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740snowman 49M

12/20/2015 4:03 pm

I don't really care either way....

bamaman359 60M
1619 posts
12/20/2015 4:15 pm

u r right there is always nude pic of women n not enough of men for women to look at

gardenboy321 56M  
41190 posts
12/20/2015 5:05 pm

Well said my sweet. This is one of the reasons I started my male form series. Men really should put some thought, and time into their profile photos.

On a side note, I "favorite" some women profile photos, and have them on my profile page under "view favorite photos". I look at them on occasion as there are some beautiful photographs women are taking.

Thoughts from the Garden...

pegme76 43M
1139 posts
12/20/2015 5:22 pm

I think I've been discouraged by the railing against cock-shots that you so often see here in blog-land. I poked my head into the group chats here and was amazed the incessant offers by men to show their tackle -- it all seems so overwhelming tasteless that I can completely understand why so many women are vocally critical. It's nice to hear some encouragement for a change!

kzoopair 69M/67F
25844 posts
12/20/2015 10:24 pm

Great post! I appreciate what you've had to say about male nudes. And you don't have to be sexually stimulated by nude photos for them to be interesting.

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rm_srainier2 63M
751 posts
12/21/2015 1:28 am

Thank you.... what a great post. It really is hard, especially selfies. You get one good chance at a first good impression.

Big hugsssssss

lucius8858 61M
852 posts
1/31/2016 11:34 am

Very positive and interesting post....there is a kind of double standard with the nude body for sure....it is much more acceptable to see a female nude body then a males....sadly, change is a long way off!

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LongJonSilverrr 42M
51 posts
2/3/2017 10:34 pm

What a GREAT post. Food for Thought, most definitely.
Thank you, Ms Flower.

However (isn't there always a "However"??), while I'm glad for the effort against body-shaming for both men and women, etc, it's still quite a significant FACT that the "media-driven Ideal" still rules the roost...

We can talk about "first impressions" all day bc it IS ("they ARE") so important, yet even (with respect, sir!) GardenBoy has SOME pecs to show off.. accentuated, perhaps, by some tasteful tatts, over a decent washboard of his own.

I'd love to get YOUR input, GardenBoy sir, on photos of the "less ideal", for THIS (AdultFriendFinder) "marketing" effort for the window-shopping women to see AND be impressed by... or find attractive at all. (Subjective as that may be!)

It's like the near-equiv on the female side -- that gals with A-cups or less often (are made to) feel like they're a bit "less of a woman" cuz they don't have more boob.. (Or, with heavier guys, the whole "moob" issue.)

So what's a slim ectomorph to do, when his half-decent washboard tummy can't really be pictured WITH his near-flat chest, ribs, and/or skinny arms?
(.. while also avoiding the crassness of insta-penis pix...)

Or what's a chubby endomorph to do, when his body -- cuddly as it may be for some -- is still "looked down on" as imperfect / unattractive / etc..?

Filters can't quite help either case.. really..

Logic suggests "focus on / enhance / flaunt / bring attention to" the Positives, and (temporarily) distract from / cover up the negatives...
But then how "dishonest" would that be considered to be?
(How long is a piece of string?)

Once you "frame out" the negs, or "zoom in" on the pos, to try to limit a view for a "better" or "less spoiled" First Impression, what's left?
And WILL it make a decent "First Impression", or will it leave one wondering "What are they hiding?" -- such suspicion is not a good foot to start on...

No wonder there's so much "catfishing" going on (on both sides!!)...

Apologies; I started out trying to be positive, and ended up.. .Jaded. O_O

Well, I'm leaving it; at least it's Honest.

Cheers, all. (Please forgive verbosity; brevity is decidedly NOT a forté..)

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LongJonSilverrr 42M
51 posts
2/3/2017 10:37 pm

PS - I have ONE pic that's neither Face nor Cock, for privacy's sake.. but it wasn't meticulously planned, and over my shoulder, it looks a bit untidy, but it's "real".. real chin to navel (seated).

I think I sent it to ONE person and I've forgotten whom (it was quite awhile ago) or even for what reason / purpose -- I don't think it was in here.....

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