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When I found out my wife was a closet super slut
Posted:Oct 8, 2021 11:18 pm
Last Updated:Oct 9, 2021 10:41 pm
In 2008 just after my wife got back in the Navy, we celebrated the 4th of July Bourbon Street in New Orleans. We drank so much and just club hoped. She got so drunk she didn’t know exactly who I was. We danced and she danced with other guys too. She always gravitates to black guys when she’s drunk. She was getting real nasty on the dance floor with a group of guys in one club. Which actually turned my surprise.
At the next club we were close the stage and a group of 5 people cozied up and hung with us. She made multiple trips the bar and after a while she didn’t come back. I looked over and she was grinding with 2 massive muscled black guys. She was putting her mouth their cocks and even pulled one out on the dance floor and sucked it a few seconds while grinding on the other guy. I walked over check her and she was wedged between them at the bar. She told she was going hang with these guys a while and told wait her there.
I partied with the group we met until they decided leave. One of the girls had kissed and my wife earlier and we had been each other ever since. They invited their room, but I had wait. It was hard stay, but I knew I had .
I waited and actually fell asleep several times.. once in a bathroom stall. Where I woke two guys fucking in next stall. I returned the bar and leaned in the doorway realizing it had been almost 2 hours and she wasn’t back yet. I walked out into the street and looked into a few bars but came back when I didn’t see her. As I returned, I saw her dancing between a couple with her ass his crouch and kissing the woman and holding her tits. I gently grabbed her and whisked her away heading toward our hotel which was a good walk. As we walked, she told every detail of fucking these 2 guys. She said they were Marines and they told her no Navy chick could keep with them. She was confident that she had won the contest. She said she got them off several times and that sucking their cocks get them hard wasn’t working anymore so she left. The more she talked the hornier I got and faster we walked.
When we got the room, she got naked quick and started sucking my cock. She said we have 69 so I can get her off really good. I could smell and taste the cock around her pussy and there was cum running from her ass. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have believed all the things she said they did cause normally she was a prude in bed.
The next day we drove back Florida, and I told her everything she had done after she complained about a stomach ache… from the cum. She still claims not remember it to this day. But I had her figured out now. She is a complete slut; she just doesn’t ever want to admit it. So, when she traveled to other bases once a month she would hang with the guys at that office and drink. She would me, drunk as hell and tell me the guys where messing with her ass and tits. Then she would tell me “I’m the Navy slut they all want ”, “I guess I have go them”. It was like she needed tell me and make sure I knew she was getting fucked cause she knew it would make me horny. I always told her she should do whoever she wants. And she ALWAYS did…lol. She usually had at least 3 guys at once, but it was often 5 or more. She was hot as hell and a slutty drunk and everyone knew it because the word was spread everywhere she was assigned.
In that next years I estimate she fucked over a thousand different guys and a lot of them multiple times. She still says she has only had sex with 29 guys before we got married and none since. And most of that 29 was in high school were she was well known be easy.

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