her hard and fuck her well. Give her pleasure beyond her thoughts and make her cum again and again...be a gentleman after, when she is spent, exhausted and happy.'

I move the tip of my cock it to part your lips, the slickness of your juices clearly indicated there would be no resistance...I thrust my hips forward and in one quick motion am buried to the hilt inside you. My balls slap your ass and your inhale loudly at the intense sensation and nearly forced entry.

My body becomes a single-minded machine focused solely on the back and forth, pounding motion that drives my cock in full, then out again to the edge of removal...then hard back again. Our pelvic bones collide with each thrust and the sound of your wetness goads us on, keeping audible time as my hips move in and out in piston-like determination to please you and release the primal lust built up in us both.

Your legs wrap around my hips and your fingers dig into my ass as our carnal dance intensifies. I suck your nipple into my mouth and begin to bite lightly...testing the limits of your pleasure/pain threshold.

My teeth to your nipple seem to strike a chord. My pace quickens and it seems I am literally beating your pussy with my cock...I feel the walls grip the shaft trying to pull it in deeper and the grip of your legs around my hips makes it harder to push away...every part of your body is trying to pull me completely inside you. After 15 minutes our bodies are soaked with moisture...the slurping sounds of our illicit union make it seem all the more wicked and unclean. It makes my cock harder and makes me want to drive even deeper with each stroke.

'That's it,' I think to myself...'deeper.'

I abruptly stop on the down stroke, and then allow my rod to ease completely out of you. Your eyes open in shock, "What are you doing? ....please, don't..." Before you can finish your plea I have pushed you to the middle of the bed and reached back to unclench your legs from around me. In the same motion I hook the crook of my arms behind your knees and force your legs back toward your shoulders, tilting your hips back to a more aggressive receiving angle...I can now pound your lovely hole harder and deeper. "Shhhhhh," I say to you as the sword slides smoothly back into its sheath. "We aren't finished yet my sweet."

The instant we are again connected your eyes widen as my body pressed down on the back of your legs, pinning them against your<b> breasts. </font></b>Trapped by my weight, my arms preventing any movement...you realize my cock is reaching deeper than before and you gasp as it touches the top of your cervix. Your throw your arms around my shoulders.."Yesss," you cry out loud," oh, YESSS, fuck me!"

At this angle, the depth and power of each thrust makes you feel as though I may drive my tool right through you. Pleasure, mixed with a hint of pain. It builds as the sensation of being manhandled by me -- nearly claustrophobic, pinned, almost struggling to breathe, yet being pleasured to new heights -- you feel the unmistakable quiver as you start to build quickly to orgasm as my relentless rhythm combined with a perfect position awaken you to a never-before-felt level of excitement.

Arms still around your legs, I reach down and grab each hand and move your arms up above your head, behind you on the bed. I forcefully grip each wrist and hold it to the bed with my weight. You are helpless.

Immobile from the arrangement of our bodies, the position I have you in gives me the ability to pound your nasty little slit till you cum, OR stop and keep you from reaching your ultimate goal. Your face betrays a mixture of ecstasy and fear.

"I am going to give the in you every reason to come out and play," I growl. "So...my little slut, tell me you love getting your pussy pounded by me! Tell me you want me to fill every hole on your body with my seed!"

You try to speak, but the strokes are long and hard, and shaking us both along with the bed...a crescendo is building as you try and catch a breath to respond. "I.......I...uhhh....I...want you to fill me up....fuck me....use me like the....nasty...cum-bucket I want to ...be. Please, GOD, I ......am.......going.....to.."

We are soaked, your precious hole is gripping and grabbing my tool as it prepares to twist your insides, contract your muscles, erase your mind and exhaust you with a thunderous climax. Then I push harder on your wrists, accelerate my thrusts and lean down to kiss you..."Cum for me....Cum hard for me my wondrous and nasty little !"

My tongue delves deep in your mouth and muffles your cries as I feel your body, tense and flex and shake....
You pace quickens and I feel your thighs tighten and flex as your face begins to grimace slightly...you are getting closer. The intensity of the pounding grows as you near the point of complete fulfillment.

Our bodies collide as you build closer and closer to your ultimate goal. Then, your breathing becomes shorter and your legs begin to clench. "Ram it harder," your voice sounds other-worldly, savage and driven. "Make me cum hard Michael, pound my nasty slut pussy till I scream."

Our pace rapidly grows and our rhythm becomes almost violent, as if we are forcing your orgasm through brute force. I feel the contractions begin as the walls of your pussy begin to grip me, tightening to prevent it from slipping out...ensuring the completion of our committed action. Your moan starts deep inside you. It grows and becomes more of a cry as your body starts to prepare you for the paralytic attack from all your senses. Louder, faster, harder...we have nearly reached your peak.

A stroke or two more, and with a sudden snap, your body clenches. The unending sound of pleasure-on-the-verge-of-pain emanating from you quickly changes pitch and turns to a sharp cry. Every muscle in your body locks and begins to twitch, as your insides wrench in pleasure...endorphins released in your brain bathe your mind in a pleasing fog of ecstasy and your heart races. I feel your body shudder beneath me as wave upon wave of the combined reactions flow through you, weakening you as it pleases...again a shudder as the thunderous orgasm takes its toll on you. Your cries of pleasure have lost power as well and fade into light sigh of exhaustion. Several times it has washed over you in the passing minutes. I remain inside you, my cock still receiving the spasms that grip and pull at it. The muscles in your ass and legs flexing and responding to it transfer all the wonderful sensation of satisfaction to me as well.

I then fall with you beneath me, my body on top of you and my cock still firmly within you. Your arms out to your side, I release your hands and lean down as I place my face to the back and side of your lovely neck. The dampness of our sweat is in your hair and the aroma keeps my mind focused on carnal matters. I allow a breath of hot air to escape and focus it on your neck below your ear...you shake and moan lightly.

We lay there together, somewhat spent, quietly, both knowing there is more to come. As I listen to you try and catch your breath, a late, rogue wave again passes through you and I feel it through my chest pressed to your<b> breasts. </font></b>My hard cock throbs inside you as if to remind you it is still there and waiting to expel its load.

I whisper softly in your ear, "Are you multi-orgasmic?" I can hear the smile in your response, even though no words are actually framed..."Mmmm-Hmmmm." My body shakes as I try to hold back a laugh as I tell you, in a serious tone...

"That's one."

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