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People we are NOT at all interested in.  

37130funcouple 63M/48F
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6/6/2021 7:43 am
People we are NOT at all interested in.

It's sad this needs to be said and the angry responses it draws from some. We aren't judging you or attacking you personally. If you read this and feel somehow offended, YOU have a problem that should really be addressed through professional help.

These are our personal preferences, expectations and protocols from a lifetime of experience apart and together. Basically if we wouldn't want to socially interact with you, we definitely are not interested in being intimate with you.

Please DO NOT contact us if:

You can't financially support yourself.

You are dependent on family and/or friends to keep a roof over your head.
( If you are living with your parents or friends who pay the bills )

You have not read a book in the last year that didn't have pictures in it. Unless you are a single parent.

You have any misogynistic and/or sexist tendencies.

You have racist, homophobic and/or xenophobic tendencies or practice bigotry in any form.

You possess any MAGA merchandise or rebel flags.

You have ever been or followed or supported someone banned, even temporarily, from social media.

You can't get through real world social interactions or events without checking or posting on social media. In other words, you can't make it through dinner, the theater, a concert, a sporting event, a party or even a date without access to social media.

You can't get through any of the above situations or sex without a cigarette or cigar. We prefer non-smokers. However, we aren't opposed to occasional, light and/or social smokers as long as it's not in our face or space.

You are anti-science and/or anti-religion (in any form)

You are NOT comfortable / okay with meeting both of us before playing with either or both of us. This husband must approve wife's playmates and this wife must approve husband's playmates. If that's a problem, don't bother.

You are NOT comfortable / okay with the partner of the person you are playing with for THE FIRST TIME having control of, or access to the meeting space. In other words if it's your first meeting to play with the wife, the husband will have full access to where you are playing. If it's your first time meeting to play with the husband, the wife will have full access to where you are playing. Boundaries are important and respected but safety is paramount.

You are taking medication for mental or emotional disorders or have any<b> alcohol </font></b>or drug dependencies (legal or illegal).

You are a registered sex offender.

You are HIV+ or have any sexually transmitted diseases or infections. Our concern is for our long term health prospects.

Blood, pee, poop, spit or snot are sexually exciting for you.


Again, these are our personal preferences and guidelines which have served us well for a long time. If you feel the need to ask if something here is a hard and fast rule or up for reconsideration, we probably aren't a good fit.

If you've made it this far and aren't offended, we would love to hear from you.

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