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3/15/2014 11:32 am

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3/15/2014 1:58 pm

We all wonder if fairy tales, come true. They do if you believe they do. There is success in all of us, but it's up to us to be sucessful. If you want it bad enough and willing to put the fight and effort, it could happen, and in the end you can get the prize. I was content on second best or just competition, second best you would just be forgotten. Why settle for second best? In sports, the team did come in second, people could careless. Michael Jordan, the best basketball player ever! He use words, like Dominant, for the love of it, being a step above anyone else, and never give up! He won 6 tiltes in his career. Bill Gates was a self made Billionaire, he had an idea and follow it through. So can we. Don't settle, it's not feasible, and you won't be happy in the end. So, shoot for the stars. sky's the limit! That is how high we can go. I think lots of us give up, and lost opportunities for greatness, and was ok with average. We are our own worst critics, we talk ourselves out of doing what we suppose to do, I have. So, if there something we want to achieve, it can be accomplished, within in reason, I mean we might not ever walk on the moon, or find a cure for a disease. But there are things we can do, we got to dig in deep. The "Twilight" stories was written from a woman who was broke and on welfare, not she a millionaire. It could happen if you want it! What is that you want to do? Years ago a named Edward Van Halen ask him parents to buy him a guitar for Christmas. they did. They was going to get some one to show him how to play it, he said , no. I want to learn by myself and I'm going to be the best guitar player ever! Wow! Look at him now! He's in my best TOP 5 best guitar players ever! He didn't say, I wanted to be the second best guitar player ever. When we settle for second best, we all fall short, we all have talents, hell, we have some talent on this site. First, you got to find what you good at, or what you like to do, research it, find how to make your dream a reality! Chase it, find it, make it happen.... and "NEVER GIVE UP!

sweet_VM 61F
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3/15/2014 11:42 am

All I can say is never give up! You might just make it hugs V

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