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Paulxx001 63M
16697 posts
3/30/2020 2:16 am

So... How did all those toys work out for her; are they still together?
Did she share any details with you?
Do women share their sexual experiences with one another... you know ; size, style, technique? 💧🔥⭕❗😎

TicklePlease 52F  
12783 posts
3/30/2020 3:43 am

Love it! I've had so many fun experiences toy shopping!! I can't take the retail prices tho, so mostly my trips to a brick and mortar store are for reconnaissance!

mc_justmc 60M
6306 posts
3/30/2020 3:59 am

I remember when those stores were seedy and dimly lit. You rarely saw a woman there. I remember going in "the adult" room in the back of the video store with my Ex and watching the single men looking in shock before scurrying out. Now most are like some kind of Walmart porno stores.

sexyldy1000 59F  
6437 posts
3/30/2020 5:22 am

One of my funniest experiences was going in one on a date. I did everything to embarrass him by shouting out the things for him to come see. At the checkout, the clerk made a big show of saying he had to ensure the ‘Silver Bullet’ worked properly, so inserted the batteries, set it on the counter and flipped the switch. Later, tried out our purchases.

Stimulate my mind and let’s see what happens 😊
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azriel1970 49M  
30010 posts
3/30/2020 5:44 am

HA HA HA omg that had to have been hilarious!!!!

pal334 66M  
40580 posts
3/30/2020 5:55 am

That is great. You fixed her.

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CleavageFan4U 63M  
62081 posts
3/30/2020 5:59 am

OMG babe, you're a gem! Reads like something I would do given a chance.

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tickles4us 58M
7196 posts
3/30/2020 10:16 am

never been to one always did my shopping via catalog or now online. But if I went with you it would have been game on... And we would have been seeing who could embarrass the other the most.

Vive La Difference

aman4u1962a 58M
1780 posts
3/30/2020 11:04 am

Times have sure changed. Now you see big billboards for the stores along the interstate. Many of them right off of an exit. Easy in, easy out. Kind of like using lube. lol.

smartasswoman 62F  
33163 posts
3/30/2020 12:06 pm

You are a super hero friend!

citizen4722 62M  
67495 posts
3/30/2020 3:39 pm

I'm betting you saw something that tickled your fancy

HeartCollector 63F  

3/31/2020 8:11 am

Now that's a REAL friend!

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travellerabc123 50M
3820 posts
3/31/2020 9:38 am

MMMMM...edible panties.

PS You WOULD offer milk and cookies. You have.

Embrace the suck

easy_going2014 53M
13444 posts
3/31/2020 6:36 pm


that's a funny story

I felt so uncomfortable during my first experience at a sex toy store

A lover was coming to visit me from afar and I wanted to make it special

So, she was coming in for the Valentine's day weekend

I got her roses and then I wanted to try something new

I, we had never had edible massage oil, and, I'd never bought any

it's not that we needed anything "new", 'cause we were always good together

she loved the roses, and, she went crazy over the cherry flavored edible massage oil

but, having to go into the store and have a young lady point me in the right direction, and then, start asking me questions about this and that

I was turning all shades of red

once I selected the oil, she asked me if I wanted to go the extra mile with electric toys that she felt fond of

I politely declined and made my purchase

reminded me of this

Sade - "The Sweetest Taboo"

If I tell you
If I tell you now
Will you keep on
Will you keep on loving me
If I tell you
If I tell you how I feel
Will you keep bringing out the best in me
You give me, you give me the sweetest taboo
You give me, you're giving me the sweetest taboo
Too good for me
There's a quiet storm
And it never felt like this before
There's a quiet storm
That is you

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Good luck!!!

moema999 64M
86 posts
4/1/2020 12:19 pm

great story - my late wife was always the more comfortable one when we went shopping for toys.............and while here, never found an edible oil that I liked the taste of.....

travelnottourism 45M  
108 posts
4/3/2020 3:44 am

The last time I was in an adult store, it was a "SexyLand" - very female-friendly, all-woman staff (that day), "SexyLand Radio" playing hits of the 70s, 80s, and 90s - in a warehouse-looking place that had lingerie and dildos of all kinds right up front. I felt very much the way I imagine most women would have felt going into your adult bookstore on 8 Mile! (Though less concerned for my personal safety...)

My problem is that I have been in retail so long, I'm just happy to browse on my own, thanks, but if I'll start talking shop at the drop of a hat. An hour later, I'd bought nothing but felt very strongly that I could have dropped in a week later and asked for a job... and possibly been hired...

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