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scoupe42 57M  
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7/2/2016 12:28 pm

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7/4/2016 4:30 pm

If you die before you time and you didn't make things right. Do you stay in limbo, before you enter your final destination? In the movie Six Senses, it shows that some spirits didn't know they passed. They carry on as if they were still alive. People say, "there no such thing as a haunted house"! It's a house, that someone died in and the spirit don't want to move on. There's a house down the street from me. I seen people moved in and moved out within a week. The house stayed vacant for several months.

A couple of years a family moved in, and been there ever since. I guess the deceased moved on. In the movie "Ghost" Patrick Swayze character got killed, he was allowed to protect his girlfriend from the man that killed him, before he ascended to heaven. Maybe this is where they got the term "Guardian Angel"! They look after us and protect us. When I was young I seen a spirit, the image was of the person, but was a grey color, like cigarette smoke. I was around 7, and never seen that image again.

I wonder, when we do pass, do God allow us to redeem ourselves, before we go to heaven? Or if we were real bad, we'll go straight to hell? Another movie was "Ghost dad" Bill Cosby, was a dad that passed, be he watch over his before he moved on. So this a concept about life and death, doe's it really exist? Some people believe that when we die, we gone. They believe there's no heaven or hell. I guess I got lucky, I seen a spirit, so my beliefs are different.

This a touchy subject to talk about. We all have our opinions and beliefs. I have a few opinion questions. Where do you go when we die? Can we make it right in our spirit world before our final destination? Are we allow to take care of unfinished business? What's your opinion about "lost souls"?

Facts about life and death.

Left handed dies 3 years earlier that right handed people

When a person dies, his sense of hearing is the last to go.

Greek Philosopher Chrysippus is said to have died of laughter after getting his donkey drunk, trying to eat Figs.

sweet_VM 62F
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7/4/2016 3:11 pm

A very good question Scoupe. I am hoping to heaven when I pass on. We can always hope there is something after we depart out of here hugsssssssss V

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scoupe42 replies on 7/4/2016 3:57 pm:
Hi my friend, thanks for viewing. We do hope so.

nightsoul1962 58F
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7/2/2016 9:41 pm

This is a very serious and delicate subject to talk about, mostly because people have different believes, religious or not.
I can only tell you in what I believe in, and what my personal experience is: I believe there is heaven and hell. I did God's work all my life, and Him himself told me that my place is ready and waiting for when my time comes, I've paid the price! I've died, and was brought back to life five times already, but the one time when I was gone the longest, I had the most beautiful experience, a very bright white light surrounded me, along with all my loved ones, my rescues, and all those that I have crossed path. There was a full feeling of peace, no pain, no hurt, we all looked when we were at our best in life, physically and emotionally. I felt very happy, and then a sudden thunderstorm came, and was sucked in in a strong and fast moving tornado......all turned dark again, I didn't want to leave, but when I opened my eyes, I was in a trauma unit at the local hospital. That was on Jan. 1st, 2010 when I attempted suicide.
The spirits also are real, those are the ones that died before their time, and are left to wander the Earth forever. Some are very mean because of what happened to them, left to suffer forever, others can befriended. My ex in laws lived in a historical mansion in Mississippi, the house is still there, they weren't from the area, and thought they got lucky to find such a beautiful house for only $100 a month rent. It wasn't until couple months later when they found out the history of these place, and that the owner, a man in his early fifty, was killed there, and was left to duel there. Apparently he didn't like anyone who tried to live there before my in laws, and would do mean things to scare them away. He liked my in laws, and the story says he would let those he liked see him. I met him out in the pavilion one day, his name is Johnathan. Several years have passed now since that day, but every now and then I think of Johnathan, and wonder if anybody else moved in that house after my ex in laws moved away for work reasons. I consider all my experiences were sign to make me a believer, and I am.


scoupe42 replies on 7/2/2016 9:50 pm:
Thanks for sharing, i feel bless of things that happen in my life. By this happening, I know there a heaven and a hell, and a god.

sexysixties2 72F  
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7/2/2016 1:11 pm

I'm not really sure what I think but I do hope that there is something after death.

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scoupe42 replies on 7/2/2016 1:49 pm:
I sure hope so too! Thanks for viewing.

Tmptrzz 57F
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7/2/2016 12:56 pm

Oh yes there are spirits and there is a new show called the Dead Files and Amy Allen talks to the spirits, some of them good spirits and some bad bad evil spirits that can cause harm to the living. You really do learn a lot by watching this show. I lived in a haunted house as a child and I know all about spirits and the things they can do

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scoupe42 replies on 7/2/2016 12:58 pm:
Hi my friend, thanks for viewing, and tipping off about the TV show.

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