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4/4/2020 1:36 pm

Wonderful menu ... as always!
Wish I could join ...
Grateful kisses,

Tmptrzz 57F  
78302 posts
4/4/2020 2:24 pm

These all look amazing my friend and I am sure your team will enjoy them. I have been cooking a lot more too, brownies, and cookies and lots of other feel good foods here. Today it's nice and cool expecting some rain yea.. I hope you continue to enjoy your weekend..

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rm_scolli1 50M  
41 posts
4/4/2020 2:28 pm


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dogslife2live01 68M
1871 posts
4/4/2020 2:48 pm

dam! i sure would like to rent some room in your kitchen

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4/4/2020 2:59 pm

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powercaps716 63M
22990 posts
4/4/2020 3:07 pm

delicious treat.........very nice

gardenboy321 56M  
41190 posts
4/4/2020 3:41 pm

Mmmm.. fudge nut brownies!

You know how to make German Chocolate Cake?

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MrRareity 60M  
3803 posts
4/4/2020 5:01 pm

Everything looks delicious but the carrot cake looks divine.

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ClassicRock2015 66M
1004 posts
4/4/2020 5:13 pm

Not cooking much different ...After looking at these dishes i was hoping for an invite to dinner and desert !....nicely done !

AmorphousAmor 60M
3546 posts
4/4/2020 7:30 pm

I'll take an angel food cake with lemon glaze and fresh local strawberries to complement it...

lonlyforlove2 77M  
4233 posts
4/4/2020 7:40 pm

For supper I had "Hamburger helper" not much but simple and easay to fix, easy to clean up after.
If I were to say a desert to be fixed, A nice pineapple upside-down would fit today. Again simple but very delicious. The caramel crust around the rings each with a nice fresh maraschino cherry centered within. a treat to be hold... be safe in your work back at the salt mine

Be sure to look in at lonlyforlove2 . It may make you smile

Paulxx001 63M  
16683 posts
4/4/2020 7:40 pm

Wow... All of that looks great.
If I hadn't already eaten... I'd be ringing your doorbell.
Wearing a hazmat suit of course. 😎 🍷 🍷

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lok4fun500 110M  
46833 posts
4/4/2020 8:55 pm

Your goodies look fantastic....
I did make a seafood sauce for supper!
We could try and make a lime cheesecake together?

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CleavageFan4U 63M  
61284 posts
4/5/2020 6:12 am

THOSE look yummy!!

I've long said my talent is making something edible from what ingredients are around. Freezer is stocked, and the challenge is at hand.

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Dtts43rt35 61M
6913 posts
4/5/2020 8:08 am

Ours are wonderful recipes my friend!

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azriel1970 49M  
29678 posts
4/5/2020 8:08 am

Those all look and sound amazing!!!!

citizen4722 62M  
66673 posts
4/5/2020 8:58 am

It all looks so mouth-watering
I like lemon drizzle cake

Leegs2012 47M
52931 posts
4/5/2020 9:54 am

That looks delicious!! Stay safe out there!

HermanG67 52M
8037 posts
4/5/2020 11:24 am

damn now I'm hungry

might have to bake a pie

sexysixties2 72F  
38873 posts
4/5/2020 12:06 pm

My favourite cake is carrot cake and that looks delicious...I have everything I need to make one except the carrots....but they will be on the next shopping list I give my daughter!

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tickles4us 58M
7177 posts
4/5/2020 2:56 pm

Good thing I'm not there... there wouldn't be any carrot cake or brownies left for the office. amp; But ohhh my belllllyy

Vive La Difference

lindoboy100 57M
21041 posts
4/6/2020 6:52 am

Everyone needs a bit of cake in their life!! And those look deelish McKiss!

Are you going in to the office? Hope you are all taking precautions. Do you really need to go into the office? Have they not got you all working from home yet?

Be careful, be safe!

Pull ma finger.........

2020Marty 59M  
362 posts
4/10/2020 3:05 am

The cakes and brownies and fajitas all look so good.
Something else looked good to.
Hope your Easter ...... great.


SomewhereNTX 58M
1630 posts
4/11/2020 8:51 pm

Your carrot cake looks wonderful and would do me quite well. However if you want to take a request, then I think one that makes me think of an Almond Joy would be great.

27014 posts
4/15/2020 9:30 am

I've never had the 7 Up Bundt Cake, but my choice is the Carrot Cake.

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