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Fantasy Meeting  

4cedSissySarah 41M  
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8/30/2021 10:58 am
Fantasy Meeting

I am meeting a dominant couple.

They have given me instructions to get a hotel room, prepare myself (shave my body, enema, sexy clothes), and meet them at a restaurant walking distance from the hotel.

As I arrive at the restaurant, I see they are already waiting for me. I join them at their booth and the questions being . . . basically, a purity test asking me what things I have done and liked,
except this was in a public restaurant. Then I am given a small bag and told to go to the restroom and follow the instructions in the bag . . . inside are a variety of bondage gear (cuffs,
collar, clamps, a vibrating plug) and note instructing me to put all the gear on under my clothes and to take pictures while I am doing this, then return to the booth.

Upon returning to the booth, I show them my phone and they smile at my photos.

"Good. You will make a good sissy for us tonight. Now, give us the extra key to your room, take
our bags, and go get ready for us." Then I am given another, much larger duffle bag, along with
a note. I am to setup the bondage devices in the bag, attach the spreader bar to my ankles, cuff my hands to my collar, put on some headphone and listen to sissy trainer videos, while waiting on my knees for them to arrive.

After what seems like an eternity, I see the door open. . .I am trembling with anticipation . . . as they walk in, I see them video taping my predicament. The man walks over and unzips his pants letting his hardening cock slap my across the face.

"Suck it sissy boy, " he commands. The woman walks around behind me and starts guiding my head into his cock, fucking my face against her man's raging hard-on. She wipes the drool from my chin as my throat is filled with cock It turns out she plans to use my own drool to lube
her fingers and starts slowly stretching out my rear.

By the end of the night: I have sucked so much cock that my throat is sore; have licked cum from the floor, from hands, from pussy, and had it shot down my throat with a cock balls-deep in my mouth; and have licked everyone's ass (especially while they are fucking), and clean my master's cum from my mistress's pussy and ass.

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